Lets Both Be Creative

I has a little seed of an idea of how to incorporate a tiny cross stitch rabbit, a few tiny scraps of Harris tweed and a couple of other smidgens of  fabric to hand, voila

A multi layered applique for 2 needle case / books ~ I think they have turned out jolly well more handmade than homemade do you think ??

While I was having a totally enjoyable time sewing away K9 was being rather quiet, which should have warned me he was up to no good, I thought he was simply settled with his Kong filled with treats and peanut butter …turns out he was being just as creative only in a slightly messier way then me

Ha you think you can sew lady … try fixing my bed !!

Have you any idea how much stuffing is in one of those beds ..this is only half the carnage,  right after I cleared up I made time for us to be together …and he promptly went to sleep curled up at my feet as if butter wouldn’t melt ..toad

PS … K9 HERE ~I swear it wasn’t me ~ it was Neurotic Cat in revenge for me ‘accidentally’ eating her bed ages ago


40 thoughts on “Lets Both Be Creative

  1. OH MY ;-/ !!! Those cat claws are lethal weapons for sure ~ I bet K9 was petrified and squished in a corner during the carnage LOL No wonder he curled up at your feet…he felt safe again awwww 😉
    As for crafty creativeness away from the kitchen…You have been super busy!… the little needle case/book covers are beautiful :-)!!! It’s amazing how little off cuts come together so stylishly when perfect little cross stitch bunnies are added too…I know they are going to be very popular ;-D

    1. Who would have thought such a lump would be intimidated by a tiny kitty …if his tale is to be believed !!
      Thank you for your lovely comments on the needle cases, you have made my day 🙂 after all you are the goddess of tiny fabric combination craftiness …my heroine LOL

      1. …with all that butter pouring from his chops…how could you not at least suspect NC ~ poor dear though~ I do have the smallest of doubts she could shred so badly!!
        Oh My Dear Mrs. P, I certainly don’t deserve such wondrous compliments!… especially when I have just seen your fantastic makes!! You are a genius of the cross stitch and fabric swatches 🙂 I’m completely left in your wake of creativity!! And Long May It Continue 😉

      2. I spent the whole day yesterday studying ..I now have brains of mush, then at 2am I heard a tantalising whisper …try making fabric yoyo’s it said ..off to investigate a fabric theory and how it will look in reality ~ it looked OK in my imagination LOL

      3. They say stimulating the brain is good…but, if it turns to mush…not so good ;-/ … I’m sure after slumbering off for a while longer your brain is more than recovered…Well, it might at least remember wanting to make fabric Yoyo’s…whether or not it recalls any of the studying??…I’m sure all will come out fine in the wash LOL ;-D Look forward to you next mini makes!

      4. LOL Go Girl!!….and make Many fabric yoyo’s…who cares what the other thimgymawhatsit was you mentioned lol 😀 … Happiness is more often found in the doing rather than the knowing!!

  2. Absolutely Handmade! Beautifully so. Again … I’d buy them. You clever thing.

    Now lets deal with that other creative thing, in the kitchen.

    I KNOW it was you, young man. You’ve seriously let me down and I’m very disappointed in you. Now go and get on your . . . . hmmm.

    You need another bed, but quite frankly, I’d now be buying one of those rigid plastic beds and giving you some washed blankets from the charity shop to sleep on.

    Aunt Cobs loves you to the moon and back, and you know it. But … I’m very disappointed in you, Oscar. VERY disappointed.
    tsk tsk.

    1. Dearest Aunty Cobs,
      I’m soooo sorry I don’t know what happened, everything was going so well, I was happily munching on my treats then boom NC appeared from nowhere pounced on my bed and ripped it to shreds …I swear there was nothing I could do, I tried and tried to get him away from her, the more I tugged (gently obviously) to wrestle it from her grip the more she shook it about. When Mrs P came into the kitchen I was desperately trying to put all the stuffing back inside the remains of the tattered outer casing …at which point NC scurried back to her bed, sat there all smug purring away like butter wouldn’t melt ….Oh alright I ‘fess twas me ..ALL ME I’m a bad bad dog ~ I’ll go to my room (with no bed) and think about what I’ve done & won’t come out till I’m sorry ~ which might be quite a while
      PS Mrs P is already on the case of a plastic bed the size of a small country that will accommodate my ample posterior

  3. Love the pretty book covers, and yes, I do know how much stuffing is in one of those beds! Found out in a similar way. Tried to fix it, but…. Did kind of got part of it back and an end sewed up, sort of. Wound up out in the garage for the cat. 😀

    Heads up K9, you better be careful. ❤

      1. Yes, I would agree. Time to make or buy a new one. Or if you have some old pillows, you can just make a cover and re-purpose them. What I would do. Waste not, want not. I think that is the phrase! 👳

    1. The fun never stops ~ Life with K9 is one adventure after another LOL
      Many thanks for your lovey comments on the needle books it’s very much appreciated x

    1. Although he is use to me knitting, crocheting or doing cross stitch he hasn’t seen me sew before .. so perhaps he does think he’s getting enough attention now ANOTHER craft has claimed my time LOL

  4. Oooh, pretty needle cases! And it just occurred to me that if you had some larger fabric scraps, you could also make matching phone covers… As for the K9 bed saga, I reckon he’s jealous of NC’s luxurious hand-crocheted sleeping place and is angling for one himself! Now it’s up to you whether you indulge him or not…

  5. OMG!! Well someone had some fun while your back was turned. I remember when my dog was younger we would get him a new bed, he would sit on it for the first couple of days and then rip it to shreds. In the end he slept on a piece of carpet.

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