I Know ~ Lets sew

The  winter light at the cottage  has been ~ how shall I put it …

A little on the dull side

Now bare in mind I have no ceiling lights in the cottage, just a few wall lights, so do you know what would be a fabulous idea ?? a little more hand sewing, after all a second Secret Santa gift and raffle prize ain’t going to sew themselves, still it’s not quite so good on the old eyes

And yes putting ones tongue out does help

Anyhoo after many a hour let me introduce you to ….

Daisy and May

Now perhaps a little cross stitch to finish my eye sight off completely 🙂


33 thoughts on “I Know ~ Lets sew

  1. Ohh P!! These two are an absolute delight!
    What GREAT makes!

    The cat … is that actually, really and truly, your cat??
    If not .. what a completely adorable cat!

    If it is your cat ….





    Thank you! 🙂
    love ~ Cobs. x

  2. Two little beauties! Love them. Also I have to ‘fess up, I waited quite a few seconds waiting to see if an image was going to load into that dark space you started with! Duh!!

  3. Mrs. P….You’re simply amazing!! Daisy and May are soooo adorable, AND, What wonderful gifts they will make too 🙂
    How many tons of carrots you must’ve consumed during their making in that dreadful light?? Your Vit A reading must be off the scale by now LOL 😉 I hope you managed to save a couple for Daisy and May to snack on before they set off on their exciting journeys ?!

    1. Off to buy more carrots this morning ~ K9 & I have been sumo wrestling over them …during which time Daisy and May took full advantage to sneak in and munch through my stockpile !!
      Hope your crafting emporium has just a tad more light than mine … I’m toying with the idea of wearing a head lamp to throw some light on the subject LOL

      1. LOL take your eye off something for a second and look what happens… and then, no prize for the sumo wrestling champion of the day ;-)!!!
        Always keep a pit helmet by your side I say, not only to shed light, but handy when you venture into the crafting den, especially if yours is in the state of mine atm, reckon I should start tidying now to be ready in time for Christmas…goodness knows where the dining table is???

      2. So few layers of disorder, no wonder you can still find it LOL The only time I’m absolutely sure where it is…Is when I stub my toe on one of the legs 😉

      3. Ah yet I have failed to mention the top of the book case … it’s six layers deep in ‘essential crafting supplies’ I swear it’s groaning under the weight LOL

      4. LOL I hope it’s groaning in tune??! It seems like every surface in our household is stacked with unmentionables atm. Dearest even pointed out to me, just this week, (not that he ever criticises…but he seems to be aware!!!) that we have boxes everywhere…like Russian stacking dolls outside of themselves ;-/ perhaps I should get the duster out to show willing as a good home keeper ;-)??A good shuffling of dust always looks good on the daily chore list

      5. If it’s any help I did do the ironing in-between pressing crafting projects … I shoved the hoover round to show willing (my heart wasn’t in it though LOL) at least we are keeping ourselves busy for which our ‘other half’s’ ought to be grateful 🙂

      6. Are you feeling OK??? Do you have a fever??? Ironing AND shoving the hoover round….all in one day?! LOL…not sure if Dearest is always grateful, especially when he has to take giant steps through the daily creation mess on his nightly arrival home ;-D |Bless him though, he never complains!!

      7. Beloved seems to take it ALL in his stride ~ having wool and bits n’ pieces spread about like a tidal wave of creative dross 🙂

      8. I reckon we are both very lucky to have such fine men!!!…driven by their nose (to their evening meal) rather than their eyes (on our creative tidal waves of dross and floss LOL) Long may their bellies rules their hearts..and thoughts 😉

  4. Heehee, your little bunnies are multiplying like rabbits… Even with the dark days we’ve been having! I’m actually on the verge of picking up a head torch myself 😆 I’m sure your sweet little rabbit girls will make someone very happy this Christmas though!

    1. I do hope so, the one for the raffle helped raise a few pounds for the memorial fund which was the whole idea, the second is sat waiting patiently for Christmas morning 🙂

  5. I love Daisy and May! A cute pair. And sticking out the tongue does help at times. 😀 The harder I concentrate, the farther out comes sometimes. Good thing no one is around when I do that. 😀
    Happy cross stitching Roma!

    1. Thank you for calling by, it’s been a while since I’ve done any stitching ~ on reviewing a piece a did earlier the mistakes I made LOL but I still love it so 🙂

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