Thank you Kerry

Many many thanks to the super duper Kerry at Love Those Hands At Home stitchery wizard, lover of vintage table linen and all round good egg who advised me to drop in on a lovely lady called Karen  who has taken all my guess work out of trying to figure out what I’ve now found out is the palm leaf stitch

This picture is from Karen’s blog

and here is the image to follow should you want to have a go yourself

Almost looks simple doesn’t it

I have to say everyone here in blogland is a joy to behold ~ throw a random question out there are you pull every trick in the book to help, Kerry you have moved me to tears with your quick response to my dilemma, thank you I’m so grateful xx


35 thoughts on “Thank you Kerry

  1. …as I always told our children growing up…”If You don’t know, ask!” seems it works well as good advice lol…maybe I’ll try it next time too!! So pleased for you that someone could help! Now, we all have an exciting wait to see how you get on 😉

      1. It certainly is 🙂 I can only think you have been steered into a wonderful new direction to add to your already wonderful makes…2017 promises exciting new things from the craftodessey!!

      2. Awww thank you
        I’ve made a start on a little something new for this years fairs I’ll post about it soon, no doubt your mind has been a flutter with new ideas to compliment your extensively talented range of artwork ~ I’m looking forward to your posts with baited breath xx

      3. OOO…That sounds very exciting!!! You’re way ahead of me already!! Tuesday was my planned first day back ‘at the crafting wheel’…or…should I say, it should have been ;-/ everyday something has cropped up which has needed attention…today was poor old Peppy to the vet (nothing too serious thankfully- a damaged facial nerve causing his lower eyelid to droop and gape so sad to see, but Mrs Vet seems to think it will recover, somewhat, eventually..he looks so sad)
        Tomorrow, I am going to wear my blinkers and put cheese in my ears so as to ignore all further distractions 😉

      4. Poor Peppy has bells palsy ??? poor guy in humans it does tend to improve over time so I’m sending a huge ball of love for him …get ready to catch

      5. It would seem so:-( though the vet lady wouldn’t commit to if definitely! OMGoodness…prey tell….how does a dog take a handful of little treats with two tablets well rubbed in for flavour, in one hoovering mouthful… and then spit out one slimy capsule??? incredible selective eating LOL…still after chasing that slimy little beast around the tiled kitchen floor, I did eventually get it in him..though he’s going to be such a fatty by the end of the course of tablets at this rate ;-/

      6. It sounds as is Peppy will be having the lions share of goodies in your household as you try to dispense his meds LOL
        K9 is quite an expert at catching so last time I tried to trick him by having a treat or two on hand, threw one , then threw his tablet, then threw another treat …alas it only worked the once !!! then it was back to wrapping the capsule in meat/ cheese or anything else I thought might work.
        I do hope Preppy picks up soon it must be a worrying time for you x

      7. In his younger days, it was the preferred method to throw and Peppy catch too!… though sadly his hips are not too good for that just now either ;-/ at almost 12 we’re starting to see the definite signs of age, which is very upsetting, though he is still excitable and very much into hoovering after ‘invisible scraps’, his enjoyable pass time before I actually do hoover!! Even with a droopy face ;-/ I had the vet give him a thorough going over and there’s no pain anywhere, hips especially…though as you say it is worrying! Every day from now on will be a blessing….as long as he isn’t in pain or suffering 😉

      8. Each day is indeed a gift ~ to spend it with someone (human or animal) you love is a treasure and I know you will hug memories you made together, the thought of Preppy doing a pre-hoover of invisible scraps made me chuckle. Hope you had a good day at your sewing machine today 🙂

      9. New makes are advancing well! Though Peppy does now have the sympathy card off to a T!! Whilst the infection seems to be being combated by the meds the facial droop has become more pronounced ;-/ exposing more eye than you would like to see…so even though crafting is taking place dear old doggy does have my priorities atm…

      10. Oh no poor Peppy !! I’m not good with eyes ~ I hope you fair better than me, you must be torn to shreds worrying about poor dear old doggy, sending you a cyber hug in your time of need ❤

      11. Enveloped in his puppy blankets, like a swathed mummy (as he has been every night since he came home as a pup) I’ve added your huge cyber hug of love!! I now he got it from the huge sigh of satisfaction 🙂 in his cosiness…So many thanks for the loving thoughts 🙂
        Must admit…not good with eyes either….but, even worse if it was a belly button OH YUK..AT THE VERY THOUGHTS ;-/

  2. Wow, I’m amazed! I’m away for a few weeks and then, being back, I find a new crafting method on your blog! Where, for God’s sake, you find all that inspiration…??? Happy new year, dear Mrs. P ❤ !

    1. Welcome back to blogland, where do I find inspiration ?? I fear I dream too much ~ then I wonder how on earth I can translate it into yarn/ fabric …if only I could paint alas it’s not in my skill set LOL

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