Time for Crafting

OK who has messed with my admin page here on WP it’s been updated again hasn’t it !!!

Anyhoo I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days off work, firstly I spent Saturday running the cafe at the village craft fair instead of having a stall ~ raising a total of £98 .00 which was donated to the ‘Memorial Hall Fund’ I have also taken full advantage to spend a fair few hours crafting …gosh I’ve been a whirlwind of activity, fabric combinations have been been scattered and judged on their merits

Prototypes for next years craft fairs have been trailed

I even took most of one day designing and making a 1950’s inspired dress for my latest rabbit Sadie

After spending nearly all day on this project I didn’t allow quite enough ‘ease’ on the sleeves, and Sadie’s ears were placed a little too far forward hey ho
I’ll just tell the little girl she is intended for that Sadie is shy ~ which is why she hides behind her ears so, as for her dress being just a tiny bit snug on the arms that is what happens if you don’t go out & play while you can …you do think she will fall for the little white lies ??

I have a couple of days left to my own devices …and other project in the wings, I’ll keep you posted on my latest makes as and when they see the light of day  🙂


43 thoughts on “Time for Crafting

    1. I’m planning to turn them into key ring fobs, I’m just waiting for the rings to be delivered, I’ve done some slightly bigger ones to turn into the front cover of needles books …I’l post later 🙂 Thanks for the comment about Sadie it’s much appreciated x

  1. As a kid I believed that if you wanted to catch a rabbit you just needed to shake salt on their tail….because an adult told me it was true. You should be fine with your sleeve explanation!

      1. Exactly! If you were close enough to do that, you were close enough to grab the bunny! Took us years to realise…

      2. See I knew he was real ..and to prove a point he’s been round the cottage all week leaving me a garden covered in silver ice ❤

  2. Sadie may seem a little shy…but looks very chic in her beautiful fitted dress and would be the belle of any ball!! You shouldn’t have any worries, I’m very sure the little lady this handcrafted bunny is intended for will be over the moon The lovely floppy ears give her such a cute character and her deportment is quite outstanding 🙂
    I thought I heard a loud excited yell carried in the wind the other day?! sounded very much like…”FREEEEEEDOM..!!” Now, I know I did! It was obviously your good self finishing your shift and in line for a little time off ;-D You haven’t wasted time getting busy with lovely makes and your cross stitch rabbit is beautiful! Looking forward to all the lovelies yet to come from your time in the den 😉

    1. It’s been a complete pleasure just pottering round moving fabric from one corner of the table & back again while I find the right combinations, it’s been waaayyyy too long since I’ve indulged myself in creative madness 🙂
      Many thanks for your lovely comment about Sadie, at least if I recreate her dress I know to add ‘growing room’ into the sleeves

      1. ….or, shrink room to her arms LOL 😉 But, still, I maintain…Sadie’s utterly perfect as she is!!,!
        It’s lovely to hear that you are enjoying your free time so much and the creativity is flowing so easily 😀 Roll on the full time retired Mrs. P!!! What joys we can have…so much more often (selfish I know, but, I do so love your work, skills and fun posts)

      2. Roll on retirement, I’m not really looking forward to going back to ‘The Workplace’ …I’m having too much fun at home creating up a storm ..

      3. LOL looks like one of your furry friends had the same thoughts too today ;-D At least you know how much you will enjoy retirement…when it does eventually come 😉

      4. …already have a penny candle set aside for the day you announce your special day!!!! I don’t want to miss out on any of your fabulous creations made that day!!!! ~even into the wee hours…I have plans already afoot, Dearest will be shoved into a corner on the hay bed, the black box visualiser will be set centre stage, AND, I have a bag of dry roasted peanuts shaken and primed to be open….do say you’ll be retired before the peanuts fall out of date??!!

      5. Dry roasted peanuts ? WOWZER now that will be a celebration ~ I’ve just checked the state retirement age & it’s going up to 66 what the fudge !!!!! put the peanuts on ice I might be working for a few more years yet 😦

      6. I know :-), not often I treat myself…but, it is coming up to Christmas an all LOL!! Oh No!!!! could you not change your date of birth on that certificate thingy??…my nuts will be well out of date otherwise ;-/

  3. LOVE the bunny stitchery. (It would make a magnificent framed art work.)

    Sadie .. naturally, is a big hit with me. But … I have something to add…..

    Sadie ….. needs an ‘at. She is a member of the Double U Eye, and all Double U Eye ladies all wear ‘ats on their ‘eads.

    She makes Jam. Knows the words to Jerusalem, but mostly mouths the words as she fears she’s tone deaf and doesn’t want to be offensive to anyone stood infront of her is she’s singing, so she mouths the words.

    She rides a bicycle with a basket on the front, and she makes Christmas Puddings for all the villagers, and wraps them in spare bits of fabric left over from her dressmaking, and making toys for orphanges around the world.

    She’s lorst ‘er ‘at, Mrs.P. It blew off in the wind when she was riding her bike through the village and suddenly and huge GUST of wind blew the ‘at over the ‘edge and across the farmers field of growing beets some weeks ago. She tells me she hoped it would turn up again, but no. Nothing has been handed in at the Post Office, so she’s going to need to find a new one to keep her wee bonce warm now that the colder weather has arrived.

    (and now we’re back in the room)….

    She’s LOVELY! And I adore her name. It suits her down to the ground. Perfection.
    Well done, you amazingly clever thing.
    ~ Cobs. x

    1. A ‘at you say I’ll see what I can come up with …a proper ‘at not a little woolly number what about a bonnet ?? LOL
      The Double U Eye is known as ‘The Petticoat Club’ in our village …not sure why but hey ho
      Thank you so much for dropping round the cottage for a natter and bizarrely enough a jolly dear friend also mentioned framing the bunny applique so perhaps I ought to try it, I think I have just enough oddments left to give it a whirl x

      1. I would happily buy something like that at a craft fair. Give them a go. (can I suggest frames?)

        Also .. small panels like that, backed with stiff card and the stitchery fixed in place, in the centre of a white card – sign the card under your art so that collectors can display all your ‘stuff’ in one collection – (a signature always adds something rather … well, you know) … you could sell stitchery cards made of cross stitch like that – for a decent amount of money, because they’re kind of one offs – and so very desirable.
        (Am I teaching my grammy to suck eggs here? Do tell me to shut up if I am.)
        Delighted that your dear friend and I have said the same thing. It shows we are both simply trying to look after you and your art work – simply because we loves you.

        I love love love ‘The Petticoat Club’! How delightful is that?!
        Sending love and squidges

      2. Thank you for all your tips, I might have a play with fabrics in the very near future, combined with a shopping trip for frames – the fact you called them art works has me grinning like a Cheshire Cat …Beloved has asked me to pack it in as I’m scaring him LOL

      3. LOLOLOLOL!!!

        Artists are free to be scary if it gets their mojo working.

        Tell him he should be proud of being an Artists husband. (He’ll soon like it when you’re earning pots of money from your fabulous Art!)

  4. Hey there, Sadie Bunny! I’m sure the little girl who’s adopting her will LOVE her floppy ears and stylish frock. Enjoy the rest of your crafting time… I’m looking forward to finding out more about your mystery project next 😀

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