For You Madame

Let me begin by going on the record stating how much I love my Beloved, now that all & sundry are aware of that fact let me move oh so swiftly on as my excitement levels are in major overdrive,Β when I say I get excited it’s a gross understatement I skip, my attention level is zero, I giggle, in other words I put a 3 yr old to shame with my carrying on,

I also ought to mention I’m seduced by glamour, romance and the bygone era, so just what has turned my head so much that Beloved felt compelled to buy me just to shut me up ??

Only a blooming 1938 Morris 8 series 2 no less

As if the car wasn’t enough …

Morris_8_ side view
It has a picnic basket ….A PICNIC BASKET …obviously that wasn’t the deciding factor for me wanting the car ….who am I kidding of course it was πŸ™‚

There will be many a post to follow as I actually learn how to ‘drive’ the little beauty, and become a total vintage car geek …so consider yourself warned !!!


56 thoughts on “For You Madame

  1. Oh My Goodness, what a little darling….of a car (of course Your Beloved is as well;-) !!) Already I know it suits you perfectly, I bet you can’t wait to be roaring around the little lanes of ‘The Tangled Backwoods’ that’s when you eventually calm down LOL?! Naturally you will have to indulge in a generous new vintage wardrobe of clothes to wear on your little jaunts around the countryside…and that picnic basket, so, so charming!! I can imagine that too will get lots of use on your outings.
    It’s going to be like ‘Brum’s’ adventures ~ can’t wait ;-D

    1. Your spycam is most definitely working …I see you have captured me lurking on the computermebob looking for 1940’s dresses !!!
      As for roaring about I just can’t contain myself, I’m already planning a couple of trips in the next weekend or two (I’m on annual leave for a fortnight) so brace yourself for a post or three as I get to grips with being a owner of such a dream

      1. I just had to show your little gem to our son whilst he’s still around before returning to his course |~ he’s such a petrol head!…can’t tell you how many ‘oooo’s’ ‘aaahs” and ”wow’s’ he expelled after seeing your little dream motor, he rounded it off with ”…She is one lucky lady!! And, it will look amazing driving around the countryside ;-)”

      2. Awwww thank you,
        First Born is also a major car nut … he will be over this weekend to give me his informed opinion ~ which actually translates as he wants to drive it LOL

      3. Yes I do believe I have to double de-clutch and it only has 3 forward gears, the reverse is where the first gear is on a normal gear stick sooo I really do have to learn to ‘drive’it

      4. Oh No problems!!! You’ll have it mastered in no time at all!!..especially given the desire to get yourself around and about your lovely countryside with RagDoll Rabbit at your side πŸ˜‰

      5. Beloved says he take me for a pootle (after arranging insurance first thing in the morning !!) then he’ll just leave me to bumble on without an audience, he assures me I’ll ‘be reet’

      6. Me too ~ still as Beloved has stated “Not all Morris 8’s are sat at the side of the road because some mare can’t find the gears …” I beg to differ …time will tell LOL

      7. I’m torn between buying or actually biting the bullet & having a go at making something!! either way when I go to shows I WILL BE IN PERIOD DRESS LOL

      8. Such decisions !!! You know , if I were you, Go for both!!!! LOL πŸ˜‰ A bit of spend and thrift will for sure set you up…Creating what you want but can’t find, will be soooo satisfying!…don’t forget to invest in many a head scarf and shades of the era ;-D
        Either, which way, You will knock them dead at vintage car shows, as a period perfect presented princess!!!! πŸ˜‰ Hope Rag Doll Rabbit gets a sit in in the new motor?? Totally awesome vision of you both cruising the country lanes LOL

      9. I always wondered how old you had to be to wear a headscarf (my Mum always wore one when she left the house) I guess I’m now at that age !! of course I’ll be wearing mine like Marilyn Monroe and not the queen mum

      10. I had that down as a given!!! ~ though, do make sure you have the ‘in Vogue’ Red option for this season!! ~ You wouldn’t want to be caught out, as, sooo last year!!

    1. Thank you.
      Never in all my born days have I been enamoured by a car…..until now,
      I’m still just as excited this morning, and I’m sooo aware of just have fortunate I am πŸ™‚

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS! I AM SO ON OVERLOAD OF WANT with just a tiny teeny touch of envy.
    Not a horrible envy. But an envy where I want to skip and giggle and hug my friend because she’s just got a present that I would to have loved too.

    Ohhhhhh it’s just SO beautiful! AND THE PICNIC BASKET???!!! I’d have bought the car just for that alone.

    Oh Mrs P! How absolutely wonderful. What a truly fabulous gift. Mr.(Beloved) P. must love you very much
    I love that it’s green too. There’s something so very elegant about the car being green rather than the standard black.

    Many Congratulations on a wonderful gift (I forgot to ask … is it a present? or a just because type of present?)

    I’m thrilled to bits and pieces for you. Love ~ Cobs. x

    1. I have to hold my hand up to the fact the picnic basket tipping me over the edge LOL
      The romance and elegance and just the way the car made me ‘feel’ when I saw it drew me in like a moth to a flame.
      Isn’t the Brunswick Green just fabulous ..see how my inner vintage car geek is coming to the fore πŸ™‚
      I honestly believe Beloved bought it for me because he saw I had respect and genuine love for it …and the fact I’d do exactly the same for him.
      I’m one very lucky girl and I’m humble enough to know it x

  3. the mama swooned and she is as green as thi super wonderful car with envy… that’s one of her dreams to have something from the past on wheels (and ole elephant skates with 270k on the clock will not count, dad)

    1. I never in a million years thought I would be seduced by a car … they are just a way to get from A to B right ?? but when I saw this little beauty I was totally smitten, I’m still brimming over with excitement, goodness knows what I’ll be like when we go to pick it up in a couple of days ….no doubt you will be hearing all about it LOL

    1. If only I looked like Miss Fisher !! LOL but I’m on the lookout for a 1940’s era dress to swan around in when I go for a potter in the car πŸ™‚

  4. That might be the cutest car I’ve ever seen! It makes me think of the thousands of British murder mysteries I’ve read, where they all have exotic cars I’ve never heard of in the US! Have FUN!

    1. Thank you … as an avid reader / watcher of vintage murder mysteries you can only imagine my pleasure at owning just a little nod to them with my little beauty … I can not be held accountable for any harm that may befall a bell ringer or Women’s Institute member that happens within the village ~ but I will be on hand to hunt down any clues in my automobile to apprehend the villain LOL

  5. Oh wow, what a perfect gift! Your little motor is absolutely beautiful, and Beloved is definitely a keeper… But I reckon you know that already! Have you thought of a name for the latest addition to your family?

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