On Line Dating …For Cats

Have you ever had the experience of perusing posts when BOOM an image of what could be the love of your life appears on screen ??? There was I peeping at Cobs blog when I saw him ..Mr Alf,

Go on admit it …isn’t he just the Bees – knees

I was going to be all lady like and wait for his slave Mum to make an introduction on my behalf ..then I though ” I’m a modern Woman … I can handle this myself” so I’m taking things into my own hands, so here is my online dating profile :-

My name is Neurotic Cat, I’m a dainty 6 yr old  black ‘ghost tabby’ complete with a white bib & tummy, I have a meow on par with a car alarm …which is a good thing when you require the attention of the highest calibre, I also have  healthy appetite ~ I can eat my own body weight in meat, so when you take me out for dinner there will be none of this picking at my food (men like to see food appreciation right??)  I am thoughtful (read that as I gaze into space for long periods of time) undemanding …unless you count the times I lie on Beloveds chest during the night causing him to believe he is being subjected to the medieval torture reserved for witches..feel free to gloss over this last statement if you wish. Oh I have to add a photo don’t I

Neurotic Cat
I though a less formal pose would capture the ‘essence’ of my good self

Likes :- Long walks ..well as far as the hostelry next door where I can be found strutting my stuff so the locals can ooh & aah over me.

Dislikes :- Rain …I have the tendency to look like a skinned rabbit when I’m wet ~ not a good look !!

What I can offer my future date :-

Neurotic Cat
Charm, wit, good looks and a comfy quilt What is not to love ??

28 thoughts on “On Line Dating …For Cats

  1. Wow! It you don’t woo Mr Alf with your wonderful profile..??!..I definitely foresee a festoon of love struck toms hanging out at the hostelry just to see you strut your stuff LOL

    1. I need a date from out of the village …K9 vets all my potential beau’s
      A) I think he’s a little over protective of his big sister
      B) He’s just jealous of any attention I get
      C) He’s as mad as a box of frogs

      1. Gosh, you have such a protective K9 brother with so much concern ! You must feel very safe, but, at the same time, also confused, as I’m sure you are able to fight out your own battles if need be, to be honest ~ who would mess with ‘Neurotic Cat?? Hope Mr Right responds to your real soon !!! 😉

      2. If you consider having the ‘Rottweiler Mafia’ for a brother then yep I feel safe … between you and me one hiss from me and he knows he’s crossed the line !!
        Why oh why he’s making it his life’s mission to concern himself with who I wish to take to the village 1950’s weekend in September is beyond me … perhaps he doesn’t have a date and thought I’d accompany him ???? I DON’T THINK SO !!!!

      3. LOL 😉 I bet your hiss often has K9 sloping off to find a safe haven!
        How exciting!!!! The Tangled Backwoods is having a 50’s themed weekend 😀 that sounds like a wonderful event! K9 will be in for a bit of a let down then, if he thinks he’s going to be your escort :-/ let’s hope you find a cute cat companion soon, as it sounds like you are really looking forward to it! I bet Mrs. P will be dressed to the nines! I seem to remember she likes that era of haute couture 😉 Hope she takes her brownie camera to capture the essence of the weekend ~ and, maybe even your new suitor!! 😉

      4. The Memorial Hall is holding a weekend of celebrations to mark it’s Diamond Jubilee, cue a 1950’s themed bash on the Saturday night, to be complimented by a village get together on the Sunday afternoon~ with Mrs P hosting her legendary cream tea extravaganza (homemade scones made by her good-self) so hopefully my date & I will have a ball while Mrs P will be wearing her best pinny doing her hostess with the mostess routine along with the infamous ‘Village Ladies’

      5. Sounds amazing 🙂 …and if news has leaked out…that, Mrs. P’s legendary cream teas are on offer..the event will definitely be a hit!! I can just envision her gliding up and down the aisles with her hostess trolley, she’ll be far to busy to take notes on you and your date ~ so do, let us know all about the weekend 😉

      6. I’ll keep you fully informed about said weekend, now do you think I’ll have time between now & then to purrfect (sorry couldn’t resist the pun) my jitterbug LOL

  2. Aaaah, what a perfect match! Your last photo in “thoughtful pose” will definitely have all the local toms running over to declare themselves. Mr Alf reminds me a lot of my own childhood cat, actually… I think it’s that piercing green-eyed gaze!

    1. His eyes are rather wonderful aren’t they, it seems every person in the village owns a cat …non can capture Mr Alfs composure though 🙂

      1. Sounds like my kind of town! There are plenty of cats living around Beastie Towers too, although again none of them are as handsome as Mr Alf. Has he considered modelling?

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