Praise Indeed

I have found to Beloveds cost ~ apparently I can be quite ‘sarcastic’ if I’m interrupted when I’m mid round on my quest to master double pointed needles .. I think he’s over sensitive but hey ho ~ anyhoo I digress for someone who is about to follow in my hesitant steps to master sock knitting Β ~ this is EXACTLY what it feels like when you have more needles than hands

Be like Sally ~ persevere not only will you end up knitting in the round … you will have a new career as well !!

By pure dogged determination (some may call it stubbornness) I have completed my first pair on socks ~ I even did my makeup Β and put on my pearls to celebrate

I squealed and everything

What did Beloved say when he saw my creation ??

“Oh yeah they look like real socks”

Actually knowing Beloved as well as I do ~ I know that was a huge complement !! I do believe I’m on the slippery slope of becoming a serial sock knitter πŸ™‚


72 thoughts on “Praise Indeed

      1. Lucky teddy πŸ™‚
        I vaguely remember my first scarf I wore it to school full of pride …it was full of holes & dropped stitches still I was only 5

      2. I’m fighting with a blanket for my baby (only 5 weeks pregnant so I’ve got plenty of time) and although I’m only 20 rows in, my mum’s come to the rescue twice and is coming over later to deal with the latest oops. I’m so out of practice, usually cross stitch and do papercraft nowadays

      3. Many many congratulations on your pregnancy ❀
        I've done a little cross stitch but never tried papercraft ~ I bought some ink & stamps ..when my first attempt look like a 4 yr old had done it I became discouraged and need to pluck up the courage to try again LOL

  1. You are brave to tackle socks if you are new to knitting. I call myself an advanced beginner πŸ™‚ I LOVE making socks and giving them away. Nothing fancy, just use lovely yarn, variegated mostly. Don’t get me wrong, I do have some I made, especially the first pair. Great job and lovely colour for your socks. When are you going to make another pair?

    1. I’m so much new to knitting but a complete novice with DPN I’ve been putting off using them for years LOL
      I’ve started another pair this time toe up and using 4 needles instead of 5 …I think I prefer 5 needles as I’m having to be super careful not to get ladders .
      Gosh there is some lovely variegated sock yarn …guess what is on my Mothers Day gift list LOL

  2. I have a pair of socks on my needles as I type. They have been there for over a year……1/2 finished. I made it to the heel part and there they sit. I should finish them so I can say I finished my first pair. My sister in law also gave me some beautiful yard to do another pair so I will have to overcome the “fear of heel turning” and get too it!
    Your socks are fantastic!

    1. Awww thank you for your comment ~ grit your teeth and go for the dreaded heel turn once you have conquered it you will never look back ..I’m here in the wings cheering you on πŸ™‚

  3. Oh how lovely πŸ™‚ I’m so in awe of your needle skills!!! I bet you have very Happy Feet now!! Just think of how many comfy miles you will bounce through with Moo wearing your new socks ;-D
    I new there would be more in the offing once you conquered your first pair LOL Happy yarn shopping…make sure you use your Beloved’s CC!…after all, Mother’s Day is just round the corner, then there’s Easter gifts, an imminent birthday perhaps…and of course Christmas….my thoughts are just do the whole thing right now πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks for calling round to the cottage with such a lovely comment .. I never thought conquering DPN would be so fulfilling ~ I’ve started a second pair it would be such a shame not to LOL

      1. I agree wholeheartedly!!…these new DPN skills need…. nurturing, encouragement and LOTS of practice …(what other excuses do your need me to mention to justify your yarn purchases ?????LOL) I very much look forward to the new hoard you’re in the process of ;-D…Happy knitting Mrs P!

