The Not So Glamorous Side To Crochet

When I say to anyone that I do a little crafting in my not so spare time I tend to get the reply “Oh how lovely” I think the commentators have no idea of the ensuing carnage it involves

This isn’t actually my crafting den (I found this image on the tinternet) my mess includes fabric as well

Then of course I utilise the FULL sofa when I’m working on any project Beloved is now accustomed to perching on one buttock to minimise any impact on my space …before you send me any comments about the abuse to Beloved ~ please be aware we have a second sofa that for some reason Beloved doesn’t use!!

Then there is that ‘Crazy Crochet Lady’ look which I’m edging closer towards each day

Is it just me or are those boots awesome !!

Of course I also have to mention that quite often I’m surrounded by disembodied works in progress

Even I have to admit to being amazed when something like this actually turns out to be something worthwhile ….PS this project is going to be a GIVEAWAY prize in the next week or two so keep tuned 

So next time someone mentions they craft …be afraid …very afraid …they have a whole different persona you know nothing about !!!



74 thoughts on “The Not So Glamorous Side To Crochet

  1. I really do recognize that room, except for me, that is pretty much my whole “living area” of my place! No kidding. My coffee table is my creative space and I have everything on there from yarn to colouring pencils to sketch books and more I’m sure. I think one of my cats may be in there somewhere too. 🙂 I can relate totally. I am a knitter, so yarn is huge in my house and I am downsizing that lot, I just have to, there is no room in here. Vacuuming is not fun when you have to move so much out of the way first. Anyway, I am so relieved to know I am not the only one! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    1. I not only crochet I’m a knitter as well so yarn is mahoosive hoarding issue LOL
      I’m trying to reduce my stash …unsuccessfully I might add
      PS I hope you found the cat 🙂

  2. Oh yes I know this feeling. I live in a teeny tiny house, so I try to keep my craft supplies contained to three giant tubs, and several Eco shopping bags, but the stuff invariably escapes and spreads around the house.
    My kitchen bench, but that’s the only workspace I have, other than the floor, is usually covered with fabric, cotton, unfinished projects and a sewing machine.
    Then there is the stuff that is temporarily misplaced, like some of my crochet hooks, that I will need at some point, and have to upend the entire house looking for.
    It’s a lifestyle 😉

    1. Hahahahaha I love the phrase it’s a lifestyle 🙂 I know what you mean about having little stashes hidden away & loosing bits and pieces …I’m currently hunting down some buttons I’ve put somewhere ‘safe’

      1. How come when I put something ‘somewhere safe’ I can never remember just where that is ?? why didn’t I put it with the rest of my collection *deep sigh*

  3. My first reaction on seeing you had put a craft space pic up, was…to see if I could spot any signs of BG!!! Then read on to see it isn’t actually in your place afterall LOL…If only my crafting space was as neat and tidy as the one you’ve found on’t tinternet!!
    I know that..”Oh, How lovely” Reaction too, non crafting folk have no idea the wake left aside as we strive for even the tiniest perfect creation ;-/ As I craft my self into near Christmas madness…HeeheeHaahaahoohoowwwl… too!! goodness help anyone who comes near before I finish this latest project..So, I know exactly what you mean…be very afraid, in fact I am almost looking like I’m in full Halloween mode…sure I didn’t backcomb my hair into this style this morning…??? Your little disembodied pieces look like they are set to become another Mrs. P spectacular little number, can’t wait to see how it ‘yarnders’ into a little figure, so exciting :-D!!!

    1. I’m sure folks think I sit there all sedate, legs crossed at the ankles, looking demure while I crochet away …in fact you should picture me looking feral because I’ve put my stitch marker somewhere ~ it’s usually in my mouth ..then I realise it should be marking the beginning of my round at which point I cuss to the point where a drunker sailor would blush, this is the reason I never craft in public ..I would have been given as ASB order LOL
      PS I thought the naturalistic bird nest hairdo was looking rather fetching 🙂

      1. I try ……but alas no I’m more of your doing the funky chicken/birdy dance type of crocheter & knitter my arms flap about like I’m trying to fly …picture that while sat amongst my pattern, paper & pen to do my tally chart to mark my rows, bits of yarn, telly remote ~ I’m not giving that sucker up and the laptop on standby to buy more yarn as a new idea pops into my head …I’m like a little craft orientated womble LOL

      2. And I now love you even more than I did five minutes ago because the picture you painted inside my brain is making me laugh like a drain here!
        ….. and trying to type one handedly because of this ‘thing’ commonly known as Princess Tippy Toes aka Bl**dy Maniac Cat, has got my left hand trapped and squidged into a two inch space between edge of lap top and edge of table, where she’s currently sitting on top of said hand and it’s bearing all her weight (and I’m losing the feeling in all the fingers on that hand because of it ), and she keeps head butting me under the chin and pushing my head backwards so violently that I swear to Dog that my head’s going to fly off any minute.

