Neurotic Cat Has A New Bed

This is the follow up to my post  crochet emergency  ~ due to K9’s ‘episode’ of eating NC’s bed and not wanting to spend a  small fortune on a replacement I set to and began to crochet NC a new one, although the outer of the bed is blue

Blue isn’t really  NC’s colour so I need a brighter lining

While NC isn’t a tutu wearing kinda girl if you know what I mean ~ I still wanted to incorporate pink in the lining so I raided my yarn stash and this was the result

A sort of psychedelic 50 shades of pink affair 

I’m absurdly proud of this little impromptu flying by the seat of my pants project, while I don’t think now is the right time to throw caution to the wind and spend the rest of my life crocheting cats beds I will be adding this to my CV with an attached photo

And there you have it ~ one cool crochet cats bed

All I have to do now is prise NC off my bed to trail her own …. actually she looks so comfortable I’m sure tomorrow is soon enough for her to try her new bed for size  🙂




37 thoughts on “Neurotic Cat Has A New Bed

  1. How brilliant is THAT ???

    Awww what a great cat bed, and SO quickly too! You must crochet like a Super Hero.

    Oh!! Yes! I’ve found your Alter Ego person and name: … Super Hero Crochet Woman!
    Her fingers crochet so fast that no other Earth Living Human can match her for speed!

    Anyhoo … back to the bed.
    Please tell Oscar that his Aunt Cobs says he’s NOT TO TOUCH this bed AT ALL! He can sniff it. He can admire it. He can even ask him Mummy to make him one if he feels a little bit jealous over it. BUT … he’s not to mouth that bed, or chew on it, or slobber on it. AT ALL.
    Tell him Aun Cobs loves him and is putting her full trust in him.

    There. Let’s keep our fingers crossed about this. And possibly not leaving the cat bed alone with ‘you know who’ while you’re out might be an idea. 😉

    It’s really lovely Mrs. P. I love the twinkly sparkle, pink circles…. and adore the blue of the outside. (Does it turn inside out so that NC can have a change of decoration to the Boudoir?)
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

    p.s. Got the email. 😉

    1. Thank you soooo much for your lovely comment, I have to admit to crocheting away like a thing possessed ~ after all NC’s comfort was at stake. K9 has had a full run down on ‘The Rules Regarding The Cat Bed’ I think he was listening although his eyes did glaze over a couple of times 🙂
      The bed is fully reversible so if NC is feeling a little delicate and the pink is a touch too much I can turn it round so she has a tranquil sea of blue to float off to sleep in.
      You don’t think a mahoosive Rottweiler sized crochet bed would be a touch excessive ?? after all I should hate to think anyone thought I ‘had a problem’ … who am I kidding I went skipping merrily down that lane years ago LOL

  2. How soooooooper amazing!! In just a day…you have created the ultimate in designer cat beds,BRAVO!! Crocheted by your own fair hand…Neurotic Cat has no idea what she is missing out on, sleeping in your bed tonight ;-/ Not only a brilliant design, it will be soo soft and warm too! You should definitely add this line to your on line shop ;-D !!! Hope you can curl up small enough to fit in tonight though…as your sleeping place apparently is taken LOL

    1. I was toying with the idea of doing just one bed for next years craft fairs, after all it’s not as if I don’t have enough yarn LOL
      Having spent the night on a tiny strip of bed due to a bed hog all I can say is have you any idea how loud NC can snore ?? I wouldn’t be surprised if it had registered on the richter scale. Gawd help NC is she comes home from the the hostelry next door with a hangover ~ the 50 shades of pink lining will have her head spinning for hours LOL

      1. Does NC regularly cause earthquakes with her snoring?? Goodness no wonder you look like this this morning
        hope the look improves as the day goes on…;-)
        I think someone who’s a cat lover, will snap up a wonderful little cat bed as soon as they see it ~ best to have one half prepared on the needles too me thinks 😉

      2. The image actually does me justice LOL, I don’t so much have bags under my eyes but shopping trolleys.
        NC has taken to her bed as if she has some sort of malaise she appears to be permanently wedged in there, no photo at the mo as the light is really really rubbish and I don’t want to use the flash near her eyes

    1. I don’t know what was worse having NC star fished in the middle of the bed all night or the fact she decided 4.30 am is a suitable time to want to get up … was still dark for heavens sake …and cold !!

  3. As usual it is a very lovely bed. I am sure NC will love it. I wish I was as talented as you are. My fingers and needles/crochet hooks don’t get along. You will have to make sure K9 doesn’t eat this one! Maybe you could put it on your bed for NC. 😀

      1. Hi Roma! We are always learning. At least we should be always learning. No matter how good we are at something, there is always something new to learn. Hopefully some day I will sit down and it will just come to me and I will be able to crochet, knit whatever. I need to get back to my weaving too. Have a great week. I do hope to get some posts on about the cows. Tom did sell them all, but I have some pictures for Moo. See you soon. I hope! 😀

      2. I’m sooo envious when you mention weaving, I just wouldn’t know where to start !! please post some pictures for me to coo over 🙂

      3. I will. I think I posted about my first project. The pictures weren’t the greatest. I will have to look back and see. You might be able to find it by searching for weaving. I bought a Rigid Heddle Cricket loom from and signed up for a couple of their weaving classes. We also have a local crafting group in Holton, Kansas that does a little bit of everything. Crochet, knitting, weaving. I need to get back to going again.

    1. Thanks for calling by, NC has to be pried from her new bed, and would you credit it K9 has never laid a paw on her bed ~ I’m now wondering if the two of them were in cahoots to inspire me to crochet a cat bed all along !!

  4. WoW! It’s very creative! The biggest concern for your furry friend is to do something by yourself with your own hands!

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