And Just Where Have You Been ??

Please forgive me for I have not posted in FOREVER  *hanging head in shame* So just what have I been up to you wonder while shaking your head in my direction, possibly thinking “Do I even remember this woman?”  Have I spent may a moon crafting?? mmm that would be a NO, obviously I haven’t been traveling the world or having adventures either.

A year ago I had the mad wonderful idea that how great it would be to start running… nope not sure where that little nugget of intention came from either

Lets try running
Obviously this image is a total lie … I couldn’t actually hack 2 minutes of running

Undeterred I downloaded the free NHS Couch 2 5K  app and set off once more ~ now I can just tell you are perched on the edge of your seat wondering how on earth this all panned out , well fast forward 3 months later and in November 2019 I ran my first race

night run
If you are going to run your first 10k race, why not run it in the dark, with no one you know, in a place you have never been to before!!

Then in March this year 1 week before lock down I ran a HALF MARATHON … get me, a runner, someone who can actually run & breath at THE SAME TIME!!! a slightly deranged personage of a certain age  in the prime of her life who decided instead of just thinking / wondering could I, should I, to someone who did

Finish line Sleaford half
Yes it might not be the most elegant finish line photo and I do have some sort of mad hair day going on but I’m ridiculously proud of myself

I do now solemnly swear not to leave it too long before I post again




10 thoughts on “And Just Where Have You Been ??

  1. so very glad you are back! I have missed you. I am quite impressed too! congratulations are in order. Also-do you know what happened to Cobs” -The cobwebemporium-I think you knew her Best wishes and welcome back, Michele

    1. Many thanks for your kind comment, love to be back in blogland.
      I’ve not heard from Cobs for over a year, I know she had a new puppy that was taking up a lot of her time plus we all know how life throws twists & turns our way & I do believe she had a few storm clouds on the horizon lets hope she navigated her way and we hear from her soon

  2. You look great in this photo! And you finished! That is what counts. Good for you. I haven’t blogged forever either. I am still debating whether I want to start again, or delete my blog. Or both and start over afresh. Good to see you blogging again.

    1. Hi great you have you visit the cottage once more, please think about restarting your blog I’d love to read all about your mini adventures once more xx

  3. so great to hear from you!!! in our book you are a hero, a big BRAVO to you!!! to run and to breathe the same time, is not easy… but to have a chat with the runners next to you is a mission imposible.. the mama had to learn that… da dad picked her up with the car as she was “near to death” LOL

    1. Many thanks – although I ‘wanted’ to be a runner every time I saw the Great North Run / London marathon on TV I didn’t ‘make’ it happen till this last year

  4. Hooray! You’re back! It’s so lovely to hear from you again, and to discover you’re a runner now! Congratulations on finishing two whole races – as someone who can’t run the length of myself, I am officially in awe of your skills. Hope all is well in the Cottage on the Green 🙂

    1. Everything is just fine & dandy at the cottage, I’ve done numerous runs, totaling 7 half marathons ~ only The 1 in a race the others self supported, plus not to mention on my 58th birthday my longest run to date 15 miles.
      I’m also guiding 4 ladies through the C25K program !! which is possibly why I have got no crafting done LOL

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