        You will forever in my mind (and heart) live as Womble P.
        [sings] … Underground, overground, Wombling P, the Womble of Crafting Land Village Green is she.
        Knitting and Crocheting with wool that she finds, Things that ther others really wish they could try.
        …[stops singing because it looks like rain].

      3. Hahahahahahaha I have the ‘stitch’ with laughing so much, the image of Princess Tipy Toes playing swing ball with your head isn’t helping at all !!!!
        K9 has just strolled in plonked his head on the computermebob and wizard popped up asking if I’d like to save ‘sticky keys’ I had to immediately phone 2nd born as to what was happening !!!
        Now that has given me an idea …it twas K9 that ordered extra yarn governor 🙂


        Yes, these rascally cats buy ever such a lot of things too. Alf Capone bought me a necklace which he saw on Gemporia a few days ago. It’s obscene the amount of things these cats buy. tsk tsk.

      5. Hahahahahaha 😀 the way you describe your crafting moments are hilarious!! I wonder how many people can claim to fame of having been given an asb for crochet rage???
        …AND then… you move into ultra sedate mode to congratulate my ooooober stressed hair state…classic ;-D!!

      6. You know darn well you are up in court next week for a quilting ASBO
        I heard you blaspheming as you hand stitched your latest project !! if only they would but us in solitary for a couple of weeks then we could get quite a shift on regarding our works in progress LOL

      7. …how I yearn the solitude to be able to get things done…no having to; clean windows, yet I do need light to complete tasks, no having to sweep floors ~ though the mice are up to their midriffs in dust now LOL, no having to cook..I would have meals made for me!!!! SOLITARY…LET ME IN..PLEEEEASE!

      8. Hahahah I wave visions of mice wading about with fluffy tummies while wearing ‘granny specs’ due to grimy windows, their tums growling as they are starving ….OH NO that my house 🙂

      9. Goodness, tumbleweed fluff mice too… we do seem to share many similarities in life!!…there seems no distinguishing between yours and mine atm!!
        Maybe a defining difference could be the single grain, of long ago escaped from the packet, rice we keep shuffling around the corner of the cupboard…just waiting for a special celebratory moment when we can toss it into boiling water and enjoy…tummy grumbles are getting so loud we might just forgo the celebration and cook it anyways ;-/

      10. You have a grain of rice ????
        My but your fortunes are looking up I nearly had a loaf …if only I hadn’t placed it on the work surface and pootled off to use the facilities ~ when I returned K9 had it firmly clamped in his chops in a vice like grip I did wrestled most of it off him although I’m not sure why ~ it wasn’t as if I was going to eat it after that little escapade, apparently the change to ‘light dog food’ isn’t quite enough for him as he obviously felt the need to supplement his breakfast LOL

      11. Hahahahaha :-D…by the sounds of things, K9’s managing to add even more calories than before, when he just had his toastie bits?! LOL…I have insane images of you wrestling K9 for the last hunk of crust drizzled in drool…yum! Get that pan of warm wet rice ready to add into his breakfast!!

      12. K9 has always been food obsessed a nibble of cheese and the brute is putty in your hands and is at your command ~ no cheese and he goes deaf LOL

      13. You seem to have solved the problem!!! simply, sew a little pocket to your clothing and add a chunk of cheese…You’ll be like…the Pied Piper of Big Oscar LOL with his nose at your every command!!…JUST, don’t fall over ;-D

      14. Note to self …remove cheese at regular intervals to avert stranger wrinkling their noses up as I pass by & commenting on “the strange smell” OMGoodness I think the kipper I’ve been storing in my liberty bodice for the last 6 months ready for Christmas lunch should be put in the fridge looking at the face the shopkeeper just gave me !!!!

      15. Hahahahahaha 😀 😀 :-D…..FOR SIX MONTHS??!! OMG I’m surprise they haven’t been sweeping up the casualties as you walk on by…having paraded with a kipper at body temperature for sooooo long!!
        I think perhaps you must have become more than slightly nose blind…as well as having the best moggy following for many a mile LOL The cheese replacements should be the last of your worries at this juncture ;-D

  4. I leave the vacuum cleaner permanently out now. That way, If anyone calls in I just say excuse the mess I’m in the middle of cleaning! What about you Mrs. P….Hogging the sofa!! lol!
    Flo x

  5. you said, in a comment: “…[…]… I’m trying to reduce my stash” . . . . erm … who are you, and what have you done with Mrs.P?

