It’s Here

Just what is here you may be asking  ??…only the fantastic prize that was featured on One Creative Family  I’m sooo excited to be sharing this with you, firstly because it’s hand crafted by a very talented artisan, and secondly because I WON 🙂

So with no further ado here is my prize

Not only do I get a super bowl and mug cosy just look at the beautiful notelet I received

What a wonderful give-away, many a happy Autumn/Winter evening will be spent with my mug snuggled in it’s cosy, and the bowl cosy will be put in to use on a regular basis as soup season is on the horizon, as for the notelet I’m planning on framing it to display in my crafting den to remind me of this special day, and my fortune at being part of the outstanding blogging community here on WordPress, so thank you once again to One Creative Family for hosting the give-away, to have a piece of your work has warmed my heart x


37 thoughts on “It’s Here

    They look fabulous! What a lucky girl you are.
    Love too the little card with the stitched Angel on it. I think I’d frame that and hang it on the wall, or stand it on the desk. So pretty.
    One green with envy but absolutely thrilled to bits for her friend 🙂 ~ Cobs. x ❤

  2. What beautiful give away gift prizes from One Creative Family! They will be very well used, I’m sure….The perfect way to keep a crafter’s brew hotter for longer 🙂 And, such a sweet little notelet too!!

      1. LOL What a wonderful idea!! You could maybe add a little lean to and bake some of your Signature scones, running a little tea room for visitors 😉 Let me know when you are up and running and I’ll book the local charabanc for a trip!! 😉

      2. Apparently the ‘Signature Scones’ have been booked for the Memorial Halls ‘Remembrance Sunday’ gathering ..we have a service around the war memorial on the green then go off to the hall for refreshments and view all the records of the villages fallen, These darn scones have a better social life than me !!!!!!

      3. I think I need to book a trip on the mass exodus tour to’The Tangled Backwoods’ in November! Your Signature Scones seem to be creating their own momentum as far a popularity goes, how wonderful!! It’s a bit sad though, that ‘they’ get more requests to venues than you and I put together…I reckon their recipe could raise a small fortune in ransom, I should hide it well in your Sunday bloomer drawer, for extra safe keeping LOL 😉

      4. I was thinking of hiding said recipe in Beloveds Long John draw as the daylight doesn’t perchance to gain an insight on the dwellings of that draw … I’m notorious about changing my unmentionables at least weekly ~whereas Beloved is not as fastidious, he’s been known to revert to ‘ye old lets turn em inside out to last another month’ routine 😀

      1. It is here mostly. Summer still wants to slip in. There were tornado warnings around the area here in Kansas. Thankfully the cold front moved in here ahead of those and they fell apart before they got into our area. Some places in more central and northern counties did have touch downs, but I don’t think they caused too much damage. It went from the 80s and some humidity to 39 degrees in a couple days. Ah Kansas! 😀

      2. We are still have mostly fine sunny ..dare I say even pleasant warm days, I’m sure Autumn will slip by in a flash and the winter will be upon me before I know it ..stay safe x

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