      2. Are you like me ? ~ the whole process of browsing, selecting just the right products,then deciding on just how they ought to be used is just as exciting as actually making something LOL

      3. You know, I actually think I enjoy the excitement almost a little more in the selecting stage!! If I even ate sweet things, I’m sure this would surpass the pleasure ;-)…to me fabric shopping is like a candy store lol
        I’m currently on a little mission to use ALL the fabric (and I do mean ALL the fabric) I recently bought for my new skewed lap quilt. This last week has seen me through two whole reels of cotton and then some, for quilting! I do think we are both alike in taking enjoyment from browsing, selecting and creating. I’m down to the very last lengths and scraps now, but really should get some posts up on this weeks progress so far!
        (Apparently, Some people spend Friday nights out clubbing?? ;-/!! or the like…What a waste…I’m off to measure my scrap fabric and maybe gnaw the top off a bottle of stout!!) Hope you have a lovely weekend too πŸ™‚

      4. I’ve caught up on all your scrap busting posts …AMAZING, I was trying to second guess each make as it popped into my e-mail alert box ..those last few tiny bits ….will you making outfits for leprechauns for St Patrick’s day I wonder ??
        As for said folks out clubbing …..have they never been anywhere near a fabric/yarn store ???? but then again do I want them to ?…they would only want the exact same product as me and beat me to it ~ on second thoughts lets leave them to their sequence dancing LOL
        PS did you get the top off your stout

      5. LOL! Poor Leprechauns, they completely slipped my mind ;-/ I’ll make a special note for next time I buy green!!
        I agree, thank goodness not all of frequent fabric and yarn shops – could you imagine the mayhem and squabbles??!! Leave them to their caveman sequencing for sure, clubs in hand and all that!
        Nah, but made a little head way, cracked the top and can smell it’s in there!! Still trying…thought the best bet was to pop down to the pawn brokers before next Friday, and see if they have any false gnashers for a couple of days at cheap rate, that way I could use them to open the next coupe of Friday night bottles LOL

      6. LOL if you are off to the pawn brokers can you take Beloveds long johns in for me ? the weather has turned almost spring like down here in ‘The Tangled Backwoods’ πŸ™‚

      7. OMGoodness drop them of whenever you see fit, no probs!! I’m so jealous of your mild weather climes, still double wrapping in woollies up here for now…roll on the warmer weather..!!

      8. Goodness I hope you ran out of time to nip to the pawnbrokers …winter has resumed ~it was jolly well cold yesterday so bloomers & long johns are now reinstated as the apparel of choice ..apparently we are in for rain and gales this coming week …obviously as I have a few days respite from ‘The Workplace’ the school run will still be in full swing ~ with run being the optimum word as we will need to maintain a brisk pace to keep from freezing over !!!

      9. You’re not kidding, there’s been a heck of a lot of rain dumped up here the last few days…see, I new it wasn’t wise to jump into your Spring Wardrobe, I wait until at least June πŸ˜‰ The pawnbroker came way down on my list that day, I might have to borrow a pair of mull grips before this Friday!!
        Good to know you’re keeping up with all that training for the summer school races!! Naturally, I expect you to win the egg and spoon as well as the sack race this year!!

      10. Oh goodness I’d forgotten all about parents race at sports day !!! I had better ask Beloved to fit a turbo charge to my zimmer frame

      11. LOL πŸ˜€ Don’t forget to ask him to add some springs to the feet for the sack race…otherwise you could be the fastest to be nose to the ground LOL!!

    1. I’ve many a pair of socks on some wonderful blogs and thought it was about time I tried to teach myself a new skill …..with the help of youtube LOL

      1. My phone won’t let me copy the link but if you search Bella Coco C2C blanket tutorial it should come up. (She uses purple and green red heart yarn to make it – just so you know it’s the same one I watched!) it’s very clear and simple to follow… good luck! 😊

  4. Well, he isn’t wrong, but a bit more hullabaloo might have been nice! Fab make!! The cheerleaders are in the post…

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha love your hubby’s comment! It is the same my BM did when he saw my very first pair of socks ha ha ha but,believe, now he wears all the socks I knitted him! He feels so cozy especially when we are up in the mountains. Those are his words,I swear!

  6. Incredible make(s – ’cause there’s two of ’em) and I’m j.e.a.l.o.u.s. of your talent.
    I’ve been sat, three evenings this week, trying to teach myself how to crochet. And … I can do it. I can do two lines. Then the whole bl**dy thing goes wrong because I can’t seem to find the place where I shove that crochet hook in order to make a new stitch, and get rid of two others.

    I think it’s because I’m pulling my wool a tad too tight. But it could also be because the wool I’m using is a bit fibrey, so I have all these little hairs which are fudging the issue.
    It could also be that I’m way over-due to have my eyes checked, so probably (DO) need new reading and task glasses.

