Village Green


I know ~ while I’m not at ‘The Workplace’ studying, crafting or ‘keeping house I’ll do a semi autobiography 😀


Beth – crafter, fibre artist- married to Christopher a PI
Janie – seamstress, quilter- married to Gabriel a mathematician
Philip – Local historian, single
Miles – Deals in antiques lives with his retired father
Suzanne – Baker widowed
Anthony – artist recently divorced
Peter – runs the village pub The Golden Lion
Harry & Geraldine run the small post office & village store

When Beth moved to the village little did she know she was entering such a thriving artistic community, and all settled around the village green!
Beth & Christopher’s cottage was a renovation project and as such the couple decided now was a good time for Beth to leave the chaotic world of catering behind have 6 months reprieve so she could take on the majority of the work returning each room back to its bare bones of brickwork.
Within days of Beth moving into her quaint ( yet only just inhabitable) cottage a leaflet was pushed her letterbox announcing the local village garden party was being held at the village hall and it’s enclosed grounds 2 weeks hence.
Beth scribbled the date on her calendar,

Everyone’s invited

When the Saturday of the garden party arrived Beth & Christopher planned to take the afternoon off from turning their abode into what resembled ruins and join in the festivities.
As the sun peeped through the cottage windows Beth became aware of a ruckus outside – raised voices shouting for the landlord next door to wake up and help, it turned out when the chairman had opened the village hall to begin preparations for the day’s events he noticed water cascading through the hall roof putting the hall out of order,
hastily gazebo’s were erected on the village green, all the stall holders moved lock stock and barrel from the hall gardens out onto the green, Peter opened up the pub kitchens where the ‘Village Ladies’ gathered to make sandwiches, Suzanne but a distress call out for scones to mass produced, she had already made muffins, cupcakes and all manner of sweet delicacies as her contribution to the cream tea which was arranged for 3 pm …and this is where Beth entered the fray ….


To be continued …one day …possibly


Names have been changed to protect …the innocent




41 thoughts on “Village Green

    1. LOL it’s taken me ages to get round to making a start on my ‘Life in Words’ all of those folks actually do live around the green …an artisan paradise indeed 🙂

  1. How wonderful!!!! This MUST continue…..Very Soon!!! I think this little idea has been fighting to get out for quite a while ;-D Having all the ingredients/subject matter and glorious characterful neighbours/AND, or bloggers right under your nose….WOW A spiffing idea which could net you the next Best Seller title ;-D

    1. All the aforementioned characters actually live around the green !!! I haven’t used real names …I don’t want to be sued when I go off piste with the truth LOL
      If the Postie can have rave reviews for his observations (mainly about me !!) I ought to at least try and give him a run for his money 😀

      1. OMGoodness!!! You actually have the real life rivals to ‘The Archers’ on your doorstep, how utterly amazing!!…not only a Best Seller on the Novella front, but also a revamp for BBC Radio4 LOL Postie really didn’t see this one coming! I bet he is kicking himself around every delivery now, as well as reckoning up your royalties to come!! ;-D

      2. I’ve heard a rumour that Postie is going to partake in a charity bungee jump from a crane in the automobile park of the hostelry next door …which will most deservedly put him in top position in the ranging popularity stakes ….. the gentleman must be mad LOL

      3. I sure hope they gauge his girth to depth descent accurately?!! What a completely insane thing to do to try and raise popularity amongst the masses I say!!….he surely must have gotten wind of your present Best Seller and feels an extreme moment is required, is all I can think of lol. But, nonetheless, good speed to him (down/up/down/up……………..eventually down) and good luck to him too ~ I can’t think of anything scarier ~ hope he’s got his sponsor form filled and money already in? 😉

      4. Lets give the man a round of applause, I do believe everyone who has sponsored him is also willing to buy him half a shandy ….although I do think after the event would be better than before ~ I don’t want him barfing on our adjoining wall

      5. I quite agree!! After!!!!…. is much better an idea to celebrate with him! Mad ~ or, Brave it’s going to a very good cause ~ and, absolutely applaud him!!

