Hard Work Has It’s Own Rewards

After what seems like the longest time ….it’s been 3 months actually but hey ho I’m at this stage of my studies


BUT the good news is ….my brain is full of useful, important work related stuff and DA DA DAH

I’ve only gone & done it ….100% of my NVQ level 3 in Health & Social Care has been done, handed in and I’m just waiting for everything to be verified !!

Now for news on 2nd Born’s nursing studies ~ as a complete surprise for him Beloved & I have decided  for his elective placement next summer to sponsor him to go to Tanzania for a month, I have arranged to have a leave of absence from ‘The Workplace’ to look after Gelfling Grandson so in a few months ..

2nd Born will have his story & Moo and I will write the story of our summer together ~ I for one think the best is yet to come ❤





34 thoughts on “Hard Work Has It’s Own Rewards

  1. My daughter went to a Mexican orphanage on an outreach program, and my grand-daughter went to Rwanda on a similar arrangement. It was the best thing that could have happened to them as they both learned a whole new perspective on what life really is! All the very best to your 2nd born on his trip. He will probably remember it for the rest of his life! Good decision on your part!

    1. Beloved & I are in a very fortunate position to be able to send 2nd Born to Tanzania, the lessons from this trip as you rightly say will last an impression on him to last a lifetime

  2. Well done for getting all of that work done, and how lovely to send your son on a trip of a lifetime. At uni I went on a trip to the Gambia and, although it was only for 10 days, we made some long lasting links with schools there that the university carried on. I will never forget teaching alongside the teachers there who do such an amazing job with only the most basic of resources. I hope he enjoys it x

    1. I don’t think 2nd Born will ever look at the NHS in the same light when he returns, seeing professionals working with minimum resources should enable him to think outside the box so to speak …I’m so amazed both my boys are making their way in life with such passion, Beloved & I are grateful we are in such a fortunate position to help them both 🙂
      Of course I’ll be wanting every detail of his trip LOL

  3. MANY CONGRATULATIONS for your brain allowing you your 100% pass on the thing! Impressed is an understatment – for I’d be hard pressed to pass anything anymore. I swear to dog that my brain is going in reverse.

    This up and coming controllage of the GrandGelf will either finish you off, or take you back to being a child again. Either way, someone else does the housework, so everything is fine. LOL.
    Again … many congratulations Mrs.P. I’m absolutely thrilled to bits for you. ~ Cobs. x

    1. Although I has 2 years to finish the course I always intended to work like a thing possessed to get it done early so I can have my evenings & weekends back …as they are my valuable crafting times LOL
      Gelfling will no doubt want a daily planner of events for our summer together to include walks, gardening, trips to the park, more walks, cooking, learning to sew, even more walks, antique rummaging and a couple of walks …gawd I cream crackered already. I hope the weather will be kind to us as Gelfling loves being outdoors
      PS ….What is this housework thing you speak off ?????

  4. So, so many reasons this this a completely wonderful post Mrs. P ;-D !!!
    Huge Congratulations on getting to the end of the NVQ level 3 and well before time allowed:-) Happy days to have your time back for crafting once more…and other stuff too 😉
    OMGoodness!! I bet your son is blown away with the fantastic opportunity of being able to go out to Tanzania and how exciting for you to spend the whole month with dear Gelfling too….what adventures to be had by all :-)!!!

    1. Aww what a lovely comment Mrs T,
      A whole month’s leave to spend with Gelfling might just be the best thing ever !! have you any idea how wonderful it is to creep back into the world of craft ??? it’s HEAVEN x

      1. I can’t even begin to imagine how many lifelong memories both Gelfling and Yourself will make in a month long adventure??!!! 😉 The times I spent with my grandparents, at around the same age as little Gelfling, are so close to my heart even now!! Compared to the daily things that go in now and fall out so easily from my memory, those years gone by, will always have a backlit rose tinted glow as treasured times 😀
        Your glee at being back in the realms of crafting is soooo evident… and, having just seen your latest lovely make, I’m not surprised at all!! You are evidently making up for lost time with wonderful new creations 😉 I bet there are so many more, lined up, and, vying for the next leading role place on the WP reader LOL 😉

      2. Gelfling is coming for 2 days before Christmas so we can plot and plan for our summer together, I think a whole garden makeover just might make the grade as it’s one of his ‘bestest’ things to do when the weathers good Monty Don your successor is stage left LOL

      3. I do remember some happy snaps of gardening from this past year 😉 I think it sounds like Gelfling might well slip right into Monty’s wellies as the next big name in gardeners…And you get a new garden to boot ;-)!!!

      4. I wonder for how many more years Gelfling will be content with my company …it won’t be long before he outgrows the simple pleasures of Grandma’s house

      5. I’m sure there will be a good many, many more as he grows through the stages even into manhood!!!…’Cos….don’t forget?!!…you have Grandma’s cooking to forever return for 😉 As well as all the happy memories, you’ve still to carry on making to reminisce over too!! Simple pleasures can’t be beaten in my book!!

  5. What a great surprise for Second Born, Roma. And for Moo. It will be a great summer for all of you. You are wonderful parents and grandparents! The trip will be a wonderful memory for Second Born. 🙂

    1. Second Born is buzzing round like a bee in an excited flurry of activity getting all his plans in order while Gelfling has worked out that he & I could completely re design the garden ( all except the grass ~ he says that can stay LOL) in the time he spends here over the summer ….what have I done *screaming with laughter*

  6. Hi Mrs P!
    The wife and I love your blog and appreciate the message you give here. We appreciate the hard work you have put into this blog and wish you all future success in business and in life.
    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.

  7. Brilliant! So much good news crammed into one post… Congrats on finishing your course, and what an exciting year awaits for you all in 2017! And the best bit is that we get to read all about it! I can’t wait to hear how you get on 😀

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