My Life With Moo

First of all I take my hat off to anyone whose household includes a child ~ you all deserve a medal .. goodness I’d forgot what to expect when Moo became a more permanent fixture in my life  ..time goes right out of the window even being super organised my day is 5 hrs shorter than anyone else’s  !!

This is so Moo
The questions, the constant chatter, the way he says “Grandma” at the beginning of every sentence ~ even if we are the only 2 folks in the room … I now have a pencil sharpener / rubber in my ‘essentials kit’ 

This afternoon I have to call into school as he has lost his shoes …yes you have read that right  HE HAS LOST HIS SHOES  how does a child even do that ????

Un be known to me Moo has taken it upon himself to train me as ….

green ninja
Do I need to be a Green Ninja ?? the training is gruelling let me tell you can’t I just be a Knitting Ninja ??

The good news is I have a story read to me each & every day and I’m learning far more about Ancient Egypt and WW2 than is strictly necessary ~ which I’m sure is a bonus I just haven’t figured out how yet … so this is why I’ve not commented on your blogs in recent weeks, I am still here & I’m still lurking reading your posts ~ which provide a respite to the world through the eyes of a 7 yr old, my blog will possibly become semi redundant which is a shame … but as another blogger pointed out I have the ‘Parents Race’ at sports day to contend with

1970's P E socks
Remember 1970’s P E socks ?? I’m sooo going to knit myself a pair ..I might not win any races but I’ll have the fashion stakes covered 🙂



Keep Fit The Gelfling Grandson Way

Gelfling Grandson AKA ‘Moo’ has a passion for being outside something I have encouraged from day 1 ~ when I ask him if he’d like to go for a walk you would think I’d offered him some sort of major treat 🙂  I try to maintain a goal of 10,000 steps per day so when Moo comes to visit I know it will be a goal that is easy peasy to reach. Today was super cold but the pair of us wrapped up warm & set off into the unknown

Today’s walk will take just a tad longer as Moo needs to smash each & every puddle …obviously !!

Of course we had to call by to see how the Lincolnshire Red cattle were fairing in their barn

This chap was as pleased to see us as we were to see him 🙂

Being the adventurous duo we are ~ it was time to go off piste

Bear Grylls / Ray Mears / Ed Stafford please move over there is a new kid on the block ready to take up the exploring mantle

The best thing about our adventure …Grandpa had a nice hot lunch & mug of hot chocolate waiting for us when we eventually arrive back at the cottage AND total steps count 11585


On A Cold And Frosty Morning

Moo AKA Gelfling Grandson & I have spent a magical couple of days together, as you may be aware one of his all time bestest thing (his words not mine :-)) is to be outside and if that includes a long walk all the better, soooo after a leisurely breakfast that’s exactly what we did, where the sun had cast shadows a little frost lingered

All along our walk we caught glimpses of where Jack Frost had skipped about over night leaving his silver treasure for us to find

If that wasn’t enough magic we found something fantastical

A ‘rustic’ scarecrow …Tangled Backwoods style

And on the way home Moo’s eye caught sight of something bright red

A whole host of rose hips ~ rose hip syrup anyone ??

What better way to spend a cold & frosty morning





A Perplexing Case For Sherlock Holmes

A letter had been sent to 221B Baker Street London addressed to one Sherlock Holmes regarding a rather perplexing case ~ I was at a loss as to just what was occurring whenever I left The Cottage

Surely the greatest detective know to man would be able to help

What is the mystery you may or may not  be wondering …tis ‘The Case Of The Crumpled Sofa’

Who …What …Why is this happening to me ??

I asked other residents of The Tangled Backwoods but it transpires it’s only happening us !!  Anyhoo Sherlock duly arrived upon receipt of my cryptic note, he surveyed the scene, tutted, picked at a little black substance on the fabric of the sofa and declared case solved ….

It transpires ‘The Hound Of The Cottage On The Green’ strikes again !!

And NO K9 isn’t allowed on the sofa yet it appears he is making himself right at home


Remembrance Sunday


This morning most of the village will gather outside ‘The Cottage On The Green’ because I live just a few paces away from the war memorial and due to the nature of the cottage can see it from every room

While this photo wasn’t taken by yours truly it captures the memorial to perfection

This Sunday is an important day for the villagers as most families lost a loved one or knew someone who did, for those who did make it home their lives will never be the same if you ‘google’ our war memorial you will come across this image and I  offer no apologises for showing it again (I did a post on a previous blog many moons ago)

Lest we forget


Kicking And Screaming

I here & now announce I am being dragged kicking & screaming towards a new dawn, it’s not that I don’t like change, it’s just that it seems technology has problem with me

Two statements here are untrue, I do own a tablet type thing ( although we aren’t talking at the moment) and yeah I do have wine ~ Boo I don’t actually drink the stuff

Anyhoo I decided why oh why  that I really ought to join the new millennium … (all be it a little late)  and now is the time to get down with the kids and buy a smartphone ~ so after chatting to a young boy in the phone shop …not sure if he was actually the assistant or not … but he sounded pretty knowledgeable, so I made my choice , now you will be pleased to know I have wasted  the WHOLE day trying to figure how the darn thing works !!!!!!! THEY DON’T EVEN GIVE YOU AN INSTRUCTION GUIDE ANYMORE !!! what’s that about ??? don’t they know how close I am to the edge ?? I’m practically sat on a cliff dangling my feet over the precipice

Just so you are aware it’s because of days like these that this is going to happen

You have been warned

Now I’m sat here wondering just when did I get old…. “Pass the cocoa Beloved & lets turn on the stereo radiogram I’m pretty sure the shipping forecast is on soon”