A Special Guest Blogger

Grandma lets my big brother Moo write on her blog now and again & she said at the grand old age of 2 months I could do my first guest post … obviously she will be doing the typing I’ll be just laying here looking adorable 🙂 Sooooo what does a babe have to post about WELL …

Lets talk sleep

no sleep
Who needs sleep ?? not me that’s for sure

Daddy has been studying for y e a r s, he’s done lots of procedures, work experience in Africa for a month and just lately been doing 3 months experience at a prison !! and now guess what ??

daddy nurse
Yep he’s only gone and done it …my daddy is now a fully qualified nurse and in a couple of months mummy will qualify too

He tells me if there is something I really, really want to do when I grow up and that if I work hard I can do it ~ isn’t that cool

Fox 2 months old
I’m listening honestly daddy, but come on, how can I take you seriously when you talk to me in that babyish high-pitched voice, even if it does make me giggle

That is my first guest post over

All my love




15 thoughts on “A Special Guest Blogger

  1. I love the new guest post!! Congratulations on your first post. Tell your Grandma and Grandpa that I wish them many happy congratulations on their newest grand baby! You are so cute and I love your smile. Congratulations to your Mommy and Daddy too. ❤

    1. Thank you for calling by with your good wishes … funny but Mummy & Daddy tell me each night “I wish you would sleep” I’m sure I don’t know what they mean by that LOL
      I’m very proud to have both a Mummy & Daddy that are nurses …. I wonder if I will follow in their footsteps ???

      1. You will know some day why they wanted you to sleep. When my two were little like you, I wanted them to sleep too! 🙂
        Time will tell if you will be a nurse too. Maybe even a doctor. Stay sweet little one. ❤

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