About Time !!

Way back when the world was young …OK June to be more specific (OMGoodness was it really that long ago !! ) I began a ‘Sweet Nothings’ blanket, in my defence all I can say is ..

When I haven’t been at ‘The Workplace’ I’ve been spending quality time with Gelfling Grandson

Anyhoo this left me ZERO time to myself to craft, blog or engage in anything other than~ bake, go for mammoth walks, have impromptu trips to see the ducks, boat trips, the occasional lunch out ..(where Moo behaved himself impeccably) days out and numerous other child orientated activities …Enough of my delightful reasons for my absence from Blogland back to the matter in hand ..my blanket !! IT’S FINISHED !!

row upon row of shells
Row upon row of crochet goodness 🙂

Of course me being me when I came to put my blanket through a full photo shoot the batteries died in the camera so you will just have to be content with just one more shot

Edge of 'Sweet Nothings' blanket
Ta Da one artistic shot of a finished blanket

For my next trick  ….I’d just cast on a project for myself when I received a commission ~ which I don’t have the yarn for which means a shopping trip ..YPIEE oh dear never mind.





55 thoughts on “About Time !!

  1. Finished, just in time for Spring! Lovely. Some of those stitches look like my practice stitches that have no rhyme or reason for being…just wanting to get back into it and to see if I could do it…nah, not really! lol.

  2. Beautiful colours. They all work so well together. It’s like looking on a meeting of yarns and seeing them all chatting together. Brilliant make … I’m sooo envious of your ability. (Yes I’ve tried and proved I can’t do it). If you want a scarf I’m your man but anything which goes round corners at all, or decreases/increases or has fancy stitches … nope.

    GREAT make Puff. Love it and I’d never put that one away. It would be on show, on the sofa, and no-one would be allowed to use it or sit on it. (Although … Alfie two toes and his Princess sister would probably attempt to prove I’m wrong)
    Squidges ~ Cobs.

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to comment, Neurotic Cat has been eyeing up said blanket …she seems to think any blanket I make has her name on it ~ I REALLY ought to make her one ….then no doubt she will turn her nose up at it and not give it the time of day LOL

      1. That’s normally the way. I bought our cats beautiful beds, with cushions and fabulous blankets, that, quite honestly, I wanted to keep for myself, … and did they like these new sleeping arrangements? NOT A CHANCE IN BELL!

        They prefer to steel one of the dogs beds – and Alf Capone does it (we both agree) just to pish the dog off (which it does, big time. She snuffs snot on him and tries to get him to move and he won’t. So … she goes and finds another bed to lie on only to find that the moment she sits down, that rascal cat jumps off the bed he made ‘his’, and climbs into the bed which Ms. Doggy Chops has decided will work. So … she jumps off and goes to the bed she wanted in the first place … only to find … well, I think you know where this is going.

        Cats! Love ’em, but couldn’t eat a whole one.
        ~ Cobs. x

      2. I just know the moment I commit to making a blanket for NC she will take offence at my offering and set about sulking and of course if I make one for her I’ll have to make an identical one for K9 or HE will be having a tantrum insisting I’m bias towards NC, and then to top it all neither of them will EVER set a paw on my offerings, as you rightly said love ’em but couldn’t eat a whole one LOL

      1. Every day when I haven’t been working Moo has been to stay which has lead to a BUSY summer, I didn’t realise how the weeks were rushing by until the last few days when it dawned on me Moo would be back at school in just a few days.
        I have been keeping up with your blog & I see your summer has drawn to a close and Autumn is making her presence felt I’m looking forward to a new season on the Rabbit Patch 🙂

  3. Your blanket is absolutely beautiful Roma ~ where has time gone this year ??:-D!!!
    Lovely to see your comeback too, you’ve definitely been missed whilst off having a lovely summer engaged in all sorts YAY on getting another commission! …enjoy the shopping bit too 😉

    1. Thanks Caren 🙂
      The summer has gone by in a blaze of memory making, child induced fun so to have grabbed an hour or so this last week to finish my long overdue blanket was very much welcomed. Shopping & pattern download mission has been completed this morning so I can get crafting away on my latest commission 🙂

