Pretender To The Throne

May I start this post by stating that I believe it’s perfectly normal to have a ‘favourite’ spot on the sofa, yes it is …. REALLY it is…. anyhoo Neurotic Cat has taken it upon herself to park herself in ‘MY’ spot … seriously what is she thinking ?? not only that, but for a very old lady she is becoming quite devious

devious cat
I know for a FACT she does this behind my back

She actually races me into the sitting room to get to the sweet spot on the sofa before me, or if by some fluke of nature I get there first she even has the nerve to ask to be let out of the room, then when I get up to do the ‘lets be a cat’s slave duty’ she will  jump into my place. I even have to hold my hand up to falling for the routine where she sits on the rug staring at a point in space intently that I then get so worried she has had some sort of seizure so check on her …at which point …yes you guessed it my place has been cat napped.

Yesterday was the final straw I claimed my seating prize when she came to sit on my knee….she only sits on my knee for 30 seconds at a time before deciding I’m not worthy, did she do that last night?? … OH NOOOOO!! she parked herself …  AFTER making sure the TV remote was just out of reach (and knowing full well I’m so overwhelmed she lowered her opinion of me to grace me with her presence so that I won’t move) when what should come flickering onto my TV screen but ‘The Love Boat’

the love boat
For those of you who don’t know ~ The Love Boat has to be ‘THE’ most cheesy, corny TV program from the late ’70’s that ever graced the airwaves

She only jolly well stayed on my knee for the whole program, so now not only am I out witted by a cat on a daily basis ….. I have ‘The Love Boat’ on series link ~ if by any chance you wondering where I’m sat writing this post

Tired Lucy
Well I’m not sat in my favourite spot that is for sure !!

This post is for my dearest Mrs Cobs who has been wondering if life at ‘The Cottage On The Green’ as any closer to normal ….the answer to that is a resounding NO 🙂



Woman, Child and an Imminent Arrest

Luckily Moo enjoys being outside, this came to the fore this morning as the log man has made his delivery and at that precise moment Beloved announced he had to go into town!! as the weather is due to deteriorate overnight Moo & I took control and set to work

Moo the mini helper
Needless to say Moo was in charge of the barrow, which left me to carry and stack the logs

Although it was grey and damp each time I walked past my grotesque ~ obviously bought because of the similarities to the late K9 did I chuckle to myself

K9 inspired grotesque
The moss looks like a superpower cape casually draped over one shoulder 🙂

Just before the 2nd log bag was emptied I could tell Moo was beginning to feel weary, I suggested he went indoors and get his toy cars out as I would only be another 15 mins or so, my it was nice to see my little log store stocked up

Topped up log store
The weather man has predicted snow tomorrow ~ bring it on I say I’m ready

When I went back indoors there was a trail of mud from Moo’s wellies (not totally unexpected) so I set about with the hoover, then I happened to glance out of the kitchen window ~ only to see a dog walker staring intently at the cottage, hand on hip ….what on earth could be wrong with her ??? on entering the lounge I found out

Moo the spy
OMGOODNESS Moo is only spying / stalking her !!!!!

I’m hoping she can see the funny side and there isn’t an arrest imminent, obviously if there is I’ve never seen Moo before in my life LOL



Distinctive Style? You Decide

I hold my hand up I’m not a follower of fashion ~ unless you count that time in the 70’s at the age of 10 when I had a pair of hot pants

hot pants
Mine were very similar to the one on the far right except they were Navy Blue ~ obviously I looked totally amazing

Anyhoo I seem to have worn a work appropriate uniform virtually all my adult life alternated with dog walking attire or home renovating / gardening ensemble on my days off. Now I’m in the position of being office based and required to wear smart / casual work-wear, so I won’t be wearing jeans or full evening dress but something ‘neat, professional yet still informal’ simple ….. NOT, so just where does a lady of a certain age who doesn’t want to be ‘Mutton dressed as Lamb’ begin ?? I’m going to be me,  I’m going to be original, I’m opting for something distinctive, something that is of an era you might say. I’m going vintage, I’ve bought this little number

1950's style suit
Sorry not an easy fabric to photograph. This 1950’s suit can be worn as is, or the skirt teamed with a blouse, the jacket with trousers and a snip at £25

Then yesterday I found a 50+ year old Harris Tweed suit


50 year old Harris Tweed suit
This little beauty cost me …wait for it … £35 There was no way on this good earth I was letting that pass me by

As Beloved as pointed out, on my break I can sit in the lounge with the residents, where new members of staff will probability think I’m on respite care and fetch me cups of tea and ask what I’d like for lunch  BONUS 🙂


