Mile A Minute ??

For today’s venture into the unknown I thought I would draw inspiration from the wonderful  Mrs T  over at Caren’s Creative Canvas & Craft

I do so hope this is true …actually in my case creativity is me trying to figure out what makes me tick 🙂

~ sorry to brandish your good name about Mrs T, feel free to disassociate yourself from this post at any given moment, but please be aware YOU do have to take part blame for this new foray into uncharted waters

Anyhoo what am I up to ? …all you good folks who quilt will understand the title ‘mile a minute’ as its a reference to using scraps of fabric to  …well make new fabric really, I’m assured by the good folks on ‘The Google’ that there is no wrong way of doing this …I’ll be the judge of that thank you !! I have a project in mind but after seeing Mrs T’s amazing fabric creations I though it was high time I took a leaf out of her book and used up some of my off cuts !!

In theory you should be able to go like the clappers ..making new fabric at a mile a minute, this is a lie I tell you !! perhaps I’m being too controlling placing my off cuts together who knows LOL

At this rate in a month of Sundays I’ll have enough designer created ‘new fabric’ to actually begin phase 2 of my project until then I’m having a ball ‘painting’ with fabric


35 thoughts on “Mile A Minute ??

  1. Hahahaha!! I should have come on reader first, rather than reply to yesterday’s comments 😉
    OMGoodness good for you!!… and, a wonderful first glimpse at what you are up to now 🙂 You are going to have the most amazing piece of fabric to construct with!! Isn’t it such a joy to give all those little off cuts a new lease of potential life (I say potential, as I don’t want them All to get excited as they may be culled in the cutting process LOL) Disassociate…Moi..NEVER! Your humour, ideas and creations are the highlight of my days !!!!
    BTW love the Einstein quote!! Does that mean I may have some intelligence in me somewhere??LOL

    1. I think the thing I enjoyed most of all is remembering what projects the off cuts of fabric were originally used for ~ perhaps that why I don’t go a mile a minute I gaze at each one full of thoughts LOL
      The second thing is how on earth did I amass soooo many scraps ??? I haven’t even made a dent on the bag I brought downstairs to rejuvenate, mind you the satisfaction of holding a newly created fat quarter ( that is about the size of phase 1 so far) of fabric ‘designed by me’ if second to none
      Can I ask for a little advice ? I’m wondering if I ought to ‘stabilise’ my new fabric with a light weight fusible interfacing before I make it into something new ?????
      As for the Einstein quote I’m 100% sure it’s aimed at you …me possibly not quite so much LOL

      1. Isn’t it amazing that we can all, as fabric crafters remember each and every project when the fabric turns up again?!!! You’re not on your own when it comes to recalling those precious moments 😉
        YAY!! It’s not just me then!! You too can be a mistress of the fabric scrap classes LOL Get that apron and mop cap starched asap!
        I’m so excited for you that you are enjoying the joining together to recreate fabric moment! OMGoodness you ask me a question as if I know what I’m doing??;-/ I can only offer what I do…if that helps?? I’m not sure it will, but….??
        When I’m creating something, like place mats, for example, I will actually join the scraps directly onto a pre cut interfacing as I sew! Though other times, when the joining process requires multiple sections, ie a table runner, I will do the whole thing ‘freelance’, then add interfacing and wadding before I quilt. I think it may depend upon how you are going to use the fabric when it is sizeable enough?? If you are going to use it for applique, I would add a fuse able double sided adhesive interfacing.
        I think the Einstein quote is big enough to encompass the both of us, don’t you 🙂

      2. Hahaha I must be slightly more intelligent than I first thought as I had a ‘feeling’ about how /when to interface ….see chatting to you through the years have paid off ~ I have actually been subconsciously listening all the time ….which is not something Beloved can lay claim to have been doing throughout our married life LOL

      3. OMGoodness…YOU are taking advice from ME!!!! Good Luck ;-/ Don’t you know I have been making it all up for years too???!!!! LOL
        As for your Beloved’s selective listening…..I can quite relate to that, Dearest has the same filtering ear…unless you introduce the word, chocolate into a sentence….:-)

      4. I believe so too ;-)!!!!!!! Glad you understand methods with such intellect LOL….You’ll never guess….??….. but some other dear person has asked to ask my advice, in due course?!! Whatever should I do???…Of course I have offered my ‘teachings’ as untutored , with the scope of putting their questionings to a wider audience……………………….PLEASE…..BE AVAILABLE !!!!!!!!