  2. Mrs.P … where are you?
    Are you in fine fettle? I haven’t seen you for days and that makes me worry. So I thought I’d come and knock on the door and see if you needed some chicken soup and a blanket to make you feel loved.
    Sending gentle squidges ~ Cobs, x

    1. Thank you soooo much for knocking on my door, if you pop the kettle on I’ll fill you in ….*deep breath* my role at’The Workplace’ has changed ever so slightly …please read that as enormously !!! as well as infection control, the odd shift as team leader, I’m about to embark on training new staff, and internal audits, so if I can have your blanket for security that would be brilliant, don’t forget I’m also ploughing through health & social care NVQ as well !! I have a day off tomorrow so I’ll be catching up with everyone in blog land ASAP…if you’re not eating that second piece of cake can I have it ?

      1. Course you can!
        I have some home made quiche in the fridge… would you like some of that too? It’s quite delish.

        Well … just in case you don’t get around to it for a few days I should mention that I’m doing another give-away on my blog, and you might like it. So if you get chance go and have a look. You don’t have to comment or anything if it’s not your cup of tea (so to speak) – so don’t worry about that. I know how busy you are, for heavens sake don’t make more work for yourself.

        Er … I hope that the ‘remuneration’ for all this extra work will be forthcoming in the way of a hefty pay rise? If not … why not. Don’t let them take you for a ride, P. If your worth them putting you in a position of importance, then you’re worth paying a little extra money for.

        Sending love and squidges … gentle ones, which won’t hurt any bones which might be aching. ~ Cobs. x

      2. I’ve called round yours to take a sneaky peek at the giveaway … not my cup of tea ??? are you not feeling well ??? your card is AWESOME !!!
        Who would have thought my ‘Workplace Persona’ was so sensible ?
        sometimes I think I must have a doppelganger& they get us mixed up LOL
        Of course I have put in a request for more cake breaks and a bag of chips when I’m on the evening shift of a Friday, oh & a new marker pen for the white board ….yes I know it’s wrong to sniff them but once in a while won’t hurt 😀

      3. I knew you sniffed them. You’re nose is all colours because when you sniff, you dab it on your nose. We’ve all know about it for ages!
        At first we thought you were joining in the fun of Red Nose Day … but then came the blue … then the black … then some weird yellow colour which seems to glow in the dark. (We did wonder if perhaps Mr.P had done that one so that he can find you in the middle of the night).
        And … this is why I love you so much. LOL. C x

      4. My secret sniffing is secret no more LOL the weird glow in the dark yellow is in lieu of a high vis jacket… apparently I don’t qualify for one of those 🙂

  3. What a fine start to a story. Anxiously waiting for the rest. Love the “based on a true story” stories! They always are so interesting. Hope your day is going well today! Hugs! 😀

      1. Well, at least it is a job you enjoy. Hopefully soon you can both enjoy a leisurely retirement and have more time to craft and do whatever you want to do. Or not do. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. Hello P. As you know, you’re the winner of the Tag Card Giveaway. But I can’t send you your card unless I know where you live .. BUT .. don’t post your address on the blog here, or on my blog. Instead, email me your address, where it will be safe, and used only to send you the card. Promise.
    Once you’ve email me your snail mail address, would you do me a favour .. would you delete my email address from this message (or even the whole message if you want), so that I don’t get spammed.

    I can type it with my eyes closed, but that’s because I’m used to it, but I know it’s a bit of a fiddle and people have trouble with it, so may I suggest that you copy and paste it into the address box on your email. It will make it all the more simple for you. LOL
    As soon as I receive the email, I’ll confirm that I’ve received it so that you know for certain that it’s all going according to plan.
    Ok .. this is sounding like MI5 or Thunderbirds now. LOL
    Sending oodles of squidges ~ Cobs. x

      1. The email has been read and replied to. Encrapted. (sp?) [cough/splutter]
        Please follow the instructions written in invisible ink and follow them to the letter.
        Do not deviate from the instructions.
        Over and Out Virgil.
        QT signing off


    ….. GO…. CHECK…..EMAILs. stop. I …. SENT… EMAIL…. stop. GO…READ… AND … REPLY… thank youuuuu! … stop.

    *here endeth Telegram*
    *Do not pass GO*
    *Do not collect your pension or £200*
    *Do not go to Jail*

    1. I have passed go
      I have collected 2d.
      I will probably be going to jail
      I have definitely deleted e-mail
      why ??
      Fat fingers me thinks
      You wouldn’t possibly be so kind to send it again ????
      Over & Out
      Mrs Numb Nut
      PS …sorry

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