Just Good Timing

I’m no photographer ..I just point and shoot with my camera, but every now and then the ‘Photo Goddess’ smiles on me

This little guy called round the cottage to help me in the garden this morning



35 thoughts on “Just Good Timing

  1. What a lovely moment you captured!! The camera goddess truly was on your shoulder this morning..It’s the kind of shot people would take hours/days/months/years over and never get such a wonderful result 🙂 I’d love to know who sounds the robin alarm ?? as soon as you pick up a gardening tool…they’re just, instantly there!! Cute curious gardening companions 😀

      1. If I had to guess??! The birds have set a shock warning alarm to your wondrous tuneless warbling s whilst out waltzing in your wellies LOL
        The encounter of your shenanigans is just too much to miss!! ~ hence the charming inquisitive wildlife in your patch..though they are given full credit for their lovely poses whilst being mesmerised 😉

      2. A few hours in the garden and I ache all over !! so the local wild life have had a right chuckle watching me stumble around this morning.

      3. Oh No!! I can almost feel your pain ~ and hear the wildlife chuckling!! I find outdoor activity, especially weeding these day does play havoc with the gluteus maximus muscles LOL I do a very good ‘John Wayne’ impression for days afterwards!!

      4. OMGoodness even if I had been weeding for sixteen years non stop and had cling film shrink wrap therapy for five years I don’t think I could ever become as pixie like in stature as KM!..not that I am huge or the like, but…those gold hot pants would certainly chaff at little I’m sure LOL 😉

      5. I’m sure as we speak…. KM is chatting to her blogging buddy saying if only she could be an artisan like you & live in Narnia like me LOL

      1. Everything was fine! My BM took me out for dinner in a very nice place and we had a nice revival of aour dating time. It wasn’t planned at all but it has turned out that way. I can be very happy indeed! ❤

  2. Oh wow, great shot! I think the Photo Goddess wasn’t just smiling on you… That’s a full-blown cheesy grin accompanied by a hearty chuckle! It would make a great print or greeting card. Nice one!

    1. I think I’m inclined to have it printed onto canvas for my grafting den …just to prove every now and then for no reason at all everything turns turns out better than your wildest dreams 🙂

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