Happiness Is Rife

OMGOODNESS what a morning firstly I get an e-mail telling me I’m a winner of a hand crafted cosy from One Creative Family if that wasn’t enough I’m then bestowed with a Happiness Tag from Easy the Weimaraner so in response I’m going to share 5 things that make me happy in no particular order

Who cares they are MY family & I love them …mostly
All the amazing community here on WP, I’ve learned things, chatted to new found friends ..I even have blogging buddies in the form of some super cute animals
Crafting makes me VERY happy …I have to say that because if not~ how do I explain to Beloved my hoard of supplies
A very silly dog that today will be mostly doing his Dinosaur impression


A very sleepy Neurotic Cat

Oh there is just one more thing …

*SQUEAL* and yes she does have a basket Easy let me introduce Millicent Morris after all there might be just one person out there who is oblivious to her

now I’d like to tag some blogs that make me happy again in no particular order

Caren Taylor

Mrs Cobs

A whole host of knitted Beasties

The Rabbit Patch

Mrs Craft

and of course I must mention everyone who calls by the cottage & all the blogs I follow …YOU ALL MAKE ME SUPER HAPPY



43 thoughts on “Happiness Is Rife

  1. such a sweet post! love your quotes! you surely earned the happiness tag-it is very well deserved! I am just honored that you mentioned the rabbit patch! This mad my morning to read! Thank you so much! Love to Millicent-and you too!

    1. Tajana !!!
      How lovely to see you, the very fact you have called round makes me deliriously happy, my day has been brightened just because you are a part of it, thank you for popping in for a visit xx

      1. You moved me to tears! Thank you! Sorry for not have been answering for such a long time but thanks to your words I realized that I made a mistake when I left writing on my blog and I needed some time to pick up my thoughts and decide what to do… Thanks to you I’m writing again… ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. I saw your post, your back YIPPEE!!!!! your blog has always been an inspiration to me, if it wasn’t for you I would never have pursued crocheting, with you guidance I’ now feel ready to start my first crocheted garment, and believe me I never thought I would say those words 🙂

  2. How wonderful ~ A very deserved award!! Your posts always brighten my day with so much happiness 😀 And thank you dearly for the kind mention in your happy list! I feel very honour to be included 😉
    Super clips and photos, Millicent just looks better and better every time I see her….hope your run of nice and unexpected things continues to surprise and delight 😀

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, and being the author of such a ‘happy blog’ whenever I call by yours it’s a visit well spent, your crafting, story telling…..not to mention the humour leaves me super happy, so I say thank you to you !!

      1. LOL! You are so kind!! As are many others, with your/their lovely comments! Though…You, were the only person to say it to me that day!!… which is why You made my day 😀
        Hope You’ve been enjoying your annual leave to the hilt with Millicent as well ?? 😉

      2. The 2nd week of my annual leave didn’t quite pan out, I had the pre booked Infection Control course, the following day I received a phone call, could I offer moral support as there was an unannounced full governmental inspection!! I offered an extra 2 days of support, BUT this weekend I’m off as the Memorial Hall is having it’s diamond jubilee celebrations, a 1950’s evening tonight, tomorrow there is a full day of activities, culminating in one of my cream teas ….an early start tomorrow as I bake my signature scones, ‘The Village Ladies’ will be on hand to finish off sandwiches, and supply tea for a small gathering of around 150 guests, I must try to remember to take some photos for a couple of posts LOL

      3. Oh Dear ;-/…best laid plans sent a bit squiffy, but all in a good cause to help out of course 😉
        I recall you mentioning this a while back 😀 How exciting it all sounds!!!!
        Hope you have a great evening tonight and manage not to get one of those morning after ‘migraine’ things 😉 just think of all those scones to bake, I reckon most folks will want at least two each!! Hope you get chance to snap a few pics of a very important historical event for your village, it’d be so lovely to add them to the archives in the Memorial Hall … especially to have your Signature Scones immortalised for future generations to drool over….look forward to the posts 🙂

      4. The ‘long weekend’ of festivities are over ….PHEW !!!! no migraine I even had to leave the party early Saturday night as I knew I needed a early start for Sunday ~ all went superbly well, everyone was fed watered and even the sun shone on us, on all the press photos I’m wearing my immortalised ‘Cow Pinny’ after looking through Memorial photos there I am in this darn pinny …in years to come when I’m long gone future generation will wonder why on earth the ‘Cow Pinny Lady’ was allowed out in public let alone have her photo in the village archives 🙂

      5. Sounds like the perfect weekend…and sunshine to boot!!!! I bet everyone had a wonderful time 😉 and Mrs. Cow Pinny Lady will be a cherished memory for sure especially coupled with your signature scones and captured in the archives now for many reminiscent tale of the weekend!!!!

