Training And Toilet

Helooooooooooo and greetings to my follower, NO I haven’t fallen off the edge of the world … although at one point I was beginning to think it might be an option ~ let me explain I’ll begin with the ambiguous ‘Toilet’ in the title, feel free to skip right on past this entree of the happenings in my little world should you wish

Soooo I shall begin

I’ll just give you the edited highlights … you know just in case you loose the will to finish reading my post 🙂

Lost tons of weight, went to DR’s, blood tests, slightly unpleasant colonoscopy (full biopsy results next month) assured by consultant he saw no nasties (as I obliviously envisaged at 3am in the morning) turns out I have Diverticulosis, change to super healthy, diet drink loads of fluids, take care of myself, sometimes I feel great, sometimes I feel rubbish.

Now for the much more interesting ‘Training’ as you are possibly aware I’m forever advocating education (as you would  possibly expect from a Training Coordinator) well I’ve taken my own advice completed numerous course and am now officially …..

Yes indeedie I’ve now been promoted to Compliance Officer, which means I know lots of awesome & sometimes vaguely interesting stuff

I have a new ID. badge and everything, I’m second in command to ‘Boss Lady’ although I have yet to secure my own mug in the kitchen which perhaps interprets that I’m not that high up in senior management as I presumed LOL

Anyhoo Beloved, Moo, The Twonk That Is The Dog, Neurotic Cat & I still have loads of fun times together ~ I’ll save the story of ‘The Tree House’ for another time.

Look after yourself and follow your dreams xx





6 thoughts on “Training And Toilet

  1. Hi Roma! So sorry you have the nasty Diverticulitis. Never had it, but have heard about it, and my Mom has it. You will learn quick enough to be healthier.
    Congrats on your promotion. You will do well, and I hope you got your mug. -:)
    Hugs to you all. Glad to hear Neurotic Cat is still amongst you.

    1. So pleased you could call on by the cottage, I’m currently waiting for the results of a ct scan as the consultant is still concerned, I’m sure everything will be OK ( or at least I’m praying it is) Happy anniversary to you both ❤

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