Let Me Pay Homage

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to Mrs Cobs she is a a wonderfully kind and oh so clever individual ..she will poo poo that idea but don’t listen to her !!!  She noticed a little image on my side bar ~ which said ‘Welcome to the cottage’ which she tweaked and polished and then sent me the new & improved image

How darn cool is this little widget ?? I’m over the moon and oh so impresses let me tell you

It now lives proudly on my side bar, where I can coo over it till my hearts content, if that wasn’t enough  last week I was thrilled to bits when I saw she was hosting a giveaway, of course I entered pronto, to my immense surprise I WON !!!! now please excuse the quality of the next zillion photos as the Autumn rain has descended on the cottage so the light is rubbish but with out further ado my beautiful card from The Cobweborium Emporium

Isn’t this just AMAZING !! See I told you she was a super duper talented artisan

And the back is just as stunning

To the back of the card is a little pocket filled with treasures of the most heartwarming kind

Not only that Mrs Cobs even sent me a couple of extra gifts …

A stamping set and a little bottle of ‘magic’ shown beside all the treasures from inside the pocket of said card

To Mrs Cobs I send all my love and thanks …and I’ll think you will agree with the sentiment of paying homage to a beautiful soul who gives from the heart …MRS COBS I SALUTE YOU


30 thoughts on “Let Me Pay Homage

  1. You lucky thing, what wonderful treats. I’m ashamed to say I always read blogs on my phone so I never get to appreciate all of the design work that goes into them. I shall endeavour to try and look at blogs on my computer so I get the full effect! 😊

      1. No it wouldn’t, you dafty! You just have to work out what you’d like your card to look like in the end, and then gather your things around you and play with them until you’ve chosen the right combination.

        With regard to that car …. If I’d have known that this card would be won by you, I’d have ‘stolen’ the photograph of Millicent Morris and sized it down, then done a little jiggery pokery with it to make it more ‘drawn’ looking and used that picture instead. Aww that would have been so perfect.

        Sigh … sadly
        I don’t have the talent to look forward into the future. (But I sooooo wish I did! lol).

        Please have a go, P, at making a card. I know you could do it because you have an artistic bent. You is clever. You really could do it.
        Love ~ Cobs. x

      2. The way you have described it sounds soooo simple, in a week or so I have a long weekend ~ so a trip to a crafting emporium might be appropriate 🙂
        When life is back to normal ie I’ve finished studying I’m going to invest some time in learning how to do all sorts of ‘artful’ stuff via my computrmebob, such as photo editing & look into some creative apps

  2. What a wonderful artful magician is Mrs. Cobs, of this new and fearful techno age, to help tweek your widget into perfection ;-)!!…I wouldn’t know where to start??!
    Hurrah and many congrats on winning the giveaway, your card is absolutely fabulous and so thoughtfully made for you, not to mention the scoop of little goodies too!! What a Happy, Happy Day 😀

    1. Happy day indeed, how on earth she got a computermebob to do what she wanted I’ll never know !!! she definitely is a wonder, and as for the is soooo me, she has inspired me to craft my own giveaway to pay my good fortune forward …now just what do I make ???

      1. If you could wave your magic wand that would be wonderful ..I want time to stand still and fast forward at the same time for different reasons LOL

      2. Time standing still, ohh very much so. Fast forwarding … no. I don’t want to see into the future, for if I saw something which caused pain to my heart, mind and or soul, then I wouldn’t be able to forget it, and since I don’t believe in changing things which are meant to be (for whatever reason they’re meant to be) I think it would spoil the time of ‘here and now’. At least – it would for me.

        But I think I know what you’re saying.

