Too Good To Miss


I’ve been on the search for curtain material for ‘The Designer Bathroom’ for what seems like forever, at one point I even saw / lusted after some fabric  ~but it was ridiculously priced so I’ve been making do with a donated pair of curtains in a slightly sickly shade of blood-red, not ideal as I’m quite sure blood red in the curtain department is a touch passe.  Anyhoo on a visit to an antique centre I happened upon a little room where the owners re-upholstered pre loved/ vintage/antique furniture and they were selling off this as it was surplus to requirements

There is 2.5 meters of good quality fabric in the colours to I was after, the price ? £14
There is 2.5 meters of good quality fabric in the colours to I was after,  I oohed and aahed….trying not to look like I was about to snatch his hands off !!!

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw this

2 meters of English tweed, which I can envision as a tunic/top/dress
2 meters of English tweed, which I can envision as a tunic/top/dress

The lovely chap…possibly at the risk of loosing a limb when his good lady wife finds out  (she had nipped off for a cup of tea)  gave me a price too good to refuse …£20 for the two

Which in my mind would be too rude to refuse !!!  I thrust the money at him and was trying (almost unsuccessfully ) not to gallop out of the centre before his good lady wife finds out what he’s done 🙂


36 thoughts on “Too Good To Miss

    1. Thank you for finding time to call by the cottage & leave a comment it’s much appreciated …I’m in awe anyone takes the time to read my little blog LOL

    1. Why thank you, I didn’t think I was capable of the little run /walk turning into a full mad pelt once I hit the car park turns out I just might make it for the Olympic team after all LOL

  1. OMGoodness!!!!!! That is a bargain in any century 😀 I swear I heard the galloping heels and giggles earlier…now I’ve read you post all becomes clear LOL!! I just hope next time you visit this selling site, the dear husband isn’t a stump form of his former self ;-/ Going off my Dearest, they just don’t understand the fabric thing let alone how much we would pay for that perfect yard or two of cloth!! OK..I’m going to put the cheese back in my ears now, as I keep hearing a voracious chant of, “….YOU did What??…YOU Did What??…YOU DID WHAT??” 😉

    1. I have a feeling the gentleman’s wife chewed his ears off when he reviled just how little he asked for the fabric, I bet she sends him for the tea next time !! I did check the fabric when I arrived home …just to make sure there wasn’t a great hole /tear or anything and nope it’s all in a perfect state, I think it might be a while before I dare call back for a browse at that particular antique centre firstly due to said wife being on patrol and secondly I might have been thought to be acting suspiciously on the CCTV as I made a mad dash for the door

      1. Take all the time you think you may need to be forgotten by the stall holders!! Just be sure to wear darkened glasses and running shoes next time you visit!
        At least you have the bargain fabric stashed now for your lovely makes 😉 I hope the gentleman gets over his berating quite quickly!
        You behold exciting creations in your hand now for 2017…May it be a happy and creative one for all xx

      2. No doubt said gentleman was only selling it for the price his good lady told him she bought it for …. a cunning trick I use all the time with Beloved … I just move the decimal point when I tell him how much I payed for something when it’s a tad more than perhaps what I should have paid ~ Gawd I hope my nose doesn’t grow too much when Beloved asks how much I payed for the haul of fabric I’ve just bought LOL

      3. oooo!!!! Sounds like ‘somebody’ has been trawling the sales??! LOL ;-D
        I’m just pleased not to have a ‘woody’ gene throwback …when it comes to informing Dearest we are on a health and diet week of beans on toast…which usually means I had a little fabric binge too! I think it’s a great idea to move the decimal point as well though 😉 Look forward to your “gradual” (just in case your Beloved reads your blog) reveal of lovely new fabrics!!

      4. Are you quite recovered from your nasty bug that laid you low before Christmas ??
        I’m going to do something quite radical with the fabric I’ve ‘acquired’…I’m going to make something for ME !!!! & all off cuts are going to be used in a couple of new projects that are simmering away on the back burner …stay tuned to see if they actually work LOL

      5. My Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for asking 🙂 I think I am 99.9% recovered having gone through a slight hell and of course coughing up lungs along the way LOL
        I think 2017 should be more self indulgent for us all, I’m super intrigued to see what you are up to and what is smouldering on the back burners too!! I’ve no doubt you will carry everything off to perfection, as always 😀