    On another note …
    I’m SO excited about your Giveaway that I’m beside myself with anticipation and unpopped bubbles which are filling my body and making a sort of jiggly feeling happen in my torso. The last time I remember feeling like this was the night before I went on my first airplane ride when I was little. I didn’t sleep a wink the night before we were to set off for the airport. THE AIRPORT!

    I feel that exact same feeling.
    CAN’T WAIT for you to announce it.
    I’m going to be there with my ‘ands and face scrubbed, and me boots blacked, waiting in line to post my interest.

    1. When I comment out loud “I’m trying to reduce my stash” I laugh like a drain …I know deep in my heart it’s not going to happen but every once in a while I throw it out there just to see if it makes me giggle …and it still does 🙂
      The disembodied giveaway is slowly coming along, of course me being me I’m doing it with thicker yarn than recommended and a smaller hook so at any given moment my fingers are going to burst
      I can just imagine you fidgeting like heck all the way to the airport …I’m still the same now ~Beloved threatens to “do me ‘arm” if I don’t calm down when we are off on our travels LOL of course I pay no heed what so ever 🙂

      1. Good for you. Airplanes and Airports are something which require fidgeting. It’s THE LAW! If you don’t fidget, they let you get on the plane, but they don’t attach the wings.
        [nods firmly to show that she’s telling the twuffe]

        Regarding ‘reducing the stash’… I say out loud to no one in particular: “I’m not buying even so much as one more sheet of 12×12, or 8×8, or 6×6.”

        Then I come to my senses, say out loud: “Yeah, like that’s going to happen!”

        Problem is that these darn companies keep bringing out new papers and … well, it would be rude to not buy them. So … well, you know the predicament.
        ….. but this is just between you and me, ok? No one else must know.

      2. [nods, winks, taps the side of her nose with her index finger]

        oh they absolutely would do…. if they knew what we were talking about. Which of course they don’t, because it’s a secret known only to thee and me. [winks a big wink, smiles and twinkles with her eyes]

  6. Haha – LOVE the crocheted-everything picture, especially the dog. “If it sits still too long, it gets crocheted”. Hmmm, I’m afraid my sewing room looks a lot like the first picture at the moment. Office cleared this weekend (it took THE WHOLE weekend), sewing room next weekend?

    1. It would take me more than a weekend to tidy my crafting den ..I’d get easily distracted by long lost yarn & fabric only to day dream the time away with thoughts of new crafting projects LOL

      1. We will be sat next to the French windows overlooking the garden, the first ones on the coffee/ tea rounds, the huge cupboard behind us is for the yarn stash and I do believe a night cap will be offered if we have behaved in the day LOL

  7. Those boots…… epic! You should make them for this winter. My craft room looked like that until the fire 2 weeks ago! It was super scary, now I have no craft stuff. Love the crochet work in progress, very neat and cute! 😊 x

  8. Oh WOW… Those boots! It might finally be time for me to pick up a crochet hook and learn how to use it. I’m also relieved to see that I’m not the only crafter whose work has hijacked the entire house… It would truly take an entire Ikea store to contain my craftsplosion! 😆

    1. Since viewing the boots I’ve seen some crochet Sarah Jane slippers … that will be yarn on my Christmas list so I can whip up a pair ..or three LOL

    1. It would be a full time job keeping my crafting den under control …it’s been an age since I’ve been able to get it organised as we are using it as store place while some other spaces are under construction in the cottage LOL

  9. Brilliant post, I have a fear that I am heading (quite quickly) towards becoming a crazy craft lady. My stash takes over the house and I’m under orders to sort it out, before I have to have my own shed built.

    1. I sure know what you mean about stashing (read that as hording) now I come to think about it all the hording programs on TV never feature a craftaholic so maybe we are over reacting and it’s quite normal to have supplies all over the house LOL

  10. Well, I guess my chaotic mess isn’t just because I am disorganized! Well, it is, but hey. Love this post. It gave me a really good and needed chuckle. If there is a perfectly neat and organized craft room, it is probably because they have a maid to clean it up for them. Beloved just wants to be near you and it is lovely that he does. It is mighty nice of him not to disturb your creations in progress. 🙂

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