Lost Treasures

Still on our Not Summer round ups I’m afraid ~ I really should have posted as & when they happened, anyhoo onward & upward, enough of the 1940’s festivals ~ now for something a little closer to home, on the days we spent dodging the showers and managed to get out in the garden Moo divided his time between being up our tree,

our tree
Our wildly overgrown tree ~ it’s due to be pruned later in the year, even so it’s it’s a fabulous hideout for a smallish boy … and his Grandpa I might add

Although Moo & I don’t spend much time watching TV his one indulgence is ‘Time Team’ an archaeological program where they find as much history in 3 day dig as possible … I know strange viewing for a child but very much encourage by Grandpa & I, so no doubt you can guess at Moo’s second favourite occupation ~ holes have appeared at random places all over the garden …. K9 thinks this is the BEST thing ever and I can’t prove it but I’m sure he’s been aided and abetted by a certain child !!

k9's dig
This is one of K9’s contributions to Moo’s excavations of the garden ~ right in the middle of the lawn I hasten to add !! see the hidden pottery ??

While I popped indoors to make the obligatory cup of tea while trying to encourage digging only in ‘suitable’ areas I heard a rather joyous shout from Moo ~ “Quick Grandma K9 has found a most important clue”

hope it's not really a skull
I know we live extremely close to the cemetery but for all that’s holy please tell me it’s not part of a skull K9 has dug up … it actually does look like it though, I need to wrestle it off him to show Grandpa !!!

We have amasses a whole host of lost treasure from test pits (see I even know the correct terminology)

hidden treasures
Our superb finds, up till the 1970’s there were no rubbish collections in the village so everything was buried in the gardens

Moo is now convinced that our cottage stands on a VERY important archaeological site and is  off to conducting a full scale dig ~ while he organises the delivery of a digger and crew I’m off to do battle with K9 to retrieve the ‘thingy’ he found and see if I can unearth just where he found it ……wish me luck



First Of Our Not Summer Round Ups

In good ‘ole Blighty there hasn’t been much of a summer, rain most days, not overly warm and yet Moo & I have been having a riot while his daddy has been doing his month long elective placement at a Tanzanian hospital.  According to the gospel of Moo one of the highlights has been our ‘War Weekends’ firstly I’ll give you the edited highlights of  Woodhall Spa’s 40’s festival

Woodhall spa 009 (2)
For your information Moo can actually drown out the sound of a Lancaster Bomber when he yells with excitement !!

At this festival weekend it’s positively encouraged that all visitors  ~ should they so wish, dress the part and most of the 50,000 folks who went took up the challenge, Beloved Moo & myself included.

Roma's Woodhall spa's photos 035
And actually it doesn’t matter how dull the weather apparently there is ALWAYS time for ice cream


Poirot next to Millicent
Would you jolly well believe it I came to take a photo of Millicent Morris and who should photo bomb it  ~ but Hercule Poirot himself !!

Hercule tried to excel the virtues of Agatha Christie’s Belgian sleuth upon Moo ~ who promptly  ~ yet I have to say politely, pointed out the errors of his ways as Grandma prefers Miss Marple, I have to say I never realised Moo took that much notice of my detective viewing habits or indeed that he knew who Poirot or Marple were …I stand corrected 🙂


My Life With Moo

First of all I take my hat off to anyone whose household includes a child ~ you all deserve a medal .. goodness I’d forgot what to expect when Moo became a more permanent fixture in my life  ..time goes right out of the window even being super organised my day is 5 hrs shorter than anyone else’s  !!

This is so Moo
The questions, the constant chatter, the way he says “Grandma” at the beginning of every sentence ~ even if we are the only 2 folks in the room … I now have a pencil sharpener / rubber in my ‘essentials kit’ 

This afternoon I have to call into school as he has lost his shoes …yes you have read that right  HE HAS LOST HIS SHOES  how does a child even do that ????

Un be known to me Moo has taken it upon himself to train me as ….

green ninja
Do I need to be a Green Ninja ?? the training is gruelling let me tell you can’t I just be a Knitting Ninja ??

The good news is I have a story read to me each & every day and I’m learning far more about Ancient Egypt and WW2 than is strictly necessary ~ which I’m sure is a bonus I just haven’t figured out how yet … so this is why I’ve not commented on your blogs in recent weeks, I am still here & I’m still lurking reading your posts ~ which provide a respite to the world through the eyes of a 7 yr old, my blog will possibly become semi redundant which is a shame … but as another blogger pointed out I have the ‘Parents Race’ at sports day to contend with

1970's P E socks
Remember 1970’s P E socks ?? I’m sooo going to knit myself a pair ..I might not win any races but I’ll have the fashion stakes covered 🙂