      6. Thank goodness you are well on the road to recovery ~ you were giving me palpitations being ill and all it’s sooo not like you !!
        Now keep warm, plenty of fluids …not just stout although the odd one on special occasions won’t hurt and rest between bouts of gentle crafting ❤

      7. Aww Mrs. P I’m so sorry to have caused you to worry, though it was ever so kind of you to do so!! I never give in and fought this Winter Lurgy like a real trooper! I must say I’ll take your offered prescription most kindly – being that you are medically trained I have full faith it’s the best way to proceed – and enjoy a genteel road back starting tomorrow ….it is Friday Stout night and what the heck, I’m sure my 0.01% health will catch up eventually LOL ;-D

      8. Oooo you are beginning gentle crafting I can’t wait to see what you create, I look forward to your reveals with relish
        PS I’m also being gentle today with an idea that you are (partly to blame for) the inspiration behind …I wont say too much more in case it doesn’t pan out LOL

      9. Oh No?! Oh Yes?! Goodness I don’t know whether to be happy or sad for you?? LOL I wonder what seed of inspiration has taken root ;-)?????
        Did I say I was going to be genteel in my crafting??Well, that was a complete understatement going off today! My first venture included reinstating the iron and board to my work space and quickly misted up all the conservatory, it being so cold an all LOL at least it kept out prying spycams 😉 A little clue….I’m doing grown up sized bottle ladies, I’ve been so wanting to crack on with the idea, then I remembered my darling daughter left me a project…to make 2 pillow cases from Moomin T-towels…so, I also cracked on with those and finished the two panels as well. Now I will toss a coin tomorrow to see if I will quilt the pillow cases or, do some more bottle ladies…OOO decisions!
        Whatever I’m responsible for..??.. please accept my apologies…unless of course you are completely enjoying yourself ;-D…in which case I take full credit LOL

      10. I do believe you have taken genteel crafting to the third dimension, when I passed the drone over yours I thought your crafting emporium was enveloped in a veil of fog you reveal you have mastered a way of escaping being spied upon …very clever LOL
        Did Dear Daughter fear you were at a loose end ? so employed you to redesign a project ? …my she is so thoughtful, the very idea of you twiddling your thumbs must have prayed on her mind 🙂 I’m all of a dither awaiting your next greatest reveal, no pressure but do hurry I’m on tender hooks here Hahahahaha

      11. Why Thank You, though I must admit to it being a serendipitous moment….which I’m sure I’ll use again LOL 😉 What a tool the steam iron promises to be…..
        Thank your lucky stars to have two wonderful boys!! Girls…Oh My…..they have ideas just like us,….BUT, are too busy and send the ideas back home!! A great way to invent through preworked items, but much mathematics and stitching too!! My coin toss saw me take on the finalising of my daughter’s project before the bottle ladies!! But, Hey Ho there’s always another day…hopefully!!

      12. Not only do you re work and create magic but have the odd maths lesson thrown in …no wonder you call her Dearest Daughter LOL and quite rightly her project came first 🙂

      13. Thankfully this little project had all my planets lined up…though maybe not as straightly as I would like working from the tiny scraps I had left of the fabrics darling daughter chose ;-/ Nevertheless I see light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully by weekend) to reveal my first finished projects for 2017 ;-)!!

      14. Looking forward to the first big reveal of 2017, now I know just how time consuming sewing with scraps is~ you have my full admiration

  2. Yep – said chap will be reeling after he divulges the price at which a sale was agreed!! Designer Bathroom will be suitably adorned in the near future, I hope, with both curtains and a tweed garment discarded prior to a soak in the bathtub.

  3. Hi ROMA, Glad you got a good deal. Both Fabrics are very pretty. I really like the flowered fabric. The pattern is so pretty. You are a better bargainer than I am. I am not very good at that sort of thing. I hope his wife didn’t hurt him too bad if he sold to low. 😀

  4. You lucky girl!
    I have this vintage, black amd white film clip running through my head of the wife, dressed in a full, arms through the armholes, then wrap it around the body pinny, with her hair in rollers but then wrapped in a head scarf, – ala Hilda Ogden – threatening her man with a rolling pin, and calling him all the names meaning useless. LOLOLOL.

    Well done you clever thing. What a bargain.
    love ~ Cobs. x

  5. Woweeee! What a bargain… Let’s hope that the good gentleman who sold these lovely fabrics to you didn’t suffer too much when his wife came back! I can’t wait to see what you make from them! 😀

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