Remembrance Sunday


This morning most of the village will gather outside ‘The Cottage On The Green’ because I live just a few paces away from the war memorial and due to the nature of the cottage can see it from every room

While this photo wasn’t taken by yours truly it captures the memorial to perfection

This Sunday is an important day for the villagers as most families lost a loved one or knew someone who did, for those who did make it home their lives will never be the same if you ‘google’ our war memorial you will come across this image and I  offer no apologises for showing it again (I did a post on a previous blog many moons ago)

Lest we forget



12 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday

  1. May the men, and women, who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom today, never be forgotten.
    May we forever be free to buy and wear our poppies, proudly, in memory of them.
    May the children of current and future generations of our country be taught about the wars and learn of what it is that was both lost, and gained, because of those incredibly brave men and women who died, for us and our country, so that we could live on in a free country.
    May they also be taught about the pride they should feel in being able to wear the poppy, and if ever that freedom and right is attempted to be take from them, then they must themselves fight for the right to show their respect and thankfulness to the memories of so many who left for war, and never came home again.

    We owe these souls a huge debt which we will never be able to repay. But what we can do is thank them. Every year.
    We can remember what they did, and give them just two minutes of our time to stand siliently and think. Think of what they faced, what they saw, and what they did, for each of us and for this country. This land on which we stand.

    May we forever remember, and have people in our lives and the lives of future generations who teach the young: Lest they forget.

    Sending love, P. ~ Cobs. x

    1. So very eloquently put, every year I’m sure the crowd on the green increases as villagers show their respect to the fallen not just to past conflicts but ones ongoing, we MUST never forget what has been lost so we can live in freedom

  2. I think you have posted this before. It is hard to believe anyone could survive such a wound. We all need to remember our warriors of our freedoms no matter what country. War is a terrible thing no matter who is involved. It is so hard for me to understand why anyone things war is a great thing. All it does is bring heartache and loss of loved ones.
    I think it is a great honor that you can look out at the war memorial everyday. We celebrated our on Friday November 11. It was a beautiful day even though it came after our crazy election year. Thank God it is finally over. Hard to except a President who has never been in the military. Including our present one. Pray that we will make it through. Take care and have a lovely day. ❤ Hugs!

    1. You are right I have posted something very similar in the past ~ it is something I feel so strongly about ~they gave their lives to I can have the life I want, every single day I see the war memorial and hold them in my thoughts just for a moment ~ God bless each & every one of the men and women who have gave the ultimate sacrifice

      1. Amen Roma. Sometimes I am ashamed of how America treats their soldiers after coming home. We should be forever grateful even if you don’t believe in war. They gave them the freedom to think as they do also. Hugs to you and yours. ❤

  3. Quite unbelievable that poor man did survive!! What horrors he and many thousands must have witnessed over the years during and because of conflicts, and then, to have to live the rest of one’s life with such life changing disfigurement…We do owe all those people so very, very much to have the freedom we have today!

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