A Perplexing Case For Sherlock Holmes

A letter had been sent to 221B Baker Street London addressed to one Sherlock Holmes regarding a rather perplexing case ~ I was at a loss as to just what was occurring whenever I left The Cottage

Surely the greatest detective know to man would be able to help

What is the mystery you may or may not  be wondering …tis ‘The Case Of The Crumpled Sofa’

Who …What …Why is this happening to me ??

I asked other residents of The Tangled Backwoods but it transpires it’s only happening us !!  Anyhoo Sherlock duly arrived upon receipt of my cryptic note, he surveyed the scene, tutted, picked at a little black substance on the fabric of the sofa and declared case solved ….

It transpires ‘The Hound Of The Cottage On The Green’ strikes again !!

And NO K9 isn’t allowed on the sofa yet it appears he is making himself right at home



37 thoughts on “A Perplexing Case For Sherlock Holmes

    1. I know but making a nest on my sofa ?? if he wasn’t so blase about it I don’t think I’d mind so much ..he has the nerve to give me a dirty look for disturbing him LOL

  1. LOL… Well…you can’t argue, he does look VERY comfy ;-D !! I wonder if you or beloved have tried the same ”behind the cushion” approach when watching TV yet 😉 ?? Could even do wonders for an aching back…Me thinks!

    1. K9 has taken the ‘behind the cushion’ repose to a whole new level …it wasn’t even as if there was anything frightening on the telly as it wasn’t turned on LOL

      1. Thank goodness he wasn’t aware of the impending visit from Sherlock then on the TV planner, though would that have even shuffled him from the comfy position I wonder??!??

  2. In my eyes, Oscar can do absolutely no wrong. I understand his need for comfort. I mean, seriously…. who do you know who’d like to sleep on the floor, in the draughts, and with nothing comfy under those aching bones?

    Nope… my darling nephew should be allowed to get a bit comfy on the sofa. Poor darling.

    Sending hugs, snuggles and visible kisses on the top of his adorable head ~ Aunty Cobs. x x x

    1. His faxu sheepskin fluff filled bed ~with a fleece blanket accessory just doesn’t seem to cut the mustard compared with squishing down behind sofa cushions apparently 🙂
      PS Don’t listen to her ..yes I have said bed, yes it’s by the side of the range cooker …..BUT IT’S NOT THE SOFA IS IT Love Big O
      PPS I adore the shade of lippy you have left on my head >>I won’t wash for a week now my favourite Aunty has bestowed kisses on me ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Dearest Oscar … you will forever be my favourite, squishable, kissable nephew.

        Mrs. P. Let him get comfy on the sofa… If you find it too distressing, I have the solution: …. buy him his own sofa! Simple!
        :o) ~ Cobs. x

      2. Not at all. K9 is doing something wonderful for Beloved. He’s helping to keep him warm in this horrible weather we’re having, and he’s also protecting him from any tree which might fall upon the house during any strong winds. Laying on the sofa isn’t in there anywhere.
        Love ~ Aunt Cobs. x

  3. Here we say that when there’s no cat on sight the mice dance… In this case, when Mrs P. is not on sight K9 does whatever he wants…. but I think that there will be an end to this story soon…. 😀 😀 😀

  4. Yep – my sofa cushions bear a remarkable resemblance to yours. Only the indentation is rather smaller from a 6lb Yorkshire Terrier than a (I’m guessing) 6 stone Rottie:)

    1. Beloved says although K9 isn’t allowed on the sofa as he was technically on the throw it OK ~ I say it isn’t OK ~ so the conversation continues …at the moment K9 is laid on the sofa ( on the throw) so that makes 2 against 1 on the no sofa rule I guess the two of them have made the decision LOL

      1. Yes, Roma, I think you are out voted! Of course I can’t talk. When Sandy was a puppy, I swore I would never let her sleep in bed with us. I would train her right. Well..Guess who sleeps with us the most. Sometimes you just have to give in! 😀

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