Dessert, Big Skies And Making Memories

Isn’t it funny how something catches your eye and you immediately think of someone ~ let me explain, Beloved took me to a local Antique/Flea market where by sheer chance my gaze fell upon a pair of Knickerbocker Glory glasses … I snatched them off the shelf like a woman possessed, they were a perfect impromptu gift for Moo, the poor boy was a little bewildered at first ~ until I explained that they were designed to hold a dessert of ‘anything goes’ ย where all your post dinner delights dwell

Healthy knickerbocker glory
Moo’s version of a not quite healthy Knickerbocker Glory~ jelly, fruit, yogurt, nuts and a couple of dark chocolate pieces

If the truth be told we had to make the jelly twice, unbeknown to me it turned out Moo had eaten a few of the jelly squares from the packet the first time round~ no wonder it didn’t set !!

What better way to spend an afternoon post pudding than going for a walk ~ one of the joys of living in rural Lincolnshire is we have ‘Big Skies’ … this is because the land is soooo very flat

winter sky
Just look at that sky. Moo & I were convinced we were going to get soaked but nooooo we destined to stay dry ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course it being winter time before long the sun began to set and the sky changed once more

sun set in winter
At this point we decided what could possibly be better than to head home for hot chocolate and cake

I wonder in years to come when Moo is a young man if he will catch a sight of clouds in the winter sky and think of me and laugh at how Knickerbocker glory glasses made me think of him ??








6 thoughts on “Dessert, Big Skies And Making Memories

  1. What a great post. Dessert looks wonderful and I am sure Moo will always find something to remind him of you and relive all the wonderful moments he as spent with you and Beloved.
    Hope you are doing well. It has been a looong time since I even checked my blog emails. I am back on FB again and sent you a friend request. I hope it was you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe you are not on FB any more. Take care. Hugs!

    1. Hi, how are you?? well I hope,
      I haven’t received a friend request – look up Roma plus Otter Parry (Otters photo in my profile picture) look forward to receiving a request soon xxx

      1. Hi Roma, I will look you up again. I am well. Tired, but well. Been helping a friend by watching her granddaughters. She has temporary custody of them. There are three of them. Two, three and five. All sisters. The five year old is in kindergarten all day. Thank God! The three year old is in pre-school in the mornings twice a week and the two year old is here all day. Five days a week. I have forgotten how busy a two and three year old can be!!! Hopefully it won’t be much longer. It’s been since October. Take care.

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