        I’ll lend you my magic wand … but … think carefully before you make your wish!
        Happy Sunday Mrs.P. Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

      3. Perhaps I ought to rephrase my words I sometimes would like to ‘jaunt’ to a future event ..such as Beloved & I going out for a well deserved romantic date ..then letting time stand still for a moment …then ‘jaunting’ back to my humdrum busy life LOL does that explain it better ?? ~ would I like to see into the future NO if it’s bad news I’ll deal with it when it arrives, if it’s good things I enjoy them all the more because they are a blessing in disguise
        Have a lovely week
        Mrs P X

      4. OOO! How exciting 🙂 I was quite hoping it might be a dunking chair giveaway or perhaps a DLL festival ticket for next season, though I carried on reading, and see, you are planning a spectacular hand crafted item, It’ll be absolutely wonderful…I just know ;-D !! Can’t wait to see what you decide upon 😉

  3. Aw shucks. Twas just a card, and a set of stamps to encourage you to get your crafting hat on.

    I should have put a note in… the cat inspired book mark doesn’t actually belong in the card as such, but I put it in there so that it wouldn’t get lost in the packaging.

    The little ‘bottle of magic’ … is a bottle of Nuvo Tonic Glitter Drops. It’s a squeezable bottle of gel like substance which has glitter mixed in it already, so that you can squeeze little drops – big or small – onto your cards or maybe some Christmas Tags which you’re going to put on presents for your Grandson …. Ohhhhhh how about stamping a reindeer on some tags, but then giving him a red and sparkly nose!!

    Have a practise on a bit of paper so that you get the ‘feel’ of how hard/soft you have to squeeze the bottle and then once you’re confident, go in and do some noses!

    I sent that shade of red as it’s so Christmassy – but you could use it at other times. Centre of flowers, dots wherever you want them. Berries. etc.

    Once you’ve made your dots (noses etc) leave them alone for a good few hours. I personally put mine somewhere out of the way so that I forget about them, and leave them over-night to be sure that they’re fully dried. Then, as they say, the world is your oyster!

    I notice that Alf Capone (cat) snook a postcard in from himself to Neurotic Cat. Cheeky monkey. 😉 lol

    Thrilled that it came safely and that everything was in one piece.
    Oodles of squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. Tis not just a card !!!!!!!!
      It’s a paper crafted masterpiece all those elements layered to perfection so la la la I’m not listening to your tis just a card twaddle *smirk*
      The little bottle of ‘magic’ I have an idea for I just need to find the right stamp I’ve been hunting but haven’t come across the right one… cue a trawl of the tinterweb on my next day off ~ poor me LOL
      NC has taken said postcard off to her bed & is laid gazing at it all love -struck, she will now be impossible

      1. Aw poor NC. But she has something to pop under her pillow at night, and help her with sweet dreams. purrrrrrrr.

        I KNEW that wallpaper had to be a William Morris design, it just couldn’t be anyone elses! I don’t just see wascally wabbits (two of them, each slightly different – so Brer Rabbit and Brer Tarrypin …. I see Br’er Bear; Br’er Fox; Miss Cow – she’s really beautiful. Wattie Weasel; A pair of Partridges; Yesterday I could see Brer Frog (but for the life of me today I can’t find him again!); A Stag; .. aw I could make a huge list!

        He’s so clever, is that William Morris. He could build details into patterns which could take a lifetime to figure out.

        Hope you find the stamp! You must promise me that you’ll blog your creative’ness’, so that we can all see how brilliant you are, even though you say you’re not.

        Sending OOoodles of squidges ~ Cobs. x

  4. Oooh, what a lovely prize! I’m surprised Postie didn’t keep it for himself 😉 And your new widget is just perfect… I just scrolled down there to see it in its natural habitat, it looks great! Here’s wishing you hours of crafty fun with your new goodies the next time The Workplace give you a couple of days off!

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful prizes! I love people who are so creative. Does make me a little jealous. I am not very creative most times. I love the widget of The Cottage on the Green. 🙂

    1. I so with you on not feeling creative most of the time, a lot of things seem way out of my realm LOL the widget is lovely isn’t it she really is a cleaver bunny 🙂

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