Oh My ~ When Did I Get Old ??

Every now & again I have a marvellous idea that I somehow just don’t think through, yesterday was a fine example :- Beloved had a days annual leave and as Moo was still on half term, I piped up “lets all go to the Peak District” firstly I wasn’t expecting ..

Peak District
Yes I know it’s February but I was still a little taken aback to find snow on them there hills ~ being prepared for the outdoors we were suitably kitted out though

Lets go down Blue Johns Cavern I suggested … it’s been years since I’d been down the mine & I was sure Moo would love it so off we skipped. Moo was full of wonder and to be fair so was Beloved & I

Inside Blue John Mine
When the guide said “Ask as many question as you like” I don’t think he has anticipated Moo’s keen interest

In my hazy childhood recollection I had some how ‘forgotten’ the 250ish steps to descend / ascend said mine ….on the way back up we paused a while for a little safety tip ~ the guide informed us “The next 92 steps are a little steep & wet so please hold onto the rail” WHAT THE FOX … I stood there full of fears of not getting out of there ALIVE, my breathing was a little … how shall I say it …. NON EXISTANT all I could envision was the rescue team pilling down said hole in the ground and having to haul my backside out of there with a pulley system, and the trauma team waiting to revive me. Trying to contain my thoughts of being the first full time resident of the mine & having to survive on scraps of food thrown to me by passing visitors I bought a little time by taking ‘artistic’ photos

blue john mine
Look this is where I’m going to live from now on !!
Blue John
Have you any idea how hard it is taking phots when you can neither breath or have to contend with legs that feel like jelly ???

Anyhoo making out I was some sort of professional artistic photographer bought me enough time to gather my wits about me to get out of there. On reaching daylight once more (albeit feeling sick, sweating like piglet and feeling like I’d cheated death) I have made a vow to turn my lifestyle around ~ I need to improve my diet (YES I ‘may’ have put on a pound or 2 over Christmas !! ) plus regain my fitness (it’s surprising how since loosing K9 and not walking everyday my fitness has declined)  After my ordeal Beloved took for us lunch to celebrate the fact I was still in the land of the living, when it came to time for desert I relived the mornings events in my mind …. and chose a huge slice of carrot cake (without cream) instead of chocolate cake … well carrot cake IS healthier I mean it had carrots & raisins in which are 2 of my 5 a day right




Pancakes & Yarn Photography

Today is Pancake day … a day my family celebrate to the full extent ~ WHY ??

Well …. this is because apart from Christmas Day my lot know exactly what they are having for lunch 🙂

This year Moo is old enough to make the batter himself .. which the poor lamb had to hand mix with a balloon whisk because the mixer wasn’t working …  later when I came to turn on the cooker  I realised the mixer wasn’t in fact broken, but the electricity box had ‘tripped’ D’oh

Anyhoo his batter was made to perfection

Pankcake Day 2018
Banana & chocolate sauce were this years favourite filling for Moo,  I stuck with the old ‘Maple syrup & lemon’ combo. Moo then had the audacity to inform me of my unhealthy choice, as he’d just had another one of his’ 5 a day’ LOL

Post pancake would be an ideal time to photograph my latest yarn dyeing experiments I thought to myself … here I am all geared up with a photoshoot to rival David Bailey when this happens

NC photobombing
Apparently Neurotic Cat has taken it upon herself to protect you from even more pictures of yarn by stealing the limelight for herself


I Knew There Was Something I Meant To Tell You

I have been holding out on you all, I’ve been knitting away on a couple of mini projects and I haven’t shared, anyhoo here’s what I’ve been up to

Baby Socks
Who says itty bitty socks have to be white
2-3 yr Sherbet socks
Or plain

To ring the changes I deviated from socks

Pumpkin hat
A hat for a new born was whipped up in an afternoon

Soooooo the reason I’ve been knitting for a small person ??  …….. I’M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA AGAIN. Baby aka ‘Podge’ should be making an entrance in the early summer, something tells me life is going to get a whole lot busier & exciting 🙂

A Upcycled Gift From Beloved

So it’s now decided I NEED a Niddy Noddy to re -skein my hand dyed yarn I was all set to storm march into town when Beloved informed me we have bit’s & bobs in his man cave to make a PVC pipe one ~ but before he could find the pieces there was some ‘stuff’ he needed to first…..with Moo’s help

Moo and protective mask
Apparently Moo needed a protective mask for the very important ‘man’s work’

Being the patient person I am ….. please read that as “Just get on with your project so I can get on with mine” I busied myself with a new yarn dyeing project & a little knitting ~ Beloved took an age then early evening announced ” I can’t find all the bits you need” perhaps you will have to go into town tomorrow after all  …a veil of disappointment descended.