    Don’tcha hate getting old? Everything is either falling apart, failing, breaking down, dropping off or heading south.

    Getting past the age of 27 is just NO fun! (and I did that maaaaaaaannny years ago!)

    GREAT socks Mrs.P. Beloved looks the Bees Knees in them. If you knit him some more, only this time sew yellow dusters to the feet, he could polish the floor for you at the same time as pretending to be on Celebrity Keep Dancing. Ohhhh … and make some for Oscar too! Make him earn his treats. LOLOL (ohhh like THAT’s going to work Cobs! LOL)

    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. Have you tried Attic 24 in your crochet quest …her picture tutorials show you EXACTLY where to shove the darn crochet hook LOL
      Love the idea of duster socks ~ *making a strange chucking sound akin to a demented laughing hyena*
      As for getting old …well it’s a bit rubbish isn’t it ~ the worst is when I catch sight of some grumpy looking ‘mare in a shop window only to realise it’s my own reflection !!!!

      1. GASP!! She’s following YOU TOO??? I thought she was just shadowing me, scaring me witless!

        I wondered if she was from the Government, trying to work out if I was some sort of secret – s p y – – which is just rediculous because my eyesight is way too rubbish for that kind of malarky.

        Besides … I know Nurtheng. NURTHENG I tell you!

        I’m off to Attic 24 to pay them an unofficial visit. Not spying, naturally.

        (The new contact code is: I have a bunch of flowers from Uncle P? They smell.)
        ~ incognito Cobs. x πŸ˜‰

      2. Hahahahaha ‘The Old Mare’ has been stalking me for a while, jumping out at inopportune moments ~ I swear she followed me into the changing rooms when I was trying on a dress, beloved wondered what on earth the muffled scream was all about as the dress actually fitted quite nicely !!

      3. She obviously has good taste.
        My old Mare chooses things way too young for me. The most recent …. A bottle of metallic nail enamel. Beautiful to look at, but BOY OH BOY DOES IT MAKE MY HANDS LOOK WRINKLY!!!

        There is obviously something nasty in that bottle because I KNOW that my hands are beautifully smooth, slender looking things.

        Nasty Mare made me buy that. tsk tsk. 😦

      4. Why on earth would the Old Mare do that to you ??? nasty piece of work that she is …mind you she said I look kinda cool in my new wool tights …then Beloved said ” what are you ? like 5 yrs old ??” I’m still wearing then though LOL

      5. Good for you! What does Beloved know about tights anyway? … ? pftt… 5 years old indeed! … . . . . erm . . . actually . . . exactly what does Beloved know about tights that he feels in a position to give you fashion advice?

        I think this need investigationalalisation.
        We should ask Columbo? Sherlock Holmes maybe?

        Thinking about it, and giving our capacity for intelligent thought, perhaps Inspector Gadget would be more suitable for us. πŸ˜‰

      6. Hahahahaha I’ll get in touch with Inspector Gadget ASAP although Inspector Clouseau might be more suitable knowing Beloved πŸ™‚

  7. Oooooh, look at these! Things of beauty indeed… And am I in right in thinking that you gave them to Beloved, rather than hogging them for yourself?! Lucky him! Still, now that you’ve caught the sock-knitting bug I’m sure there will be plenty more pairs​ appearing in the not-so-distant future!

    1. I sure did not give them to Beloved ~ knitting socks for his size 12 flipper feet would have taken up waaaaay too much of my time ~ nope I saved them all for my self the 2nd pair are almost complete …also a present for me LOL

      1. Busy lifestyle …how can one smallish person impact my life to the extreme the only reason I’m getting any knitting done at all is to calm my frayed nerves after rushing to/from school/work the endless questions & my apparent enforced enrolment by Moo to qualify as a ‘Green Ninja’ ??

      2. It certainly sounds like he’s keeping you on your (perfectly, hand-knittedly-clad) toes! What on earth is a “green ninja”? He’s not trying to train you up for jungle warfare, is he?!

      3. Heehee! Maybe some kind of stealthy eco-warrior? πŸ€” If it’s not to your liking, you could always invent a different- coloured ninja… I hear the purple ninja is responsible for sitting on the sofa all day knitting socks and eating cake!

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