      5. Ooooo I’m intrigued, will you be giving lectures to the uninitiated by ways of revealing a few top crafting tips ?? household tips for meals for a month for under sixpence ?? or could you be about to divulge your secret recipe for coddled tripe ????

      6. I could babble on about sewing tips….which would most certainly confuse any mildly seasoned sewing person and without question, send novices off to find a new pass time…I’m sure ;-/
        Now then…. cooking on a budget has been a lifelong married achievement…there’s no end to meals I chuck in the odd Brussel sprout to eek it out a little further…much to everyone else’s, but my own dislike! One day I might even get around to the 1001 ways to live off a ration of mince LOL
        As to the tripe…well sadly , to this very day even, I remember all the different profiles as it bubbled round the pan for hours and hours and hours..!!! My Granddad was a butcher’s delivery man, and as his family had many dogs too..he would go around and drop off selections of his day’s unwanted meats…the dog’s thought it was their birthday obviously, though we had to endure steamed up houses whilst pig trotter’s, cow heal and tripe bubbled away on the stove…and I was required to sample them all as a child too…YUK..YUK..YUKKKKK!! Luckily the tripe in vinegar didn’t put me off vinegar LOL 😉

      7. As for your 1001 ways with mince I could compliment it with 1001 ways with mushrooms ( if ever such a tomb of mushroom knowledge is needed LOL)
        EWW on the offal cooking experiences !!!! I’m heaving from here !!! and kids today think they are hard done by LOL still as they say” It dint do me no ‘arm” …apart from the psychological impact that is

      8. Wow your mushroom prowess sounds amazing!! I love mushrooms…BUT!!!… Only if I CAN’T see their innards LOL…Don’t ask me why (cos I don’t really know??) the only way I prepare and eat them is, WHOLE and fried in butter…there was one occasion , when Alex(as my future son-in-law at the time…couldn’t either comprehend) bought me a bacon and mushroom toasted butty in a cafe (I’m sure he did it on purpose knowing my quaint eating habits) Just because he had paid for it, after seeing a slurry of sliced mushrooms with their innards exposed, I had to close my eyes and control my gag reflex..eventually eating a whole half….Never Again ;-/ Even with my mince repertoire for the family, myself…I’m not even that much of a meat eater either LOL…give me some seedy crackers and a squirt of cheese and I’m a happy bunny 😉

      9. Brilliant comment !!!!
        Poor you ~ have brave were you eating something out of politeness ?? obviously braver than me LOL
        Oooooo seedy crackers & cheese ..YES PLEASE

  2. I guess you can’t loosen up enough to be truly random when joining scraps? I know for sure that that would be my problem and it would take forever to make new fabric from old….

  3. Oh wow, look at that! Good luck with your latest crafty venture, Mrs P… And I know exactly what you mean about fabric scraps triggering memories of past projects. I’m impressed you got any sewing done at all! Now I’m going to spend an enjoyable chunk of time catching up with your activities over the festive season. Hope you and your family had a good one, and happy new year to you all!

      1. Awwwww, thank you! Right back at you, Mrs P… And cheers for sticking around! You’re one of my longest-standing readers, and I’m so grateful that the internet introduced us 😀 Have a super year!

  4. Have fun with your new adventure! Looks like you are off to a good start. All your pieces look very pretty together.
    I am pretty sure it is the truth about no wrong way to do that. Be a good project to do on a nasty weekend. I need to finish some dryer balls. We are supposed to get ice this weekend. Maybe I will finish them. If we have power. Supposed to get anywhere from 1/8 inch to 1 plus inches of ice across the state.

    1. We had a little snow this morning …but now the sun has come out & it’s all melted which is fine by me as I’m about to set off for ‘The Workplace’ hope you find time to finish your dryer balls 🙂

  5. I’m facinated by fabric creations so much! Mostly because I’m not a good sewer… Your use of it is so beautiful, can’t wait to see the final result! 🙂

      1. Not yet unfortunately :/ I have still in mind my dress…. and want it badly…. I have a commission on my needles and it is proceeding slowly but I hope that once finished I’ll cut out the dress..

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