New Direction And A New Skill

Sorry I’ve been away for ages …forgive me ?? so just what on earth have I been up to ?? Well funny you should ask grab yourself a cuppa and I’ll explain ~ the time was right for me to take a starring role in Gelfling Grandson’s life ..tongue in cheek quote – obviously his daddy has the starring role I’m more of your best female artist

I’ve never had a clue about the plot in my life ~but that has never stopped me πŸ™‚

I now do virtually all the school runs, Moo stays with Beloved & I a couple of nights a week depending on 2nd Born’s work placements from his nursing uni course and I have altered my working life to school hours during term time only ~apart from every other weekend. Now for the really important newsΒ Β ….I have taught myself to use dpn and have embarked on my first pair of socks !!!!

I have had an irrational fear of dpn since like forever, ~ get me learning something new LOL

I now feel like I’m leading some sort of incredible double life, learning something new AND having a youngster around Β ….. which really gives you a whole new lease of life

Go on ask me anything about Star Wars or Sesame Street I dare you …I have them both covered πŸ™‚





56 thoughts on “New Direction And A New Skill

    1. ME knitting socks !! I never thought I’d see the day πŸ™‚
      Juggling Gelfling, the school run, work and life is manic but very rewarding … one thing is for sure it will either make me fitter or see me off LOL

  1. How lovely that you can have such a big part in his life! Well done for mastering the DPNs, they are one of my weaknesses as I’m really clumsy and they provide too many opportunities for my stitches to escape (read ‘me pulling a needle out without thinking’). Enjoy the company of your grandson x

    1. Ah yes the pulling of the ‘wrong’ needle been there done that !!! trying not to blaspheme when little ears are listening also takes a little getting use to as well !!

    1. Gelflings conversations on the walk to school yesterday consisted of :- fir trees, dogs who have fluffy fur that gets in their eyes, what treasures Ancient Egyptians would put into their tombs if they were buried today, growing grass indoors – not sure why that cropped up ! fat cats who have eaten too much in 1 day, the death star, what it would be like if we had no sun, moon or stars, alarm clocks and wondering if the all the trees that had blown down in the previous days storm had been cleared away …. to name a few !!! yep grandchildren are most defiantly the greatest LOL

      1. I have 4 teenage granddaughters, these conversations range from fashion to food. Then 2 yr old and that conversation is about Bubble Guppiies and Babies. Love them. We do have a 24 yr old grandson who is a chef and that conversation is totally different

  2. Oh but they do keep you fit, entertained and feeling very loved. Mine is almost 15 and does not need the looking after now, but no chance he will miss his holiday with the Gramps, so we are still loved though a little less needed.

    1. Thank you for calling by the cottage Helen.
      I’m not sure if I feel younger or have aged 10 years LOL
      Do not underestimate the feeling of not being needed as much, the emotional support of the Gramps will never be forgotten ~ my first born still recants tales of time spent with my late mother in law now he himself is in his mid 30’s !!

      1. I so agree, we have always had a lot of hands on time with our Grandson, because as my son said “I want him to have the kind of relationship I was able to have with my Grandparents”. As the old saying goes – You get back what you put in.

    1. Gelfling, 2nd born & I have a term time highly tuned routine of combined work / school / homework rotas LOL
      School holidays will be much more relaxed affair of gardening, long walks, crafts and baking, I’m so lucky to be in a position to be able to take this path with such a happy go lucky little man πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been meaning to learn how to knit (i currently only crochet) but a bit worried a scared! But after reading about getting over your DPN fear. Think it was the little push I needed πŸ™‚ do show us how the socks turn out πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for finding the time to call by and leave me a comment πŸ™‚
      I taught myself to crochet by following the tutorials on attic 24, my tip for learning to knit is scour youtube for a tutorial that you feel comfortable with and just follow it step by step hitting the pause & rewind button as often as necessary ~ that is what I’ve done to learn to use DPN I’ve played the same video so often even Gelfling can recite it for me LOL

  4. I am in awe, for both the life changes and the knitting. I think dpns are the devil’s instrument. As a serial stitch dropper I only want to deal with that jeopardy at one end, thank you very much!

