And The Winner is ….

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway, it was lovely to see of many of my blogging buddies calling by the cottage to drop a line hoping to win a little something I hand crafted

Firstly excuse the rubbish photo, secondly let me hail the winner of George ~ The Kitten In Mittens & Wellington Boots

Created By Megan it’s you ❤

Megan I’ve sent you an e-mail and will get George posted to you as soon as he wakes up from his nap and has had a bite to eat 🙂

I’m positive George will be very happy in his new home

28 thoughts on “And The Winner is ….

  1. Many congratulations to Megan, she is a very lucky person 🙂 !!! I’m sure George will be super happy in his new home!!

    ps don’t feed him too well before his journey or he may tip the scales at the post office LOL 😉

      1. Awww but now I feel terrible for mentioning it….what if ?…George has tummy grumbles all the way to his lovely new home ;-/ Hope he doesn’t!! I bet he’s super excited to meet his new family 😉

      2. The little monkey must have a three course lunch when I weighed him in for his flight I could hear him chucking as I paid excess baggage fee or did I forget to subtract my weight from the scales ?? LOL

      3. LOL paying all that excess maybe might have him upgraded to 1st class, then he’ll be in for another scrummy meal in flight!! Rotund or not, when he arrives, George is going to make everyone very happy ~ He’s so cute in those wellies!!

      4. Gorgeous George has his named planned out for himself ~ gorging on all the goodies around!! You never know what creations pick up on ~ watching the happily installed in our broods?!!!! My only hope is the lovely Megan has enough winter food stores already on board to keep him happy!! 😉

      5. I suppose only being a kitten and use to all the fresh air he has developed quite an appetite, he was very concerned that he arrives in America in time for Christmas (food) festivities LOL

      6. Creating something has it’s own stresses, then sending them on a plane overseas, hoping they arrive in time (and intact) takes it to a whole new level !! as a artisan who regularly sends work abroad you know exactly how I feel LOL

      7. Oh my Dear Mrs. P…for sure I certainly do, and, believe me, every parcel has its same sure fired stresses(not to mention my very first…I became a headless chicken on seeing my first US sale ;@…and, it doesn’t seem to get easier the more you send!! The worst is being kidnapped into customs for a few days and loosing the tracking ;-/ BUT, I’m sure George will find his merry way to his new home no problem! He might even find those elusive peanuts on the plane that they used to give out willy nilly ~ days gone by??!(my theory ~ to bung everybody up, so they didn’t overuse the toilet facilities !!)
        My solution…Put a pillow over your head……and wait 9-15 days ;-D

  2. Many congratulations Megan!
    I hear the ideas bubbling for how Megan can fit him into her blogging life. Travels with George? Crafting with George? Tales of George? Oooooo … maybe George – The Blog!
    Well done Megan. ~ Cobs. x

    1. George has a whole new world of adventures awaiting him ..he is off to the airport tomorrow to start a whole new life with Megan, I’m just sorry not everyone who entered didn’t win

  3. Congratulations on the winner. I think George is a lucky fellow 😀 Pawkisses for a safe flight 🙂 ❤
    Thank you for bringing Birthday wishes for my Granny. They made her day! Extra Pawkiss ❤

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