A Surprise For Moo

Would you believe Moo is 9 next week?? for a few weeks now Beloved & I have been harbouring a surprise for him. Last night was the night for project ‘Amazement’ to commence

August 2018
For a boy who loves dinosaurs only one thing would fit the bill the superb show ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’
Walking with Dinosaurs
These bad boys are LIFE SIZE ….. just wow


T. Rex
Moo’s absolute favourite the magnificent T. Rex

At the end of the show Moo burst into tears …. Beloved & I were mortified until Little Man uttered the words “This is the best day of my life” Awwwww bless him ❤


17 thoughts on “A Surprise For Moo

  1. Do you understand that you managed to get emotional a nine year old boy? I can easily imagine Moo’s mood after that show! What a sensitive boy! It has never occured to me to surprise my nephews in that way…

    1. He cried twice the first time was when he realised he was going to see the show, then again at the end … we have a HUGE surprise for him in October … I can’t share until after obviously but I do so hope he likes it 🙂

  2. And now . . . I’m blubbering too! Awww what a GREAT birthday surprise! I would have LOVED someone to do that for me, now, at my grand age of seven and a half! [cough, splutter]

    I cannot imagine how awe filled the whole theatre was, and how the air must have been electric. It’s no wonder little Moo burst into tears. The surprise must have been brilliant, but the actual ‘show’ would blow the mind of any Dinosaur lover.

    A day he’ll remember for the rest of his life. Well done Grandma and Grandad. GREAT choice of surprise. Although . . . exactly how you’re going to top this next year, I’ll never know!

    Belated Birthday wishes to the young man himself. I won’t ‘hope’ he had a great day, for I can see he had a mind blowing day!

    Fantabulous post, and amazing photos. I love it and them…. and you.
    Great share, Mrs.P
    Bunches of squidges ~ Cobs. xxxxxx

    1. Moo had the time of his life …and so did Grandpa LOL
      The show was AMAZING and hopefully the memory will stay with him when he’s a full grown chap
      Stand by for a super duper surprise for Moo that is happening in October he has NO idea what Beloved & I have planned ~ I sure hope he enjoys it

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