This morning as I was wrestling into my coat to go into town Beloved came rushing into the cottage declaring “Ta Dah”

Not a vintage Niddy Noddy
He had only gone and crafted me a Niddy Noddy ~ upcycled from an old table leg and a couple of pieces of off cuts of wood

WOW not only is it reusing pieces from his man cave it actually looks like a vintage piece ~ I will be using it as a decorative item in my crafting den when not in use.

Heather Yarn plus Niddy Noddy
My Heather yarn has been re skeined ~ I thought it looked pretty good before ~ but now ?? WOW I’m doing a happy dance

Beloved has pointed out he has 3 spindles left should a Niddy Noddy be this years must have item ….. he’s not expecting a rush LOL



A Not Spaghetti Update And A Quest For A Niddy Noddy

You  may feel the need to see my previous post  as to why on earth I’m rabbiting on about Not Spaghetti, anyhoo the yarn dyeing goddess has blessed me with another lovely skein of hand dyed goodness

Heather Yarn
I’m beyond thrilled how this chunky yarn had dyed ~ hence forth this yarn shall be known as ‘Heather’

If I turn it over you can see slightly different hues, that is one of the joys of hand dyeing, you never quite know what you are going to get …. yet it’s never a disappointment 

flip side Heather yarn
There are hints of chocolate, pinks, purple even orange and grey

I’m wondering if the yarn will look even more delicious if it’s re- skeined ?? yes I know I COULD do this by hand but then I’d have no excuse for coveting a niddy noddy, when I mentioned said utensil to Beloved the poor man was in bits thinking I’d been making words up AGAIN. … as if 🙂 

short intermission
There may be a short intermission while I set out on my quest to seek the Holy Grail of ye Niddy Noddy

I’ve taken to ‘the google’ & apparently it’s simple enough to make my own ~ I feel a trip to the hardware store may be ‘essential’ in the morning for the required bits & pieces …Moo has offered to help in the construction ……… 



“No ~ I’m Not Cooking Spaghetti”

On my quest to conquer some sort of success at yarn dyeing I thought I’d give immersion or as I call it ‘pan dyeing’ a go

Chunky yarn in the pot
Chunky yarn was popped into the pan to warm through before I chose which colours to throw in from afar

At this precise moment Beloved strolled through the kitchen peeped in the pan and exclaimed “Oooo spaghetti”  … bless him he didn’t have his glasses on … When I replied “No ~ I’m not cooking spaghetti” the poor chap looked quite bewildered

dye added
I added splashes of dye in various colours and left the ‘Yarn Goddess’ to work her magic

Next time Beloved wandered by he looked in the pan once again then  muttered ” Mmmm shall we eat out ?  your spaghetti has seen better days” ~ D’oh put your specs on man !!!

Obviously I’m a total ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ newbie to yarn dyeing and rely totally on the ‘Yarn Goddess’  who conjures up the finished result in spite of my helping hand … photos to follow soon on all her hard work



Yarn Update

For anyone who read my post on hand painting yarn  well my yarn had dried and now I’m ready for a ……


Seriously here is my yarn 🙂

Autumn Time hand painted yarn
I’m rather jolly pleased with the final product

Another shot ….. you know just because I can LOL

Autumn Time
It’s a 4 ply yarn, dyed with Jacquard Acid Dyes in Teal, Chocolate, Brown, Aztec Gold & Pumpkin

This is where I need your input ~ I’m undecided whether to name it ‘Autumn Leaf” or ‘Autumn Time’ …. or if you can recommend a suitable moniker I’m all ears. For anyone thinking of trying yarn dyeing for themselves give it a go ~ you have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain ~ you will have a bespoke yarn that lets your creativeness shine and in my humble opinion there is no such thing as a yarn dyeing fail 🙂