    1. One you have cast on and done the first round it’s no where near as difficult knitting with DPN as I thought it was going to be … where as keeping track of the multiple conversation changes while spending time with Moo involves a whole new level of concentration LOL

  5. I’ve missed you. Welcome home!

    I know the total joy of a grandson … and I also know the total and over-whelming tiredness which one brings too!
    Because of mine, I know more about cars than I wish I knew.
    I know the various names of diggers – and woe betide me if I call one a ‘digger’ instead of it’s proper name. (To me, they’re ALL diggers. But to Little Cobs, calling them that is worthy of being put in chains and fed gruel). lol.

    Adore the socks you’re making. They look so soft and so comfortable and the colours work so well together. I wouldn’t want to hide them inside shoes or boots. I’d put those on when I put my jammies on, and pop my legs up so that I could admire them and wiggle my toes around inside them.

    I’m in awe of your talents … and not a little jealous too! πŸ™‚
    Sending squidges and bundles of love ~ Cobs. x

    1. Once Moo has had his shower & he’s safely tucked up in bed and I’m sat with a well deserved cuppa and just for a minute I wonder if I’ve gone deaf because there is no constant chatter is priceless LOL
      My first pair of socks are almost complete and I’ve already bought some oh so lovely yarn to make a knee high pair … I’m on a knitting mission now !!
      Are there different type of diggers ?? I didn’t know that ~ looks like I’ll be eating gruel if little Cobs gets to hear of my faux par

      1. LOL… He’s learned (from someone at school I think) how to roll his eyes when someone is being … not quite his idea of sensible. He does it in a comical way, but you know, without any words, exactly what he’s thinking at that precise moment. LOL
        Aw P, I love him to pieces … but he has a moment, every now and again, when I wonder if he’s just laughing at me the whole time. ❀

      2. In one way I really do hope our grandboys are laughing at us ~ life should be laughed at and if we do nothing else but pass on a sense of joy then we have done our job properly πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Roma, Little ones do keep you busy. It is so nice for you to take on such an important roll. I love Darth Vader leading Big Bird away! We are into the Star Wars movies too. But sometimes I forget what order they are in. I will have to ask the next time I need a refresher course. πŸ˜€
    I need to make more posts as well. I have been just lazy and not in the mood to post I guess. Other than the occasional reposts.
    Take care all of you. Hugs to you and Moo. ❀

    1. His Darth Vader wellies have now joined the queue in the wellie line for when we take K9 for weekend walks, my spelling is also improving during our weekly list of ‘have to learn’ LOL
      Looking forward to reading your posts when you get back in the swing of things
      Moo & I send hugs right back at yer xx

  7. Oh Mrs P, I’ve missed you! But it sounds like your absence has been in the best of causes… You may be a Mrs P-shaped whirlwind at the minute, but it seems to me like Moo is having a blast! And as if that wasn’t enough, a new craft project as well? I’m in total awe! I’m also all too familiar with the cussin’ that naturally arises from a pulled-through DPN, or stitches falling off the end… So, to protect young Master Moo’s delicate ears, pop something on all the needle ends except the two you’re knitting with. You can buy little silicone or rubber cones for this, or I used small squares of cardboard with a hole punched in them when I started out. It saved me a lot of picking up stitches! Now I’m looking forward to seeing your finished socks πŸ˜€

    1. WOW thanks for the top tip to save Moo sounding like an ‘ol sea dog with any unfortunate ‘sayings’ he just might pick up from me during my mutterings should misfortune befall my DPN escapade LOL

      1. Good idea! You don’t want to cause a family rift by leaving someone out πŸ˜‰ Tajana’s Christmas gift makes are incredible, aren’t they? My eyes were out on stalks when she showed last year’s haul!

      2. I’m sure that woman survives on next to no sleep ~ her crafting goodness leaves me in awe, I’ve commissioned some knee high socks from her …mine will never reach the perfection she delivers LOL

      3. I know! And then there’s the sewing, and the baking… Maybe she has a clone?! I can’t wait to see your spiffy socks – Tajana showed me the pattern she’s using, they look amazing!

