Blanket Memories

Back in the day, ie when I was but a girl …(and NO Moo dinosaurs didn’t roam the earth when I was a child ~ but thanks for asking !) we didn’t have central heating, quilts were only to be found in hotels, and us mere mortals had sheets and blankets on our bed.

Not sure why all our blankets were striped but they were. In winter you had trouble turning over in bed as layer after layer of blankets were added to keep you warm

If you were poorly you were swaddled in a blanket on the sofa ..why go to bed you might miss something.

cat in blanket
A tradition Neurotic Cat still advises … in fact you don’t even have to be ill, just snuggle up anyway …photo taken from internet as Neurotic Cat values her privacy during cuddle time ~ she likes everyone to believe she a gangster cat

When I went out to play I was in charge of emergency supplies

In a bag that was roughly the same size as me we would have jam sandwiches, water in a glass bottle, and a huge blanket which we would use to make a den, sit on for lunch, lay on to watch the clouds, or gather under to tell each other stories

Just some of the reasons why blankets rule …this can also be used as a list for why I knit / crochet soooo many blankets, in my mind blankets mean love ❀



35 thoughts on “Blanket Memories

  1. …Are you Sure about the dinosaurs LOL??
    Anyone over 40 would know that great moment … when you got to sleep Downstairs!! Usually, by defaul,t to save waking the ‘bread winner from losing sleep’!! For me, it was two armchairs pushed together and bathed in blankets when you were feeling less than well..AND, being able to still watch TV after 8.30 with the comforting weight and warmth of stripy woollen blankets, what could be better..??….. well, the prospect of a day off school next day as well perhaps πŸ˜‰
    Bring on the blanket revival I say!! Youngsters of today don’t know what they have missed out on!!
    I hope your have another wonderful blanket on the go atm ??;-D

    1. One of the most wondrous blanket memories I have is ~ falling asleep on the sofa late one morning while poorly – under my blanket obviously !! when I awoke it had snowed really heavily and the view from the sitting room window was a winter wonderland, I think my eyes must have been as big as saucers at how the world had changed while I dozed. I still treasure that moment today.
      I don’t have a blanket on the go BUT I’m looking at patterns LOL

      1. OMGoodness ..a blanket and unexpected snow …what a wonderful magical memory to treasure πŸ˜€
        Well…if you are looking at patterns…that can only mean one thing..!!..your trigger finger is ready to pounce on new yarns πŸ˜‰ Don’t tell your Beloved, but, Happy Shopping!

      2. OH NO!!! I just checked out the emergency ;-/ a pet ‘double disaster’ no food, for one, and no bed fo’t’other ;-/
        Bet those crochet hooks of yours are going ten to the dozen to have NC back in a comfort zone tonight πŸ˜‰

      3. Let me tell you my (reduced) bingo wings have been frantically jiggling as I’ve been beavering away to get NC back in the lap of luxury..well into a cobbled together bed LOL
        I’m hoping to have the whole thing done this evening ~’The Workplace’ took up most of my day. Anyhoo the lining is shall I say ….bright LOL all will be revealed soon πŸ™‚

      4. It’s stunning Mrs P!!!! What a credit to your crochet prowess πŸ™‚ NC should be so chuffed to have you as her protector, feeder and creator…if she let’s this out of the bag…you’ll have moggie s for miles milling around!!!!
        …Now then?! reduced bingo wings??..How so?..If it’s due to the vigour’s of crochet, then…I must simply get out my hooks LOL!!!

      5. Aww thank you Mrs T, I just hope when she comes home from one of her little jaunts to the hostelry next door the pink lining isn’t a tad too much for her spinning head LOL
        Reduced bingo wing are a result to returning the extra few pounds of emergency fat to Mother Nature which was surplus to requirement & long shift rotations at ‘The Workplace’ and of course trying to get NC’s bed done in double quick time πŸ™‚

      6. I’m sure NC will embrace a psychedelic recovery spin in her new and very improved bed (not that I ever saw the other one..I just know it is!!)!!
        I’m so happy to read that you have a reduced bingo ‘wing’ LOL just hoping you missed off the ‘s’ and the same has happened equally…otherwise maybe you have a slight lopsided appearance atm?? ;-/ I’m readily awaiting MN to get around to my collection very soon too ~ not sure if there has been a rush or a strike??..but should have been collected weeks ago, still… having cut down to a cup-a-soup and a single noodle each day for the last month ~ I’m hoping for a lovely improvement too LOL

      7. MN sure is sly ~ I has one currant in celebration of a weekend away from ‘The Workplace’ and she tried to deliver all the excess baggage I had kindly sent back to her, thank goodness I was out when the package arrived and it was returned to sender !!

      8. Oh the very cheek of her!! How on earth can one singular currant equate to excess baggage being returned??? Thank goodness you was out and about!!! At least the postage was her responsibility πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh goodness yes!! I remember having a blanket draped over the table ..that was when mum was using the clothes horse to air the washing so it was out of tent service πŸ™‚

  2. I love my blankie..s… and Granny does love them too πŸ˜€ They are so cuddly warm. I think Love is the right name for the blankies, Mrs P πŸ™‚ Pawkisses for a Peaceful Day πŸ™‚ ❀

  3. Having bought a house with a friend we are in the process of combining households- kitchens and linen as well as furniture- five sofas??? I cannot bring myself to get rid of blankets. I have some, Angie bought more when her main things were in storage, I have some from a relative. And they are all beautiful merino wool! Nowadays, people have cheap synthetic quilts- yuk! They wonder why they’re cold. So, I have been most reluctant to give beautiful blankets to charity shops- they’re sold very cheaply, used as beds for pets, or… wasted! My good Puritan soul cannot do it. Some have gone to good homes- friends who will cherish them, but we still have an abundance. Oh, we also have quilts- wool quilts, cotton quilts, down quilts … does anyone need some bedding?
    And yes, we have the picnic blanket, the blanket for taking outside under a tree, for lying on- reading, star gazing … dreaming …
    I love blankets.

  4. Just goes to show that “The good ole days” could really be good. Lots of wonderful good memories.Don’t tell Moo I am 60! He will really think Dinosaurs roamed the earth! πŸ˜€ A couple years ago I told my granddaughter how old we were, because she asked, and her eyes got big as dollars! She was about 10 then. Kind of hard to think about being in your 50s at that age!
    Have a great snuggle in a nice warm blanket. I love to snuggle in under a cover. Maybe that’s why it is so hard to get up on chilling mornings! πŸ™‚

    1. Every age has it’s good points Beloved & I are looking forward to retirement except they keep altering the age, it was 60 then 62 then 65 now there is talk of making 67 gawd at this rate I’ll never be able to leave work !!!

      1. You may have to do what I did, retire early! Of course they may not work for everyone. I do miss the money and some of the people I worked with. But Tom thought it would be okay since he kind of had the choice of letting me retire, or live with a crabby b… And yes, I told him that word. Shame on me. Even Christians get crabby now and then. πŸ˜€

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