Little Library And A Long Walk

The first day of the school holidays also coincided with me having a 3 day weekend …I know me on a 3 day weekend !!  Anyhoo this means Moo can come to stay, so how do you entertain a young man who is nearly 7,  LOVES being outdoors and is into cooking at the moment ???  firstly a gentle stroll of a mile to the next hamlet to visit the ‘Little Library’

Little Hale Library
Little Hale phone box has been home to a library for as long as I can remember, although the defibrillator wasn’t installed until 2015

As luck would have it there were 3 cookbooks for our approval, Moo being the discerning chef he is, thought this one was the right choice for us ..the almond pastry featured inside  had no bearing on his preference what so ever

Cook book from Little Hale Phone Box Library
The deal in the community is ..if we decide to keep the book rather than just borrow it we simply drop off any book to keep the stock replenished

Now we could simply just have walked back the way we came …OH NO …lets go the long way round  Moo uttered ..Bear Grylls please be aware the next generation is snapping at your heels!!!  so began our 6 mile odyssey meandering down country lanes, taking in the scenery, drinking at least a gallon of water, while Moo chattered away ~ the topics covered subjects from HIS rules for being kind to butterflies to Roman bricks ???

So here  is the photographic evidence of our afternoon

Over the fields & far away
Helpringham Church can just be seen in the distance
Cornfields at Little Hale
The heatwave has really ripened the crops
Working Farm
Just one of four farms we passed along the way

If your wondering about the ‘Almond Pastry’ that Moo gave the thumbs up to …

Almond desert
As I am on day 3 of a healthy eating regime making this just to watch everyone else tuck in will be a MAJOR undertaking !!



41 thoughts on “Little Library And A Long Walk

  1. I am also healthy eating as I decided to get all healthy a couple of years ago and gave up smoking, after which I promptly put on about three stone and have never felt so rubbish!!! The lack of cake and sweeties is driving me crazy! It will all be worth it when I wake up one morning looking like Raquel Welch.. Hopefully.. Hahaha maybe not, but I keep trying. There is a very good app for android called “my fitness pal” which is great for calorie counting, nutrition counting, and exercise etc, I have lost half a stone in five weeks with it, but you can use it just to help you stay on top of healthy eating. Might be worth a look?

    1. Congratulations on the weight loss 🙂
      At 74 Raquel Welch looks stunning !!!! I’m not surprised she is an icon, as a rule I don’t eat too bad, it’s just of late I’ve noticed I’ve been indulging in a little too much rubbish !! 3 days with Moo should have my exercise well & truly back on track LOL
      I’ll check out ‘my fitness pal’ thanks for the tip

  2. There’s a geocache in that little library too, it was a long walk carrying a baby and with a 3 year old in tow! There’s lovely walks around here. Looks like you had a fab time. 😊

    1. I didn’t know about the geocache …talk about learning something new every day I thought the walk would have tired Moo out …no such luck, I think I’ll be in bed before him tonight LOL

  3. Sounds like you’ll be getting fitter as well as healthier with Moo around deciding on which route your walk will take! Crop fields certainly are looking fine at the moment what with all that rain followed by a dry spell.

    1. Now your boys have started the long summer holidays no doubt you will be fully occupied running around, a house full of chatter & long days outside …enjoy 🙂

    1. Thank you, he’s a bundle of energy & chatter, the best prescription in the world to made you realise how precious time is, and remind you to live in the moment 🙂

    1. Next time Moo comes to stay we are dropping off some of his old toddler books at the ‘Little Library’
      He made us both a pizza for lunch, I should have taken a photo but we were too busy enjoying it ~ he did a fantastic job 🙂

    1. Guess what was the first thing Moo wanted to do when we got back to the cottage ….go to the park for a run round !!! I think I’m going to eat exactly what he does from now on ~ just think what I’d be able to accomplish with his energy LOL

  4. What a fantabulous day! Great pictures too. 🙂

    Mr. Cobs and I have our own version of little Moo coming to stay today. I’m already worn out before he even gets here. And when he goes home … Big M and I seem shell-shocked for at least 24 hours afer he’s gone. We can barely move or have a coherent thought between the two of us.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend. I’ll see you on the other side. :/ lol
    l <3ve ~ Cobs. x

    1. Moo slept for 12 hrs solid last night after all that fresh air …his batteries were fully charged this morning for another action packed day …I’M SHATTERED lol
      Have a great day with your own ‘Mini Moo’ having fun & making memories 🙂

  5. I love that little library! Anything that encourages a love of books is fantastic! That pastry does look yummy! 🙂
    Enjoy your time with your supercharged ball of energy! 🙂

  6. What a wonderful day you and Moo shared walking in and around the countryside ~ now that’s what I call a beautiful Summer’s day ;-)!! Isn’t that the most brilliant idea for the phone box!! I’m sure the baking was a great success, hope you didn’t salivate too much watching the others enjoy it though ;-/ Bet you need to get back to work for a rest next week LOL 😀

    1. Now Moo has gone home I think I’ve gone deaf !! goodness I’m sure the boy states out loud EVERY thought he ever has ~ he talks non stop, we have has 3 glorious summer days of walks, trips to museums, even a sailing adventure .. post to follow when I get my breath back 🙂
      I’m back to ‘The Workplace’ starting this afternoon for at least a 7 days straight ~ no rest for the wicked as they say LOL

      1. It sounds like you both enjoyed a wonderful weekend and, an amazing insight into the thought processes of Moo ;-D Look forward to your adventure posts soon.
        I’m sure your ears will unbend very soon LOL… enjoy your stint at ‘The Workplace’ ~ bet those 7 days pass in no time!

