Keep Fit The Gelfling Grandson Way

Gelfling Grandson AKA ‘Moo’ has a passion for being outside something I have encouraged from day 1 ~ when I ask him if he’d like to go for a walk you would think I’d offered him some sort of major treat πŸ™‚ Β I try to maintain a goal of 10,000 steps per day so when Moo comes to visit I know it will be a goal that is easy peasy to reach. Today was super cold but the pair of us wrapped up warm & set off into the unknown

Today’s walk will take just a tad longer as Moo needs to smash each & every puddle …obviously !!

Of course we had to call by to see how the Lincolnshire Red cattle were fairing in their barn

This chap was as pleased to see us as we were to see him πŸ™‚

Being the adventurous duo we are ~ it was time to go off piste

Bear Grylls / Ray Mears / Ed Stafford please move over there is a new kid on the block ready to take up the exploring mantle

The best thing about our adventure …Grandpa had a nice hot lunch & mug of hot chocolate waiting for us when we eventually arrive back at the cottage AND total steps count 11585



24 thoughts on “Keep Fit The Gelfling Grandson Way

  1. Brilliant! Well done Grandad. Exploring is such good fun. We had a ‘smashing’ time walking to Messy Church as my son felt the need to test every frozen puddle on the way.

      1. When we ask our sons what their favorite memories are, we are always somewhat surprised. They remember their dad “peeling out and also doing 180’s in the snow.” It makes us laugh.

  2. I think it’s great that Moo is so enthusiastic about your walks. Is it part of your plan to ensure he sleeps well as 11,500 steps equates to over 5 miles, doesn’t it?! Hot chocolate, even with cream and marshmallows, would certainly have been walked off, methinks:)

  3. You are making much better progress than I getting 10,000 steps in. I remember smashing puddles too. I still do it now and then when doing chores in the winter. Makes me smile and laugh to know I am a 60 plus year old kid! πŸ˜€ Gotta have fun no matter how old you are.
    So glad Moo likes being outdoors. So many kids now a days want to spend too much time in the house and doing something with technology and playing games. Kind of like me sometimes! πŸ˜€ The cold bothers me a lot now a days just like the heat and humidity does.
    Nice looking bull your neighbor has. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. What a wonderful adventure with puddle cracking and hot chocolate too if 11,000+ miles is your starting point you will surely be up to a half marathon by summer πŸ™‚ I shall have to watch out for you both passing by as you venture further afield on your happy trails!

  5. Here playing the ‘catch up’ game!

    I love this post… and … I ADORE Mr. fabulous Lincolnshire Red standing at the gate of the barn! Ohhhh how I wanted to reach into the screen and give him a scratchy scratchy tickle on the nose!

    So brilliant are your photos that I could smell the country smells. (Particularly the ones around that barn. Funny that. lol).

    GREAT post … and WOW! All those steps you walked. You could put your feet up for the rest of the week now. LOL.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. I’m on a MEGA catch up of everyone’s posts ~Beloved & I called round to see the cows this morning …the smell of ‘the country’ was in full force this morning LOL

      1. Yes … EAU DE FARMYARD is something which enters through your nose and mouth and sticks around for EVER.
        How come they can’t make an air freshener which wipes out dog farts like Eau de Farmyard wipes out every wonderful smell you’ve ever smelt before in your life?

        I think Febreeze are missing a trick somehow there. πŸ˜‰ lol x

    1. We are all fighting fit ~ I’m now leading a double life taking on looking after Moo a whole lot more, I’ll write about it as soon as I get a moment ~ oh and feel free to ask me about the death star as I’m now quite au fait on the subject thanks to him LOL

      1. An expert on the Death Star? I think you could talk about it to your hearts content and I’d still be none the wiser. My attention spell at the moment is roughly 2.25 minutes. So if Cobs the Bogey Man has anything to say he has to get it in within that time otherwise I either switch off or fall asleep.

        But … if you think that you could solve that problem with a Death Star Teach-In then please …. go ahead. I’m all for improving this problem. lol
        Sending love and hoping that the double life is because of something good.
        Heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. x

      2. I only know a 7 years old perspective of the Death Star … so on second thoughts it might not be totally accurate LOL
        Hope you & all the cobs are well, happy and enjoying life xx

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