The Bartering System

Before I set upon my quest to learn how to knit socks I used to gaze in awe at the skills of a certain crafting goddess I met here on WordPress ~ one Tajana Rabar  you name it from crochet to knitting to cooking to embroidery the woman can turn her hand to ANYTHING anyhoo I longed for some lacy knee high socks …as you do

I got in touch with Tajana and we came to an agreement ~ bartering par excellence, she would buy the yarn and whip me up a pair of socks in return for something she longed for

Bartering goodies
Tajana had really set her heart upon a Chanel lipstick in a VERY fetching shade of red and a set of Karbonz sock needles and so the deal was sealed

Many an eager hour was spent by the pair of us each hardly being able to contain ourselves at the thought of being the owner of something dear to our hearts, in due course a parcel arrived from Italy & I claimed my prize

Socks from Tajana
Are these not just the most gorgeous socks in the whole world ???

I still have to master how to take a cool photo of my own legs though !!!

Many thanks to the bartering system both Tajana & I have something to treasure, thank you Tajana for the socks they are the most beautiful, soft, comfortable foot wear known to man ❤


52 thoughts on “The Bartering System

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Roma! I’m moved to tears! You are so dear! I don’t know what to say indeed…. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!

      1. The second is on the making! I had to start again because I didn’t understand the pattern immediately, but now I solved enigma…. I was reading the chart from the wrong side 😀 😀 😀

      2. HAhahaha been there & done that 🙂 and thank you once again for making me sooo happy to own a pair of your hand crafted socks

      3. It is just a matter of time, anything else. Please, remember that I had start to craft only four years ago, there’s nothing you can’t do!

      4. It helped me a lot the fact that they are a most suitable gifts for men, at least in our families, so I had had the chance to exercise myself quite a lot.. Well, staying at home helps… If I have a job I don’t know if I would have time for knit…

    1. My idea is to wear them with a 1940’s dress ~I have the pattern just lacking the time to actually make it, I just hope the vision I have in my head resembles reality LOL

  2. I love the socks! Tajana really knows her stuff. And I agree, the bartering was a great way to get what each of you wanted. I am sure as talented as you are Roma, you will master the sock knitting quite well. I so need to get back to doing my own crafty things. Been off blogging and doing things I really like too long. 🙂

    1. I love my new socks to pieces, I’m plodding on in my quest to master sock knitting but it will be ages before I’d even attempt something lacy ~ I have so much to learn but even Tajana had to learn from the beginning right?

  3. Gosh, aren’t they pretty! (I don’t think I’ve ever seen socks like that before.)
    I bet you turn many a head when you’re out and about in those – especially when alighting Millicent!
    🙂 😀
    ~ Cobs. x

  4. Oh My!! How absolutely beautiful Tajana’s work is, she is so skillful they are a true work of art!!! I bet there has been much Happy Dancing both in The Tangled Backwoods and in Italy of late!! Such a brilliant idea to make each other happy and do a barter ;-D

    1. Aren’t they delightful, she is so talented and an inspiration ~she gave me the confidence to try crochet and begin my own sock knitting quest, I still have quite a path to forge though LOL

      1. They really are lovely and so much work to produce them, it’s lovely that Tajana also gave you the confidence to give it a go, your crochet work is beautiful too, you’re forging that path wonderfully already 🙂

      2. Goodness, I bet no one argues with your progress in that case LOL I bet Mr P is simply prim and proper…and very VERYquiet (for safety’s sake) when you are ploughing along ;-D

      3. The first time Beloved saw me using DPN’s he did question if I had taken an interest in voodoo or if it really was a knitting work in progress ~ needless to say I remained tight lipped …now when ever he has an ache or pain he glares at me accusingly LOL

      4. You just got to keep them guessing right ;-)…even I’m not sure you haven’t mastered both the DPN’s and incorporated the voodoo to boot LOL

  5. They’re easily the nicest socks I’ve seen in a long time. I looked up the pattern but seem to recall that it requires DPNs whereas I knit with circulars and am not confident about substituting them. They look like they’d be a joy to knit.

    1. I’ve seen patterns that use circulars but I’m not confident about substituting dpns so you are not alone there LOL perhaps when I’m an a much experienced sock knitter I’ll give lacy socks a whirl 🙂

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