A Kitten In Mittens …And Wellington Boots

Every kitten should been kitted out in mittens now the weather is turning cooler & as I live in a rural community wellies are are also a must, if you are wondering what on earth I’m wittering on about  ….  remember this

Well  actually it’s not a bunch of body parts any longer

The crochet pixies called around last night and when I awoke this morning whom should greet me sat upon my mantle but ‘George’ a kitten looking for a new home, if you could give this little fellow a new home comment “Yes Please” and I’ll pop your name into the draw for Saturday 19th November


George is quiet, well behaved and needs someone just like you to love ~ so feel free to enter Craft Odysseys GIVEAWAY 
He loves the camera even though he’s shy 🙂

41 thoughts on “A Kitten In Mittens …And Wellington Boots

  1. George is great!!!! he reminds me of my childhood, I bugged my granny till she made sweaters for all my plush friends… pets in sweaters have something what touches my heart… so Easy gets a sweater this year, ha!

  2. Well of course I’m going to say ‘yes please’. Who would want such an adorable new pal? Especially as he is all togged up in such a natty outfit!

  3. He’s so cue that I just have to say ‘yes please.’ How lovely that you’re giving him to a new home. I must plan a giveaway soon too, just need to make something people want! 😊

  4. What wonderful pixies you have helping out down there whilst you enjoy your beauty sleep ;-)!! George is sooo adorable he’s the bestest kitted out kitten I’ve ever seen and the Wellington boots are a fab little touch! I’m going to say Yes Please too…though already being a recipient of my beautifully crafted Wallis Russell and Lamb, I think that is being rather greedy of your wonderful makes and know someone else should have the honour of your crochet creativity 😉 I sincerely hope George finds its way to a loving home very soon 😀

    1. Alas while the pixies did indeed bring George into being they did nothing about the ironing ~ still as they finished the kitten for me at least I have ‘valuable ironing time’ LOL

      1. Tut tut!! Really what is the Pixie world coming to??! I bet they are rookies, newly employed in the run up to Christmas..without full understanding and training! Maybe you should put in for an elf helper 😉

  5. YES PLEASE!! George is so cute! Would love to give him a good and loving home! 🙂
    PS I do know what you are talking about as far as wellies. I believe they are the same thing as my muck boots. 😀

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