      2. It’s a good job I don’t utter every thought that floats through my head !!! “knitting .. yarn .. ooh look fabric” actually Beloved believes I do speak my thoughts LOL

      3. LOL How different is a woman’s mind from that of the male species???! Very…is the best word to describe, I reckon! On the whole I would rather listen to ours, than the thoughts and grunts all about ..’how that car makes the best noise as it speeds by…or…all about ball orientated sport games and how it plays out step by step’ I’m afraid I just can’t get excited on any level…I think here in lies a reciprocal no interest/can’t understand scenario for the most part ;-/
        Oh Well, you got MY attention as soon as I saw the word ‘fabric’ LOL

      4. Do you know Beloved has not once asked me who the murder suspect is in one of my ever growing murder mystery books, or if my tension is correct for my latest project, let alone asked if a sewing pattern and the fabric I love is compatible ??? honestly I can’t fathom the male thought process !!!

      5. The male species do seem somewhat detached from our exciting world, such a shame ~ given all our creativity ;-)!!… you would think they might check in every now and again though, to see what is floating our boats LOL?!
        Obviously, I am not a roofer by trade, like my Dearest, I had no problems at all being asked one day to sort slate and pass the correct next size as required immediately as well as bring/fetch/retrieve every tool asked for from the garage with supreme speed 😉 Can you imagine the reverse LOL??! Dearest/Your Beloved…”please pass my No.4 crochet hook, or, a rigger/filbert ”
        (Ok ,your Beloved would probably know those…but mine…Well ;-/)
        Goodness!…I don’t know where this week has sped off to?! I’ve been so wrapped up in Christmas Creations ~ I know, already ~ (I’ve almost sent myself red/green blind) but it also means that you are approaching the last corner for the 7 + day ish stint too!! 😉 Hope it’s been a good week 🙂

      6. Hahahaha No doubt you made am excellent roofers first mate 🙂
        Christmas is beginning to loom over my thoughts ~ where has this year gone ??
        Hope you are recovering from your temporary red/green blindness …you haven’t gone as far as playing Christmas carols yet have you ?

      7. Indeed! I made such an impression on Dearest…he voiced, that, in over 30+ years of training people, none had picked it up without teaching LOL he said I should go work with him!! ”Fine” I said, if it was a hidden ‘green environmental’ house and the roof was at ground level, I’m not one to venture past step 3 with leg one..and leg two stays firmly planted on rung 2 of a step ladder ~ no matter what..extensions to all limbs are optional, if needs arise~ !!
        I KNOW!!! This year has been ridiculous ~ time seems out of control.. blink and you’ve lost a week somewhere??!! Not quite got into the carols just yet, but, maybe I should think about planting some brussels fairly soon LOL
        Hope you had a good week at ‘The Workplace!! I’m sure Moo has been busily drawing up plans and ideas for your next free time together 😉

      8. If you do indeed find this hidden ‘green enviromental’ house tell me quick sharp so I can move in !!
        The joys of living in a cottage … I have no need for a step ladder (unless venturing into the loft) I don’t even have to stand on a chair ~ everything is well within reach LOL
        2 days off then on for 7 😦 Beloved & I were discussing early retirement within the next couple of years there has to be more to life than flogging a dead horse !!!!

      9. I’ll be sure to do so LOL 😉 I wonder???….if I let the dust settle for long enough (and high enough) that I may be able to reach the ceilings without a step ladder too ~ rather than dust I could probably do it much quicker in threads and fabric scraps 😉
        I know what you mean about flogging that horse, feels like many of us are going through the same motions day in day out never getting anywhere…life certainly isn’t easy anymore 😦 retiring sounds like a great option to enjoying life more LOL you could start your memoirs ;-D

  7. Oh WOW, the Beasties and I are so taken with your local library! What a great idea… And I’m super impressed at Moo for handing over his old books for someone else to enjoy too! Thanks for sharing your fun, sunny weekend with us all 😀

    1. Moo was so enamoured with the books he never noticed the defibrillator !! not even in the subsequent photos …I think the word bookworm comes to mind LOL

      1. Hahaha! The addition of the defibrillator is certainly interesting, I’m not surprised he didn’t notice it since you’d hardly expect to find one in a library. Makes me wonder what kind of books you have in there!

      2. Most of the villages around here have a defibrillator centred somewhere close by.
        First Responders are virtually always first to arrive at a medical crisis’s in our community as our nearest hospital is over half an hour away …AND there was not a single medical book on the shelves 🙂

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