A Very Important Order

Next week when Gelfling Grandson AKA Moo returns to school after Easter his class is embarking on a field trip ~ all them dressed as WW2 evacuees … when Beloved discovered this he asked if I would knit Moo an authentic styled 1940’s sleeveless sweater, Beloved has NEVER asked me to craft anything ~ such is the importance of this commission !!! I found This Pattern on a vintage knitting site and set to

1940's tank top
I thought school grey would be the best choice as Moo has ‘gone through the knees’ on a pair of his school trousers which I’ll be able to convert into 1940’s styled short trousers

Moo has been rather intrigued watching me wrestle the hedgehog as I begin to master double pointed needles on my quest to learn to knit socks and bless his heart asked if I would knit him some ‘Evacuee socks’ as you can imagine after knitting the grand sum total of two pairs of ‘Creatively Designed’ socks for myself (read that as they were full of errors!) the thought of disappointing the lad filled me with dread plus I had no pattern to follow for boys knee high socks !!! should that put me off  ?? ….NO

Evacuee socks
Not only did I rise to the challenge I added a fancy heel flap ~ even the decorative decreases down the back look jolly neat and even though I’m a little biased I think they look rather good LOL

Beloved made Moo a faux gas mask box out of corrugated card and now my ‘Little Man is set

Evacuee outfit
Ta Da I’m hoping he will look awesome

Mind you it will take nerves of steel when I drop him off at school  … remembering The Empty Child from a Dr Who program it will take all my composure not to just leave him at the school gate scream “I love you” and run for my life




27 thoughts on “A Very Important Order

  1. your moo is well prepared… my grampy always had a crossbody bag with the “iron ration” too ( but he gave it away and filled the bag with bomb splinters he found…. his mom was on the verge of lunacy as she opened the bag)

    1. I bet she was !!!!
      Moo’s class will be wearing name tags of ‘real evacuees’ who came to our area each with a note if they went back to London after the war or stayed here

  2. I am very impressed, not only with the knitting but the shorts too. He will look great and I am sure will be very proud that you made them for him.
    I think shorts are far more practical for young boys, so many parents constantly struggle with the cost of yet another pair of trousers as the playground claims another set with no knees left in them.

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment.
      Between you & me I was going to shorten the trousers anyway for him to wear to school now the weather is improving ~ but don’t let on LOL

  3. It looks like you did an amazing job! I don’t think you will have to run for your life at all LOL. Just be ready with a big smile and get ready to say thank you (a lot) when you are complimented on a great job!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Moo has yet to see the complete outfit I hope he’s pleased after all that he will be the most important critique 🙂

  4. Oh, I remember that Dr Who episode. Still, as we have been told or telling ourselves (from of course behind the sofa) since childhood, it is only telly, right? Although when they used the family that had featured in my school Latin lessons for years in the Pompeii episode it did give me pause! Love the outfit, it looks like you have nailed it. Also, for some reason I had real trouble accessing your site today. I got ‘blog empty’, or ‘unavailable’ or just an error message when clicking on links. Your site address seemed to be spelt differently (it had an extra ‘e at one point and a capital ‘O’ at another’). Eventually I went through Google. Just thought I would mention it in case it is a problem you are not aware of and you are missing out on visitors!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to hunt me down and leave such a lovely comment LOL
      I have trouble with one particular blog her posts never show up on my e-mail alert or reader why I don’t know !!
      Mmmmm only telly right ??? sometimes I wonder as your Pompeii episode is testament to
      Have a wonderful Easter xx

  5. This all looks brilliant 🙂
    I remember having a gas mask to try on once….I think it was for a fancy dress party and the first thing I did when I put it on was turn around and say are you my mummy? The friend I was with nearly slapped me cos she got scared lol

  6. That is definitely over and above anything I have ever done for a school costume! Absolutely amazing and incredibly authentic looking – if Moo doesn’t quite appreciate how fabulous his outfit is, I’m certain all the mums will. The BBC may well come calling upon your skills for one of their period dramas if news of this gets around…..

  7. Not only a very important order request from Your Beloved (I absolutely love his idea and request) You’ve created a lifelong memory for Moo too!!! To re enact in so much detail and beautiful skillfully created clothes will no doubt mean so much to little Gelfling as a cherished memory from his childhood as he grows!! Your DPN’s know no bounds now and you’ve proved you’ve cracked another nut skill 😉 such neat knee high socks and your knitted tank top is so of the era, especially the colour! I quickly trawled past the post of the photos to come as I didn’t want a spoiler, but can’t wait to get back in my timeline of missed bits and bobs over the weekend!! Mrs. P…you are amazing (feel free to tell Mr. P he is too for the idea 😉 but you pulled off a cracker with this evacuee outfit and agree with Sheila, you might just be about to be conscripted yourself to the period drama outfitting department !! 😀

    1. What a wonderful comment Mrs T ~ now you perhaps understand why I nicknamed it A Very Important Order
      Beloved did an amazing job with the faux gas mask box, every evening once Moo had gone to bed my needles would come out all the while I was fretting if the socks would be OK as I had to figure out the maths for the decreases LOL
      It all came together and Moo goes on his trip tomorrow so I doubt he will sleep too much tonight he’s that excited 🙂

      1. Indeed I do 🙂
        Your Beloved is a little sweetie, isn’t he!…great ideas and can carry off his little craft ideas too!! Little Moo must be so proud of his grandma and grandpa for making his upcoming trip so very special!! I hope he manages to grab a wink or two and has a lovely time tomorrow :-)….

      2. Since the trip every sentence now begins with “In the War” LOL
        ~ after the obligatory “Grandma” of course, apparently they did tell the class what did happen to the real names on their name tags, Moo’s best friends name went on to emigrate to New Zealand then America then finally settled in Canada the boy who Moo was named after died aged 9 in a gas attack I think it brought it home to the class even civilians were killed.
        On a happier note all the kids looked awesome

      3. Moo sounds like he had the most amazing time on his trip 😀 re-enactment is such a strong way of learning and has much more impact than sitting reading about it in the classroom! Discovering the outcome of all those children’s futures was a mix of happiness and sadness too for the class, I’m sure. I’m sure they all had a great time and enjoyed dressing back in time too 🙂

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