Welcome and thank you for dropping in at Craft Odyssey, my name is Roma ….not as exotic as first appears it’s actually derived from the first two letters of my dads name & the first two letters of my mums name how cool is that !!

I love to knit, crochet and sew and have a go at most crafts given half a chance ~ although not entirely successfully in some cases I might add.

Home is a 1850’s cottage that we are slowly renovating in rural Lincolnshire UK which I share with my Beloved, a neurotic cat & although our adolescent Rottweiler has passed over the ‘rainbow bridge’ his blog is still available here on WordPress as our new addition from ‘Another Mother & Different Daddy’ has taken over the dog blogging mantle. A German Shepherd At The Cottage On The Green

Laughter, love and making memories are what make my life fulfilling. Join me on my adventure through the maze of daily life.

You can also follow my love afair with ‘Millicent Morris’ a 1938 Morris 8 on my  blog Enduring Cottage

26 thoughts on “About

  1. Mrs P 🙂 what a lovely introduction, you are a very kind lady and Neurotic cat is one of my favourite Catticus’s and look forward to reading all about you both ❤ Angel Atticus

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, I’m afraid Neurotic has been quite naughty and stayed out a little too long after her last security check of the garden last night, she didn’t come in till way after dark, of course now she is sleeping on the back of the sofa as if butter wouldn’t melt

  2. Oh Mrs P how do you know about the butter wouldn’t melt cat trick….iv just seen Neurotic Cat and
    she is so stunning but looks a little grumpy in the pic 🙂 im grumpy too !! well I am wearing my harness right now and pretending I cant walk and flopping all over the place but secretly I love it, I feel like a real little lion and soon il be out strutting to the park, im not allowed out at night but I do fly to heaven every night..have you checked whether Neurotic cat has wings ?, maybe Neurotic cat had a flight delay ? send my highly strung sensitive compliments to Neurotic cat who is undeniably a beauty 🙂 Angel

    1. Dear Angelatticus
      Neurotic Cat may be a little grumpy looking in her photo due to the fact I wouldn’t let her sit on the sewing table while I was trying to work, the image I have you doing your Noooo I can’t walk trick had me in stitches, my cat is NOT suppose to be out after dark but she obviously was on some sort of mission last night but came indoors before I went to bed, she most definitely has wings but until recently didn’t know what they were for, and I believe she has a Guardian Angel who keeps an eye on her as her life perhaps wasn’t ideal until she was guided into my life, and I needed her as much as she needed me so the Angels did a fantastic job of pairing us up, when she awakes from her nap I’ll be sure to give her your regards
      Love & Hugs
      Mrs P

  3. Lovely blog – I used to live in Lincoln many eons ago. Love your neurotic cat – she is a stunner.

    1. My what a small world, Neurotic Cat sends her love, I’ve just hit the follow button for your mega blog, I’m hoping your posts on crochet will spur me on to greatness LOL

      1. Hey, if I can do it you can – only been crocheting since end of Feb this year. Spent years trying to learn and failing, then found a a Youtube video for left handers and there’s been no stopping me since! I’m a bit obsessive now. My cats send gentle love to neurotic cat.

  4. As you said I inspired you off on a path of creativity during a conversation, I thought it only right to let you know it seems to go both ways ! 🙂 After envisioning your gigantic floral bunny enjoying knitting by your side at craft fairs, whilst partaking in a good old fashioned brew!.. A waft of inspiration came upon me to create a couple of indoor scenes for my little knitting character collages and, as such, I have included a little reference of you to my post! 🙂

    1. Wow… me an inspiration ???? this will be repeated to all and sundry I know !! I actually began to fill up when I read this comment, you are beyond kindness mentioning me in a post, thank you sooooo very much for your reference I’m off to give ‘Awesome Rag doll Rabbit’ the news she has hit the big time being mentioned on your blog

      1. 🙂 I’m so happy you didn’t mind the mention! LOL! does this mean Awesome Rag Doll Rabbit thinks I have some kind of celebrity status like her..I wish!!! ;-/ As for letting all and sundry know….it reminded me of something I watched recently from our younger days….hope you enjoy reminiscing !

      2. I sat in awe at the moving picture show at the end of your monologue, are you a personal acquaintance of Louis Lumiere ? I think the new invention of his cinematograph will revolutionise the way us innocent folk will spend our hours away from t’ mill, what ever next I ask myself,

      3. Are you sure it was awe…and not deep shock??? Indeed, I required a grand dose of smelling salts after observing the unbelievable event before my eyes,in fact a couple of times I ran around the box to try and catch the sorcerer at work… all that magic and not a wand in sight ;-/ If perchance a similar moment again arises I would be sure to recommend doubling your mill shawl around your eyes…who knows what these flashing images will do to one’s retina???

      4. Surely such an event will not happen twice in our life time !!!! sod the smelling salts me gin will suffice ta very much 😀

  5. So, I finally did get time to back read a bit more today on your blog! I love your neurotic cat, how funny! and all those blankets of yours make me want to start a new one (I have to resist the urge, or maybe I won’t, who knows!) I’m excited to read more about your adventures and thanks for sharing all your beautiful work 🙂 x

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read bits & pieces, Neurotic Cat sends her love, I have to admit to having a ‘thing’ about blankets LOL

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