Not The Brightest

To all the avid cross stitch enthusiasts out there in blog land I NEED YOUR HELP …just how do I do this …

I found this on Pinterest via isn’t it wonderfulΒ 

I’ve perused ‘The Google’ in the hope of a tutorial, now either I’m not the brightest or using the wrong words to describe it ~ but I’m drawing a blank can anyone put me out of my misery ….Thank you in advance x


44 thoughts on “Not The Brightest

  1. Ooh that looks lovely, I hope you find out. If you haven’t already, could you work out how many stitches it’s worked over and experiment on squared paper? X

  2. I do not cross stitch but would you draw the pattern with a pencil and then stitch over it? Hope you find some help!

      1. ….calm down girl!! Your jumping up and down and whooping excitement is upsetting my raspberry jelly from setting LOL πŸ˜€
        I think there may be a frenzy going on in The Cottage, right now, on’t’internet ordering new supplies πŸ˜‰

      2. Your having raspberry jelly ??? I haven’t made on for agessssss which is strange considering my collection of jelly moulds LOL
        Fabric safely bought & stashed away … now no more purchases until I have made a dent in my hoard !!

      3. LOL…such willpower, especially as the sales are still on too!! Happy sewing!!! …Oh! And do hurry along….PLEASE…the suspense is killing me already ;-D

      4. OOOO Brew time! My word, first day back behind the sewing machine and I had a stack of eight t-bags before lunchtime on the tray…by tea time I needed a fork lift to empty it! It’s certainly a crafter’s sustenance !!

      5. LOL….I’m beginning to panic up here in the north!!!… apparently we are due a snow influx on Thursday..and going of maths…we will run out of T-bags on Friday ;-/ Oh My!!! my world is in a turmoil………………………I think I need to sign up for home deliveries asap!

      6. EEKS what ever will you do !!! NO TEA BAGS you say ?? … I’ll look out for you on ‘Look North’ dressed in your best inuit outfit trapesing across the great snow drits to the co-op
        The weatherman has been kind enough to put the snow clouds on the map over the cottage too, life in the ‘Tangled Backwoods’ while snowed in should make for an interesting blog post or two LOL

      7. LOL!!! I’m already kitted out …snow tennis racket shoes on…I’ll never function without 16 brew before lunchtime……wish me luck!! I may be gone a while……………..
        Hope you get stuck into something very exciting given the chance to be snowed in πŸ˜‰

      8. Snows been & gone here with an hour, just as well as I’m about to set off for ‘The Workplace’mind you it’s Friday 13th / full moon/ high tide and a weather warning for gales so I’m not counting my chickens yet !!

      9. OMGoodness….Are You Okay?? with all that on your outing I do hope you made it there and back unscathed!! When I realised it was Friday 13th I crawled under a stone…just emerging earlier today…to find myself submerged into the redecoration of the whole downstairs with Dearest ;-/…what I have been wanting for some time…though, it has put paid to my creative endeavours too! OMGoodness I’m not sure if we look like we are living in some re-claimer’s den/or/it looks like we have been burgled…..Then, they left everything in the unwanted pile??!! Normality should resume soon I hope…………

      10. Hahahaha the thought of burglars have a good root through all you belongings then discarding most of your possessions into a ‘nah your alright I wont bother pile’ ….I’m sure they would feel sorry of me and bring stuff into the cottage for me to keep πŸ™‚ Good luck with the redecorating I don’t envy you in the slightest !!

      11. LOL Soooo much disruption, just by bringing home a few pots of paint ;-/ I wish they would have, eventually I scrapped a load of stuff instead, reckon I’ve cut my dusting time down to an hour/year now πŸ˜‰ After 2 weeks of supervising Dearest and painting 6 panel doors (which I’m sure could easily do in my sleep now) I’m certainly thankful it’s all over…for at least another ten years!! Wishful thinking!!!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog, and I love this post and the one above to explain the Palm Leaf stitch. I think I may have to have a go at this as it would make a stunning cushion. Thank you for sharing.
    Although not a quilter, I love your mile a minute fabric too. I may have to borrow my daughters sewing machine at some point and have a play lol.

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to call by the cottage and reading a couple of my posts …I’m off for a little peek at your blog right now πŸ™‚

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