Crochet Emergency

K9 has been put on a maintenance diet …please read that as he was getting the backside the size of a small country sooo each day I’m faced with this …

Hahaha human I will take revenge now I’m being denied the crusts from your toast

He has taken to extreme measures to show his displeasure at being given a ‘light’ version of his regular food, to the point where he ate …yes you read that correctly ATE the bottom out of Neurotic Cat’s bed, I’ll not show any photos due to the violent nature of the incident. Β Anyhoo off I pootled to get her a new bed OMGOODNESS how much ??? There is only one thing for it I’m just going to have to ..


Enough said I’m skipping into the blue yonder AKA my yarn hording room and I’m going to crochet her a bed

I’m sort of winging it and by the time I’ve done a girly pink lining I’m sure Neurotic Cat will be only too pleased to have her own bed again

Will it live up to NC exacting standards ? who knows I’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚

40 thoughts on “Crochet Emergency

  1. Oh, that’s hilarious – as is his expression in the photo! Just how do you resist? I dearly hope he doesn’t take a chunk out of NC’s new bed after you put all that work into crocheting it….

    1. Beloved caves in sometimes because he can’t stand to see K9 sulk.
      I’m just about to crochet the mandala lining for NC’s bed ~ I must have the only cat with her paw on the pulse of crochet trends LOL

    1. K9 insists he’s just big bones and not portly ~ I say he’s a greedy eating machine … I hope I never fall down as I’m fairly confident he’s be chewing on my leg by the time I’d get to my hands & knees LOL

  2. I have the same problem with my dog. My vet suggested replacing part of their food with green beans. Good for them and I just buy big bag and let them defrost in fridge. They at least feel full after their meals.

      1. Dearest Tajana,
        Can you have the parcel delivered when Mrs P isn’t looking that way I can drag into my secret hiding place & she will never need to know.
        PS none of the low fat, low sugar stuff
        Love you
        Your starving pal

      2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … a moment, please, I have some belly ache…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
        Ok, we have a deal!

    1. As much as I feel his pain ~ eating NC’s bed wasn’t really the way to go LOL
      Another blogger suggested adding green beans to his diet to make him feel full for longer, much longer and I think he will be sat outside the cottage with a begging bowl and a sign stating ‘Feed Me’

      1. LOL. My daughter’s dog was very over weight(he moaned every time he moved. He couldn’t scratch his ear)Her Vet suggested raw veggies with his meals. It filled him up more, takes longer to eat, and now he has the prettiest coat and lost 50 lbs. K9 will be more active as he loses the weight and NC will now have a NEW bed.

      2. K9 is maintaining his weight nicely, but the raw veggies will certainly help him to feel full for longer thanks for the top tip, NC’s bed is coming along I’m three quaters through the girly lining I’m hoping to post about it by the weekend at the latest … depending on the weather as the light is very poor at the cottage during the autumn/ winter months x

  3. I’m not sure who I feel the most sorry for.??…Neurotic cat?? , though you are presently solving that with a high fashion hand crafted model, which I’m sure she’ll love πŸ˜‰ and can’t wait to see finished!! Your Good self, Mrs. P.??…having those doleful eyes follow you and watch everything you eat, also worrying that you might fall down and get back up minus a leg ;-/, due to starving B.O.!…OR K9 himself?? I think K9, in this instance, his need to fill his empty belly (having no left over toastie bits) obviously led him to examine the stuffing of NC’s bed, just in the hope she’d stashed a midnight snack?!
    Boiled rice, with a little water still left and warm from the pan, always a favourite with Peppy, could also add carrot sticks to the green beans to bulk it out..I also remember the breeder telling us boiled cabbage with a little mash potato! Peppy loves his sprouts too, though, he’s less pungent when they’ve been cooked LOL Goodness reading back K9 will be eating healthier than me at this rate πŸ˜‰

    1. Feel sorry for ME !!!!!
      I have an urgent crochet project, K9 keeps looking at me like I have slaughtered his puppies, and NC is in mourning for her bed.
      While I can sort the first & last problems having K9 sulking while simultaneously plotting my demise is a little harder to handle, I’ve added a little veg to K9’s meal and now am under some sort of gas offensive issued by his good-self~ my gas mask keeps steaming up which makes crochet all the harder let me tell you !!

