When A Random Idea Actually Turns Out OK

As you may or may not even care I’ve been having random thoughts towards next years craft fairs and trying out variants on a theme – it seems I have a slight reputation for rabbits …as if !! yet I’m working on keeping my stall ‘fresh’ if you know what I mean, Anyhoo as a lover of vintage I thought I’d give something retro -ish (not a real word but if it catches on you know who was throwing it about lol) So here is what I came up with

Yep just a regular half apron/ pinny

I  do love an apron/pinny they are just sooo COOL, what has this to do with rabbits ? well ….

A simple little cross stitch panel of rabbits with flower button details ~that’s what 🙂

I think this random thought adds just a little rabbit interest that my stall could may well accommodate

While this is a ladies half apron how darn cute would a toddlers look 🙂

There is only one problem …I want to keep it for myself !!




54 thoughts on “When A Random Idea Actually Turns Out OK

  1. Awww that’s just perfection in a pinny! GREAT idea to put the bunny panel on a pocket of a pinny. NO ONE ELSE will have done anything like that. It makes it so unique and so personal. Love it muchly.
    Well done Mrs. P. ~ Cobs. x

      1. A double, plus a chaser coming right up. Would you like any nibbles with it? Or how about some decent food? We have a great restaurant about 15 minutes away … or there’s a selection of great Fish and Chip shops, all around us here and the fish is SO fresh. Always todays catch.

        Failing that … there’s a POSH TV Chefs restaurant down by the harbour – again, all fish is fresh that day, and some of it will have been caught by the chef himself.

        Of course … we could always just go for the puddings and fill our kites with those. One of everything they have on the menu, so that we can try them out. LOL

        So … what happened yesterday? …. or would you rather leave it behind you? – (or, you can email me if you want to have a moan which won’t appear anywhere public).

      2. Gosh I haven’t had chip shop chips for aeons … with mushy peas if that’s ok
        Nothing too major of the bad day front ~ one of my ladies became ill at ‘The Workplace’ the out of hours Dr took for ever to come out as they are super busy, then the ambulance took ages…good news said lady is home again, and Tuesday was a super day at ‘The Workplace’ so all turned out well in the end 🙂

  2. How wonderful!! Such lovely new and fresh retro ideas, loving the cross stitch bunnies in the button flower garden, it’s just the perfect way to finish off your lovely pinny:-) Totally unique, cute and quirky….I reckon they will be flying off your stall next fair season…that’s if you can bear to part with any of them lol You certainly seem a very happy bunny back in the creative crafting corner Hooooorah for the freedom to create once more!!! ;-D

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment you are always so kind in your encouragement ❤
      Anyone would think I haven't been crafting for months …oh I haven't LOL I'm eagerly awaiting the fabric sales so I can buy yards of the stuff 🙂 there are sooooo projects small and large that I'm itching to tackle, even 1 or 2 for myself !!!

      1. Get those elbows flexing in readiness for the SALES!!!..that, and your best running shoes on 😉 LOL Can’t wait to see all the new things you have lined up in your head brought into being as fabric realities ;-D

      2. Wow I can just picture the race between us as we scoot to the tills, neck and neck….in starched pinnies and mop caps with Vangelis’s theme tune being played in store LOL ;-D…I just hope I have the energies back by then, being in the vice like grips of the Winter Lurgy atm ;-/

      3. OH NO !!! not the ‘Winter Crafters Pre- Christmas ~ Will I Ever Feel Well Again Lurgy’ get well soon we’ll hold off on the sales fabric dash until you are on fine form again ..I don’t want to be accused of cheating you out of a bargain 🙂

      4. Aww thank you Mrs. P for your best wishes 🙂 It is indeed that very debilitating Lurgy version ;-/ LOL With any luck I might still recover in time for the New Year dash!!…what would 2017 be without a new stash of fabric bargains????

      5. At least folks might give you a wide berth if you cough and snort all over them ~giving you an slight advantage in the fabric dash, hope you are felling better today 🙂

      6. Now there’s an idea!!! LOL not only around the fabric aisles but in the queue at the tills too 😉 Reckon I could disperse most of the shop in one fell swoop of coughing??!!
        I feel an almighty millimetre of improvement over yesterday!! ~ So, All is heading in a good direction me thinks…just the thought of fabric in the sales is spurring me on to get well soon!

      7. Goodness where was I coming from??? now the temperature has abated I’m shocked at how my brain was thinking…leave it unchecked, obviously it goes off on random tangents of nonsence …well I’m back in charge now LOL …I think?!! 😉

      8. Now we are in the lull betwix Christmas & New Year lets hope you have had time to reflect on your misdemeanours ~ metric indeed what is the world coming to !!! hope you are in fine fettle x

      9. LOL Isn’t this lull time designed for a small bottle of stout to help recoup energies after all the cooking ?? That…and I’m sure it has some medicinal purpose too…hopefully it will re-shine and polish my fettle in time for the New Year 🙂

      10. Enjoy your well earned stout, I’m 100% sure it has medicinal benefits and contributes towards creative thinking …I know after partaking of a small juniper cordial I think I’m fantastic LOL

      11. LOL 😀 I wonder what two makes you think??? Funny though, I do agree with you on that one…and, I’ve not even had a sniff of junipers! Enjoy your well earned time off xx

  3. Hmmn, yes, I understand your dilemma. Maybe you could call this one a prototype, or test drive, or ‘fit model’? Then, as the woman of exacting standards that you surely are, you could not be expected to SELL it, could you, or how will you make more?! The legions of perfect pinnies that will surely lead to your world domination of the apron market? It’s just strategic thinking, really….

    1. LOL I have a few aprons in the pipeline …I can see myself making 2 of each as I’ll probably want to keep each one I make ..is there a collective noun for a person whom collects pinnies ?

      1. You’re Welcome Roma, I am glad to be able to make you smile. I always appreciate smiling when someone helps me to do so. Smiles and laughter are good for the soul! Have a Happy and Safe New Year! 😀

  4. No problem. It is very sweet. I’m glad your random idea turned out so well 😊. It defiantly adds a bit of charm to your apron x

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