I Think This Is What Was Wanted

Last week Beloved came home from ‘The Capital’ with a request from Sarah, a lady he works with, her Dear One has just bought an old Land Rover.

Mr S land rover
This is Mr Sarah’s Land Rover …I think Mr Sarah has a name but I’m not sure I’ve ever been told what it is !!

Now Sarah being the good lady wife she is, has took it upon herself to commission Mr Sarah a gift …which is where Beloved offered my services, a quick trawl through the world wide web ~ who am I kidding I was on there AGES 🙂  Anyhoo many an hour later after calling by Attic24 I found just what I was looking for and set too with only a slight problem

I have discovered crochet henceforth I don’t need to cook ..who wanted tea anyway !

The end result …

Mama & baby
A Mama and her little lamb, with woolly coats as near as I could match to Mr Sarah’s grey Land Rover

I do hope this is what Sarah was thinking of ~ and Mr Sarah see’s the funny side of her oh so thoughtful gift


30 thoughts on “I Think This Is What Was Wanted

  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!

    If between going to bed tonight and getting up in the morning you find that these two darling little sheepies are missing… don’t fret. They’ll be at my house. I’m keeping them fed and watered. Don’t worry. You just get on with knitting some for Sarah and Mr. Sarah, and tell them that the first two had a problem. [grins]

    Ohhh Mrs. P I love love love them! They are the best handmade things I think I’ve ever seen. You should make and sell these. Especially so before Christmas! They’d make the most wonderful teacher gifts. (I am sooooo envious of your wonderful gift of being able crochet. You clever thing!)
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. What a wonderful comment you have sent my way ❤
      I'm seriously convinced every one in my life now needs a hand crafted lamb so I'm off to make a whole flock … each one to have a slightly different jumper LOL
      It was a fellow blogger https://tajanarabar.wordpress.com/ who encouraged (pushed) me to give crochet some serious consideration, one of the village ladies gave me half an hour of her time to explain what Tajana meant & I've never looked back, such is the community of WP & the village I live in.

      1. By the power invested in my [by the G&T(ice but no slice) on my right], I hereby pronounce that you are …. Goddess of Crochet.
        Wear the crown proudly, Mrs.P.
        [smiling BIG TIME here]
        love and fluff ~ Cobs. x

      2. Gawd you live life to the full …I’m about to partake of a Horlicks on account of A) I’ve drunk all the gin & B) no drinky poos for me as I’m going on a road trip tomorrow SQUEAL

      3. Ah … what I failed to tell you is that the Gin part of the G&T is only about a thimble full. I’m not really a great alcohol drinker, but I do rather like the smell of G& T and the clean, sharp, slightly bitter, taste, but a thimble full is all I need, just add a tumbler full of ice and tonic water and I’m happy for the evening! lol.

        I am so SO excited for you. You’d think that I was living in your village and just after you left in the morning I’d be secretly putting up bunting all around your cottage to welcome Millie to the village. I seriously can’t wait for her to be with you.

        Please drive very carefully won’t you. It doesn’t matter if it takes you twice as long to get home just get home safely in one piece and no bruises or bandages!
        one very excited ~ Cobweb. x

  2. Mrs. P. these are the second and third cutest creations ever… after my little lamb of course, also crafted by your fair hand;-) On seeing them I immediately grabbed my little lamb, to show him his newest woolly ‘siblings’ !! Mr & Mrs Sarah will be Oh Soooo delighted when they arrive!!! Though I think Mrs. Sarah will be hard pushed to give them over as a gift with all their cuddly cuteness ;-D

    1. Thank you Mrs T, as the sheep were for Mr Sarah I tried to keep them fairly plain but I think they still retain their cuteness …or at least I hope they do LOL

      1. There is no hoping about the matter!! Your cuddly creations have all the cuteness crocheted in! I reckon, there is going to be a snatch, grab and run off between Mr & Mrs Sarah… who will be the victor??? Do let us know 😉

  3. Oh, so cute! And how clever of you to make two, so Mrs Sarah can sneakily keep one for herself 😀 Also, thanks for including a picture of Mr Sarah’s lovely Land Rover… We always had one at home when I was growing up, and I still have a soft spot for them!

    1. Apparently Mr Sarah is totally enamoured with his Landy & the sheep are to go on the dashboard …not sure why but who am I to question Sarah’s motives 🙂

      1. Oh,thank you for those beautiful words ❤ ❤ ❤ I feel pretty like the same way…. maybe it is time to come back, I miss the creative excange we used to have!

      2. Oh do please come back to Blogland, you have been missed by so many people, your creativity, your projects, and your style are sooo missing from our lives x

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