      4. Is it right to be this excited about having a pair of hand crafted socks ??? of course I’ll need a new dress to wear them with LOL

    1. I’ve been holding myself back from trying DPN for years ~ as I’m taking on a new role as super gran and everything that a 7 yr old can throw at me I thought what the heck I’m going to nail this sock knitting lark, once you have cast on & done the first row its no where near as hard as I imagined this was the youtube link I followed I would recommend it if you want to give it a try xx

  8. I go away for a few days and come back to a lovely post, Great to see you back πŸ™‚ …and now know why you’ve been MIA!! I did wonder for a little while, if you had dragged Your Beloved off on a bathing tour in hotter climes to get more use of his one piece crocheted bathing suit LOL
    I don’t know who I feel happier for, You or Moo ..??.. What a wonderful new routine you sound to have together πŸ˜€ Catching up on current and ancient events/dramas/event solving during brisk and meandering walks to and from the school yard! Such precious times little Moo and yourself will hold in your hearts forever…..Not to mention the brain stimulation of helping with homework (Hope you get good marks back πŸ˜‰ !! Goodness help you if they still do logarithms though – who even knows what they were for?? OR how to use that little paper booklet we had way back then
    Learning new skills is always challenging and rewarding (especially when they work) you are making such a great job with those ‘D’on’t ‘P’anic ‘N’ow knitting needles and your first socks look amazing! I’m so in awe of your needle skills!
    Enjoy the benefits of rejuvenation Young Master Moo is bringing πŸ˜€

    1. I’d forgotten all about that little paper booklet LOL
      It was a majorly brisk walk home from school yesterday ~ if I don’t die of pneumonia from all the wind & rain it’ll be a miracle !!
      In theory I’m in semi retirement as I only work school hours during term times … Moo obviously thinks I’m up for any challenge ~ he sees me as a contemporary of the young mums at school at which point I though if he thinks I can do anything that someone 30 yrs my junior can do, I can give DPN & sock knitting a whirl πŸ™‚

      1. Poor You !! I really do sympathise, the weather is so shocking atm as well as incredibly cold! With all this exercise you are guaranteed to be the first to the top of the tower this year LOL πŸ˜‰ I’ve no doubt whatever the challenge, you will rise well above the required!!….after all, little Moo can’t be wrong in his judgement I’m sure you can run circles round most of the younger parents in the playground…the younger generations don’t seem to have the same stamina these days I suspect there be a large pile of socks very soon, at least you can have x-mas gifts covered that way πŸ˜€

      2. I need to find time to do a tape recording for Moo on school mornings ( I did on for my boys when they were little) reciting the phrases~ put that down, eat your breakfast, have you brushed your teeth, get a wriggle on, the answer is still no, and I have no idea where you left your shoes …that way I can have cuppa in peace LOL
        How’s life treating you at the mo still whipping up a storm in your crafting emporium ??

      3. If only I had a tape recorder when my two were wee sprogs…I may have gotten a warm brew every now and again, a wonderful idea to the start for every day! Little ones get so engrossed, I bet your two young lads never even noticed it was a recording LOL ;-D
        Having just been to visit our daughter and son-in-law in their new flat I am just about recovered ;-/ Oooooo Sooooo many stairs (no lift included) and, they chose the penthouse! But a wonderful new home πŸ™‚ Crafting is still on the go atm with little scraps from the recent quilt – make money where I can…hopefully LOL
        Semi retirement??!!…Hmmm πŸ˜‰ me thinks you will get a rest when you go back to work full time after school term time…BUT, for now enjoy all your time with little Moo (probably not so little anymore?!)

      4. So you now have an enviable derriere ? or do you just ache all over LOL
        By the end of your visit were you taking the stairs 2 at a time …or crawling up them ?? I bet you had a celebratory / commiserative stout on your return home depending on how your bod responded to the exertions you demanded of it πŸ™‚

      5. SO!! I’ve always had an enviable derriere …LOL… just, over the passing years it’s become encased for prosperity…or, is it preservation?!! And Oh Boy Do I ache..Still;-/ I wish I could have taken them two at a time on my knees…but, it just wasn’t happening….
        If I had any strength left after two days of stairs and a four hour bum numbing trip back home without stopping you bet your bottom dollar a welcoming home stout was on the cards LOL!!!! I reckon only another three days of John Wayne steps and I should be back to my nimble self πŸ˜‰

      6. Oooo so sorry for giggling at your plight ~the old John Wayne gait you say ?? reminds me of the “Get off your horse & drink your milk” advert from my youth LOL

      7. Definitely remember that ad, isn’t it funny what sticks in your mind after all those years πŸ˜‰ Happy to say slowly returning back to a more lady like gait now!

  9. Mastered the old DPNs eh? I use circulars for sock knitting as I thought it looked less fiddly, so I still don’t know how to use DPNs. Gelfling is a lucky lad getting to see you every day for the school run – must be wonderful for you, too. Hmm, Sesame Street and Star Wars. Possibly my two most loathed series, lol!

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