Gelfling The Evacuee

As a follow up post to my previous post A Very Important Order Gelfling asked if I could share a couple of photos now he’s tried on his WW2 evacuee kit on so here goes

Mooin as an Evacuee

I have one very happy little man …. so relieved

Evacuee and Millicent


28 thoughts on “Gelfling The Evacuee

  1. Great photo’s. Do you own the car? My mum had an old Anglia (spelling) that she used to give me a ride to school in and I was so embarrassed, but I would give anything to have that car now. Great photo’s you really look the part Gelfling 😉

  2. What a treasure you are Mrs P!!! Gelfling looks amazing in your fine handmade outfit of clothes!!! It brought a lump to my throat, as it made me remember an old photo I saw as a child, now lost apparently, of my dad at about the same age as Moo, taken as he was dressed to be evacuated to the country side. I’m sure Gelfling will be the top dressed re enactment evacuee of his class with thanks to your skilled hard work!! Bravo 😉

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comment, I’ll have to remember to name & date the photo ~ in years to come I can imagine future generations trying to figure out which great great Grandpa it is when all along it’s our very own Moo LOL

      1. LOL good thinking !! It sure will save a lot of head scratching, as the picture could so easily have been from that era!! bringing all your little treasures and creativeness together has created a lovely nostalgic piece of photographic art – Wonderful Mrs. P!!

      2. Funny how Moo looks so much older than 7 in the photos ~ at for us it’s only a reenactment, the poor families that went through it must have been torn apart, it must have been difficult to see them go even when you knew they would be safer

  3. Oh, it’s perfect! Well done… I feel like I’m looking at genuine wartime-era pictures, especially the one where he’s posing with Millicent! The cap and one sock up, one down (reminiscent of my own childhood, that 😆) really complete the look too. Nice one!

  4. Great pictures he really looks the part, and in b&w they look so authentic.
    My Son and dil, took my grandson (nickname Woo lol) to Crich Tramway museum last Sunday where there was a 40’s day and almost everyone was dressed in 1940 fashion. Moo would have fit in perfectly.

  5. I have seen stories about that time in history. It would have been so sad. At least Moo will be coming back, and have learned something about that time. A great job on the outfit and pictures. ❤

  6. This post didn’t show up in my reader and I missed it. grrr. So, sorry for the lateness of this comment.

    Little Moo looks INCREDIBLE!
    From the top of his head to the tips of his toes, he really looks the part. The ‘tank top’ jumper you knitted is SO in keeping and the colour is perfect. Well done you clever thing.

    He looks exactly as he would have looked if he was about to be evacuated. The Gas Mask box brings the whole ‘story’ together and gives the photograph that final thing which sums up what’s happening.

    Moo and Millicent together, gave me a lump in my throat, as it looked like ‘the last goodbye’. I could feel my eyes welling up with tears as I realised that this wonderful child was going to be parted from everything he new and loved in he hope of him being safe from the destructions of war and bombs.

    As a mom, and a Grammy, I know being parted from my child, or Little Cobs, my Grandson, would drive me to insanity. So how these small children coped is nothing short of the most amazing displays of bravery.

    Thank you Little Moo, for sharing your outfit and ‘look’. You looked perfect.

    Thank you also to you Mrs. P for sharing little Moo with us, and for being the incredible crafer you are.
    Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. Hello your good self, all is well with the cottagers,
      As for being as fit as butchers dogs …maybe not ~ I’m ‘blossoming’ due to the calorific content of ice creams, milkshakes and occasional ‘treats’ as I indulge myself each Moo has something …I totally justify this as it’s rude to let Moo eat & drink by himself as it ruins the social aspect of eating together ~ I hasten to add Moo is still as lean as a race horse, anyway who would trust a super skinny Grandma looking after their loved ones you would worry the are being malnourished wouldn’t you LOL
      Take care of yourself xx

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