On A Cold And Frosty Morning

Moo AKA Gelfling Grandson & I have spent a magical couple of days together, as you may be aware one of his all time bestest thing (his words not mine :-)) is to be outside and if that includes a long walk all the better, soooo after a leisurely breakfast that’s exactly what we did, where the sun had cast shadows a little frost lingered

All along our walk we caught glimpses of where Jack Frost had skipped about over night leaving his silver treasure for us to find

If that wasn’t enough magic we found something fantastical

A ‘rustic’ scarecrow …Tangled Backwoods style

And on the way home Moo’s eye caught sight of something bright red

A whole host of rose hips ~ rose hip syrup anyone ??

What better way to spend a cold & frosty morning






24 thoughts on “On A Cold And Frosty Morning

  1. it#s so great what things we can discover on a cold&frosty morning…my granny had this rose hip syrup always in big bottles…. I always feared to get a cold… not for the running nose and the cough… but for the syrup torture :o)

  2. Love a frosty walk! We are currently in quarantine as madam has picked up a sicky bug at preschool. Looks like you had a lovely time, my two like to go round by our village green to see the big Christmas tree. Some snow would just finish it off nicely!

    1. Hope your quarantine is a short one !! just what you don’t need this close to Christmas, it seems for ever since we had snow, the past couple of winters have been so mild, lets hope storm Barbara gives us a miss

      1. When I read your adventures, I always think of that kid’s rhyme,. “We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re gonna catch a big one. We’re not scared!” My nephew has the book and I gave my new little nephew that story.

  3. All things bright and beautiful….was the first thing that popped into my head reading your post 😉 What an idyllic start to any day ~ crisp frost and a sunny sky! The pared back rose hip bush looks all the more striking and stunning for being just so!! I do think the same could be said for your locally designed scarecrow too LOL ;-D Hope the Summer plans are starting to take shape too?? Do wish Moo A Wonderful Christmas from me…and, I hope he gets all his hopes and dreams from Father Christmas xx

    1. Running behind on the comment front !!
      One thing about living in the ‘Tangled Backwoods’ you NEVER know what you are going to come across next LOL
      Summer plans are in full throws although I’ve mentioned it in another comment I’ll re cap to save you scouring for it ……Moo wants to redesign the garden apparently we can keep the grass *how kind LOL* but everything else needs his attention ~ oh my gawd !! I’ve created a monster, a new position as ‘Navvy’ as arisen & I get to be bossed about by a 7 yr old … there should be a law against Old Lady Labour

      1. …It would seem that way, adds to the fun of countryside walks too though 😉
        My word 😉 It does sound like there are going to be major ground works in The Cottage Garden this year!!
        I think you should start by booking yourself a massage and buy a box of pain relief too (LOL…I hear wine comes in boxes now;-)!!) before attaching your braces to keep your pants hitched up as you dig the trenches ;-D Don’t forget to inform Horse and Country magazine in time so they can get their film crew down…;-)
        Don’t worry, I think the law says that even Old Lady Labour can have a 15 minute break every 4 hours LOL

      2. I’m not quite sure Moo has in mind on the garden revamp front so I desperately need to enquire about these wine boxes you speak of …I’ll be contacting ‘Rubbish & Rubble’ periodical publications to advertise Moo’s services if the overhaul is a success

      3. LOL 🙂 YOU may not know the finer details of your new garden layout??!…but, I think it appears Moo has a blueprint already visualised!! I recall he enjoyed the mower with Granddad last year…hence the grass staying 😉
        Those whispers, I’ve heard about wine boxes, if they turn out to be true….do let me know!! I’m sure I could afford a few coppers from the penny candle saving jar to test one out…mind I should hurry away now to scratch off the wax drips for recycling in that case LOL

      4. The sunset time in the ‘Tangled Backwoods’ is 1 min longer than yesterday …shame the fog obliterated it, so it won’t be too long before we can eke our candles out and perhaps go halves on these here boxes of wine everyone is talking about .. not only that my half box of wine should see the millennium out as I’m not a wine drinker LOL

      5. Oh No!! Not the freezing fog too ;-0 we did at least have a splash of sunshine late afternoon…not that it warmed anything through, being so low in the sky! At least we know we are heading to lighter, longer days….thank goodness 😉
        Well, what an investment your half box will be…you can pass it on as a vintage gift still in original packaging…should be worth a fortune by the next millennium…maybe even more than your lump of coal LOL

  4. Lovely! Am a bit freaked out by the scarecrow though, but I am a big chicken! Hope you and your loved ones have a fabulous Christmas!

    1. The scarecrow is just a tiny Blair Witch Project isn’t it …I’m slightly concerned Gelfling never battered an eyelid by it LOL he is either braver than I give him credit for or living in the ‘Tangled Backwoods’ is right up his alley 🙂

  5. I’m playing catch up …
    Great photos! Sounds like a thoroughly fabulous walk.
    Doesn’t having the Grandchild there, make things more magical? Even we see with young eyes and spot things we perhaps might have missed when a little one is seeing things from their viewpoint. I know I love it when we go walking with Little Cobs. He points out all sorts of things which we probably would have missed entirely if he hadn’t have been there. It’s brilliant!

    Sending you Merry Christmas wishes, to you, Mr.P and the little paper puff, Moo. May Father Christmas fly over your house and spinkle a little of his magic dust down your chimney, causing smiles and love and laughter for Christmas.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

    1. Also playing catch up LOL
      Moo bought me a vintage camera for Christmas while I bought him his very own binoculars so our walks will now be taking twice as long as we ‘explore’ our surroundings with new vigour, Santa did indeed pour magic dust on the cottage by the bucket load !!! Looking forward to reading all your inspirational posts in 2017 x

  6. Fabulous photos! Lovely walk! A wonderful time well spent in the company of a little one. You lucky girl.

    I’ll take this opportunity to wish for you a very happy Christmas, filled with love and kindness, and may a blanket of joy settle upon your home.
    The warmest of Christmas Wishes are wishes for you and yours.
    Sending love ~Cobs, and gang. x

    1. I’m late answering comments due to have a cottage bursting at the seams with loved ones and/ or doing my duty at ‘The Workplace’ thank you for your good wishes
      May 2017 find you and your loved ones in good health, surrounded by love,laughter and peace Happy New Year xxx

  7. What a lovely day for you, Roma and Moo. Say Hello to him for me. Wishing you and Beloved, K9, Neurotic Cat, Moo and all of your family, and friends a very Merry Christmas!
    Hugs to all of you! ❤

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