My Life With Moo

First of all I take my hat off to anyone whose household includes a child ~ you all deserve a medal .. goodness I’d forgot what to expect when Moo became a more permanent fixture in my life  ..time goes right out of the window even being super organised my day is 5 hrs shorter than anyone else’s  !!

This is so Moo
The questions, the constant chatter, the way he says “Grandma” at the beginning of every sentence ~ even if we are the only 2 folks in the room … I now have a pencil sharpener / rubber in my ‘essentials kit’ 

This afternoon I have to call into school as he has lost his shoes …yes you have read that right  HE HAS LOST HIS SHOES  how does a child even do that ????

Un be known to me Moo has taken it upon himself to train me as ….

green ninja
Do I need to be a Green Ninja ?? the training is gruelling let me tell you can’t I just be a Knitting Ninja ??

The good news is I have a story read to me each & every day and I’m learning far more about Ancient Egypt and WW2 than is strictly necessary ~ which I’m sure is a bonus I just haven’t figured out how yet … so this is why I’ve not commented on your blogs in recent weeks, I am still here & I’m still lurking reading your posts ~ which provide a respite to the world through the eyes of a 7 yr old, my blog will possibly become semi redundant which is a shame … but as another blogger pointed out I have the ‘Parents Race’ at sports day to contend with

1970's P E socks
Remember 1970’s P E socks ?? I’m sooo going to knit myself a pair ..I might not win any races but I’ll have the fashion stakes covered 🙂




29 thoughts on “My Life With Moo

  1. Why not knit yourself a tracksuit too?! And a whistle? An egg, and a spoon…Ok I got carried away…enjoy your grandparenting!

    1. Moo is staying all with me all week I have a feeling I’ll be deaf by Friday or worse still suffering a ‘Green Ninja’ battle injury that will result in me being nursed back to health via chocolate LOL

  2. Oh Mrs. P … PLEASE don’t disappear altogether, I beg you.

    Over the last couple of years one after another of some of my most favourite bloggers have got too busy, or something has happened; lives have met with a cross roads where they’ve had to make a choice of *this, or *that, and they’ve given up writing. And I miss them all so much.

    I love clever, informative, funny writings which I can feel the love woven through each post and half the time I’m sat on my side of the computer screen crying with laughter and joy. And your posts are exactly like that.

    Even if you can only post one post a week, and spare just 15 minutes to tap out a tiny post while Moo does his own version of a post – perhaps he could keep a weekly diary with him hand drawing pictures to tell the story. Or if he isn’t keen on drawing – then how about buying one of those disposable cameras, so that he can take a picture of (say) in this case … a photo of his shoes, to show shoes which either are THE shoes, or just a pair of his shoes which represent the shoes lost.
    Talking about that … did the school find the missing shoes in the end?

    But … Please don’t disappear. I would miss you too much. ~ Cobs. x

    1. Awwww thank you for such a lovely comment ~ I think it’s a fine compromise to try and blog once a fortnight or so .. I just don’t want folks to get bored with a middle age ‘mare rattling on LOL
      School is looking for said shoes I’m still at a loss how you can loose shoes thank goodness it wasn’t swimming this term gawd knows what he would have misplaced 🙂
      I still need to work out what a ‘Green Ninja’ does … and should a ‘Lady’ in her mid 50’s be leaping about with an invisible ninja stick …& nope I have no idea what one of those is either
      You just want to see me in my school socks don’t you *snorting with laughter*

  3. love this saying and I think it is true LOL and I always was a fan of this socks… and I remember how sad I was as we had to wear this socks in our school colors black&red… how boring…

    1. Our ‘house’ colour for sports was ORANGE I think I looked like a little satsuma running around ..the colour was kinda awesome though, I think I have some orange yarn to do the stripe LOL

  4. How does a child loose their shoes you ask…I am that child grown up and I still lose my shoes. My toddler gets news shoes because he loses them too and I really do try to keep up with them. I am convinced there is a shoe goblin who lives with me and tortures me by hiding the shoes! The more I clean the more they get lost. The battle is real! lol

  5. Oh My Dear…I think I should from now on refer to you as Mrs. P Green Ninja 😀 LOL What a ‘gam’ woman you are hurtling through a 19 hour day at super Ninja speed!! Taking on a lost shoe quest.?..(hope they turn up soon) And… I bet in a few more weeks you’ll have a nervous twitch when the word Grandma appears with a loving new question (‘cos it means you have to do some more homework – never to late to learn, as they say!) Oh Wow…70’s Rainbow socks…you just got to win by knitting and wearing them in the school sports day!!!! Satsuma socks must have been a thing of the eighties, our secondary school PE kit was white, navy and orange socks…though I spoilt the look somewhat after braking my nose in gymnastics – the blood really ’tished’ the glamour look!
    Just remember!!!…!!! …All this is keeping you young, AND getting you fit into the bargain..Can’t wait to see your line up of Sport’s Day Trophies 😀

    1. Said shoes have been found ..the lost property cupboard has dozens & dozens of pairs inside ~ how can anyone fail to notice their child has lost it’s shoes ???
      The nervous twitch is coming along nicely thank you
      I don’t know what I’m more gutted about ~ you breaking or nose or ruining the glam 70’s PE look
      PS I have found a pattern for my socks 🙂

      1. Oh what a relief!! I really don’t know the answer to that one, when I used to help out in our local primary they too had hoards of unclaimed shoes, glad Moo got his back though!
        LOL hilarious little clip, bet your pupils get just as small before the nervous quiver…the funniest thing was the clip put itself into auto replay whilst I was typing, the third version had a truly creepy voice over ;-/
        I think they were both pretty epic moments rolled into one, the worst was being driven to the A&E by the fit male PE teacher sitting with dried blood on cotton wool blobs stuck around my nose, not a good look when you’re 15 ;-/…never really got over that!

      2. The humiliation of being 15 and looking less than glamorous !!! I’m not surprised you are still in trauma at the thought of it LOL

      3. Strange how one memory can scar us for life !! yet I bet Mr Fit P E Teacher can’t recall it at all ….unless you threw up in his car as well …in which case he will remember it in precise detail LOL

  6. I think you’ll look smashing in your 1970s socks, they could be a good decoy! They’ll all be looking at them and then you can run like the wind and beat them all hands down. 😊

  7. Oh wow, I’m having trouble keeping up with the whirlwind pace of life in the Cottage these days! It sounds like you’ll be knitting those awesome socks in your sleep at this rate! And I’m now doubly intrigued by this Green Ninja thing – it must be REALLY good if its true nature is being kept so secret…

    1. Ninja training is on hold for this week ….woe betide me next week though when we are off together no doubt it’ll be a boot camp of activities to make even the bravest of Grandma’s quake in fear LOL

  8. Children do have so much energy. They have to have. Wish I could have bottled it so when I got older I could take a sip of it now and then. Or, more likely, a BIG swig!
    I have a pair of boot socks that look just like the red and orange striped one in the picture! 😀

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