All Dressed Up …. And Yes We Did Have Somewhere To Go

Last Wednesday 12/9/2018 was one heck of a day !!ย  firstly it was Beloved & I’s wedding anniversary … we have been together … well since forever LOL

If that wasn’t enough of a celebration it also happened to be a very special day for 2nd Born ~ his graduation, it took place in the amazing Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral
An artistic shot of Lincoln Cathedral at sunset just moments before the start of 2nd Born’s ceremony

Sorry to bore yo but I’m now about to subject you to a ‘Proud Mummy Moment’ captured for prosperity

Jacob and I 12 9 2018
I was fighting back emotional tears during this shot PS. note my awesome vintage dress ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry for the photo heavy post …… NOT

3 generations
3 generation of the Von Parry family ~ even though baby ‘Fox’ is sooo totally over this photo taking business

I had to smile to myself during the ceremony ~ the graduates from the School of Education were first to grace the stage and everyone clapped politely, yet when every single one of the nurses graduated there were huge cheers & shouts from their peers and family members ~ what a awesome feeling to know my boy and his cohorts are sooo supported as they enter the big wide world

If you jump right over toย hereย and skip to 50 mins 31 seconds (approximately LOL) you can see 2nd Born’s ‘moment’

PS Moo asked me to include this photo at the end of this post

Moo 9 on 12.9.2018
A future graduate in the making I wonder ?

Thank you for bearing with me through out this post … you may now return to your everyday life ๐Ÿ™‚



12 thoughts on “All Dressed Up …. And Yes We Did Have Somewhere To Go

  1. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes! And then … Many Congratulations to 2nd Born on his magnificent achievement and wearing of the special cap with such aplomb!

    But finally … we come to the man of the moment . . . . Little Moo. If the cap fits, wear it! He was showing you a glimpse into the future. Make sure you keep that vintage frock in the back of the wardrobe, with moth balls hanging around the hanger – for I’m quite sure you’ll be needing it again very soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

    GREAT DAY P. The smiles on your faces says everything plus some. And you … you look incredible. Amazingly, wonderfully incredible. Killingly smart and a mom/wife to be proud of. Heck – I’m sat here bursting with pride too!

    Fabulous post. I grinned from start to finish.
    Sending much love and a bunch of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww bless you, your comment made me cry ~ in a good way ๐Ÿ™‚
      Beloved commented “How the ‘ell we didn’t cry all through the ceremony I’ll never know”
      Moo screaming “Go Dad’ when 2nd Born came onto the stage did push me over the edge though LOL
      The photo of ‘all my boys’ together is one I will treasure for years to come

  2. First off, a very Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Beloved! Congratulations to 2nd Born too. Second I love the photos of the Cathedral, and all of the very handsome men in your life. A wonderful happy day for all of you. It is always good to see the generation photos. Moo is turning into quite the handsome fellow. Tell him hello for me. I wish I had some good cow with earring pictures for him. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Many BIG hugs for all of you! XXX

  3. We are doing well. Having some ups and downs with our health and losing and trying to take care of all our older animals too. The summer was terribly hot and dry this year. It has been hard on my allergies. It has been cooler lately and I am SOOOO happy about that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like spring and fall weather. I keep telling myself I need to get back into, or at least check on my blogging friends more often. I miss you and many others. Since I am no longer on FB, I don’t hear about all the things going on. Don’t miss the unnecessary things on there though. Take care. Hugs!

  4. Now I SAID to myself that I wasn’t going to overload your blog with comments while you’re away, but I couldn’t let this one go unremarked-upon. Congratulations to all of you! It looks like you had a super day… And your vintage dress is beautiful, of course!

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