  3. Awwwww, Mrs P! Thanks for including me and the Beasties in your list of happy blogs! And you’re totally right – the WordPress community is such a fun place to be! I also enjoyed the photos of your three cherished pets… K9, Neurotic Cat and Millicent 😀 Have a very happy day!

    1. You are most welcome to be included in my ‘happy blogs’ everyone who calls round to ‘Beastie Towers’ can’t fail to leave feeling happier at meeting your amazing creations 🙂

      1. I’m blushing now! And I like nothing more than stopping in at the Cottage on the Green… Where else could I get craft, animal antics and the latest installment of Mrs P vs Royal Mail under one roof? 😀

  4. GREAT post! I smiled from the start. When I got to the end and saw who you’d passed the happy tag to I thought … “Ooooh looky! There’s someone else with the Cobs name. I’ll have to click to check out what she does” … *click* … Oh! That’s MY blog!” I honestly thought there was a mistake and you’d mixed two of us up. LOL. Took me a minute to work it out. (dangerous if I had a brain)

    Well Mrs. Cobs from The Cobweborium Emporium is truly honoured to be chosen.

    I notice you’re not displaying your award/badge. If there wasn’t one then let me know and I’ll make one so that all those special people can be given a badge to proudly display in their sidebars (and the person who nominated you … and they in turn can give the badge to …. and on and on).

    Thank you Mrs. P for the nomination. You and your blog, and the dog, and the cat, and the car and… of course, your wonderful Beloved, all make me super happy – and many times crying with rib aching laughter.
    Sending huge BIG squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. I haven’t got round to putting a happiness tag on my side bar, I’m back at ‘The Workplace’ early from my annual leave.
      I wouldn’t have thought there would be 2 Mrs Cobs out there in blogland LOL,
      You are most welcome to have been nominated for the happiness tag, your blog is always funny, thoughtful, kind and a downright treat.

  5. Hi Roma! It has been a long time. Too long! Congratulations on winning the hand crafted cosy. I know you will put it to good use. I love all the things that make you happy. Especially the dinosaur impression! And I still can’t get over how much of a twin Neurotic Cat is to our Shadow. Even sleeps in the very same position as Shadow. I miss all of my blogging friends. I am trying to work through some family issues that still bring on my depression at times. I think I will just blame most of it on turning 60 this year! 😀 I plan on getting back into blogging more regularly. I just don’t know when that will be. Take care and say hello to all of your family. Two and four legged. Give a big hello to Moo for me.
    Oh and I LOVE the car and it’s picnic basket! I will have to show it to Tom. Hugs!

    1. You seriously can’t be turning the big six O !!! where does the time go ??
      It’s a nice thought that every time I catch sight of Neurotic Cat that Shadow is just a heartbeat way.
      I hope you can get back into blogland we all miss you dreadfully, every time we see a herd of cows Moo exclaims we know a lady who blogs that loves cows LOL
      Take care and we are here waiting for you when you are ready to write more regularly
      Send my regards to your Tom xx

      1. Tom says Hi! He is ready to sell the cows and settle down. I think he is worrying to much over babies and keeping them fed and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. He just turned 62 two days ago on September 19. I do have a couple of videos I want to post. One is about the first two cows to go to the sale and one about the horses. I hope to get them on soon. Hugs and XX! 🙂

      2. Happy belated birthday wishes to Tom, it must be a big step to make the decision over the cows, I understand what a wrench it must be to decide to alter your life so, good luck with everything x

  6. Love, love, love your happy post and oh my goodness you put me in it! Thank you! (Here’s where I look stupid and discover there’s another, far cooler, Mrs Craft!) Hope the happiness continues x

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