      1. OMGoodness hilarious Hahahahahaha πŸ˜€ Sorry I really do feel for you having just had Peppy exploding the past few days from an undigested carrot stuck in his intestines ~ Whiff or what?! Thank goodness it’s gone now!! Maybe you could invest in a gas mask with wipers, at least then you could carry on crafting without being smogged out by noxious gases failing that…resort to the warm boiled rice, much less smelly πŸ˜‰ Though whatever you turn to, BO is sure to keep a wanton eye on you for any signs of toastie bits, I’m sure

      2. I’ll give warm boiled rice a go ~ I think my nostrils have suffered enough of late, what with him & NC with her 2nd hand tuna trumps I’m about to call it quits !!!

  4. NOOooooooooooooo … ohhhh Poor poor Oscar! Nooo he cannot be put on a diet which makes him THAT sad that it makes him eat NC’s bed!!!

    He NEEDS his food. His life revolves around the times for food. He doesn’t know how to tell the time (as such) but he does know how to work out when it’s time for his breakfast and dinner. He gets the BIG rumbles in the tumbles and he needs his proper mountain of food, otherwise he will grieve and then turn into THE DESTROYER! … as he’s shown you!

    Look at that poor little face. He’s talking to you. Telling you that he loves you and he doesn’t understand why you’re being so mean and making him be hungry all the time. Awwww. awww. Poor baby. What a Meanie Mommy.

    1. The V.E.T told us there is a difference between a big dog & a F.A.T. dog ~poor K9 was on the cusp of the latter, the ‘eating plan’ he is on is to maintain the weight he as the moment not put anymore on, at 8.5 stones he an’t going to blow away in the wind LOL
      He’s on a ‘light’ version of his old food but does appear hungrier ~ but then again to him his whole world revolves around his tummy !! I’m not sure if eating NC’s bed was in revenge for having his extra snacks removed or if he just saw an opportunity to destroy her bed in the name of sibling rivalry …. Beloved still insists NC shredded her own bed to try & get her big brother into trouble !!
      PS ~ Don’t listen to her ..she is starving me I tell you …only 2 huge bowls of food per day oh & a few dog biscuits and yes I do manage a couple of windfall apples ~ but other than that NO FOOD AT ALL if I tunnel out can you meet me on the green with a pound of sausages ?? Love K9 xx

  5. Poor chap! I feel for him. Maybe just the occasional mince pie? Brussel sprouts are not gonna cut it in the upcoming festive season! Love the cat bed though!

    1. Although he love sprouts, I’m sure he won’t say no to a mince pie LOL
      Thanks for your lovely comment on NC’s bed ~ it’s now finished although she is fast asleep on my bed, I’ll leave her be while the morning she can see it then πŸ™‚

  6. Hahaha! My first thought when I read this was that NC had arranged the whole thing to get herself a trendy new bed in time for winter! I hope K9 isn’t suffering too much with his diet… Poor pup! But it will be worth it when he unveils his new sleeker silhouette in time for the party season πŸ˜‰

    1. K9 had a slight setback mid week …he broke the cat-flap by wedging his head through it, I think he took that as a sign that perhaps loosing the odd ounce won’t hurt as much as his pride did LOL

      1. Hahaha! What would you be doing that you’d have to use NC’s special door to get into the house? πŸ˜† Although if it ever does happen, I’m sure your postman will be there to bear witness!

      1. πŸ˜€ You have a good idea of how it is sometimes! I was sitting with my donkey the other day, and my now 13 year old foal was giving me a very hurt look. I tried to pay attention to her too, but she was pouting and walked off. Poor thing. πŸ™‚

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