      1. At this moment, I can only imagine the joys of spending precious time with grandchildren ~ hopefully….one day!! I’m sure you and Moo have both built many happy an hour this Summer, to remember for a very long time to come 😀
        The intricacies and skill you have put into this latest blanket are amazing!! I certainly take my hat off to you for your crochet prowess, the colours and pattern work beautifully together 🙂
        Goodness, you certainly haven’t wasted time on the shopping malarkey! A new commission is always soooo exciting, I really look forward to seeing your finished post 😉

      2. You sure say the nicest things Mrs T and your comments are always much appreciated 🙂
        It took me a while to get to grips with crochet but I’m slowly getting it mastered ….even if my skill set comes with the odd phrase peppered with obscenities !!
        Oh and my top tip for when grandchildren do come along ….have a pen & paper handy to jot down all the funny little sayings they come out with ~ they are priceless 🙂

      3. LOL… I think most crafter’s have a little Tasmanian devil lurking in their depths if truth be told ;-D
        A very good pointer to keep notebook and pen handy to capture the next generations priceless moments, of course that way, they can always be referred back to for a 21st perhaps 😉

      4. Some of the kids sayings have become part of our every day speech, anyone else outside the family must think we have lost the plot … quite rightly so LOL

      5. LOL!!!!! I know just what you mean…. when the children were younger we had much the same thing going on!
        What must have people thought?? when we said..and then reduced ourselves almost to tears with laughter, over repeating randomly, and for no apparent reason…. ”ooooo, it’s a brick!!!”,
        ”no !!it’s a sponge!!”
        (Fits of giggles 😀 😀 :-D)
        Seemingly ridiculous, and we have so many more that instantly take us back to a super giggly phase… but, the ‘in’ jokes are hilarious to us 😉
        You know what is the funniest of all…. I have a little black badge, proudly displayed in my sewing box, which says, ”Lost The Plot”!!!! LOL

      6. The mention of your badge made me giggle I have one on my denim jacket from when the boys were young that says ‘Secret Agent’ with the Thunderbirds logo LOL

  4. Fabulous, really pretty ‘calming’ colours – something I could do with in my life at the moment! I would like to say congrats on the commission but, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be undercharging massively and it’ll be more stress than pleasure working to a deadline!! My current commission is earning me the princely sum of 80p an hour – obviously, I’m doing it for the love, not the money:)

    1. Same here with the love not the money issue, I’d love to see your commission when it’s finished and I just know it will be gorgeous as you work is always amazing, thank you for the lovely comment on my blanket even if it took quite a while to romp pass the finish line 🙂

  5. The Summer has gone way too fast!!! I’m starting back college on Wednesday and I just want to stay here for longer especially since my brother in Australia surprised us and won’t be going until Friday so I don’t want to go back. The blanket looks amazing!!! As your work always looks amazing!! I must update about my crafting.

  6. Oh, it’s beautiful! And such intricate stitchery… This looks so cosy, no wonder Neurotic Cat has her eye on it! Nice to see you back in Blogland again, it sounds like you’ve had a great summer! I’m also glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s wondering where all the time went… 😆

    1. Many thanks for your welcomed comment about my blanket x
      When I was but a child the 6 weeks summer holls went on for ever, this summer I thought Moo & I had all the time in the world to do all things we had planned …not a chance, it went in the blink of an eye ~ to Moo’s credit he has mastered the art of making cheese straws !!! now he’s safely ensconced back at school in the week I just might get a little time to dedicate to crafting LOL

      1. Nice! Enjoy it 😀 And I remember that feeling of endless summer holidays too… I’m sure that’s the memory Moo will have of your fun summer together, even though for you it’s gone in the blink of an eye! Good to see he’s still baking, too… Cheese straws, you say? We’ll be right over… 😀

      2. We only had one slight hiccup on the baking front … he was letting K9 lick the spoon dipped in the last remnants of cake mixture then having a lick himself !!! EEW it doesn’t seem to have done him any harm though LOL

      3. They wouldn’t have stood for it in the restaurant where I used to work, certainly! But then the kitchen was so small that you’d have trouble swinging a cat in there, let alone squeezing in a rapidly-growing Rottweiler!

      4. Both Moo & K9 seem totally unaffected by sharing the same spoon, the pair of them must have an intestinal tract made of cast iron …thank goodness

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