This Is Not The Same As Other Days

Otter AKA as D4 joins ‘The Cottage On The Green’ family today

A German Shepherd at The Cottage On The Green

This is not the same as other days for me ~ because today I’m going to live in my ‘Forever Home’ with Mrs P and her Beloved (and Neurotic Cat of course) As well as being super excited I’m also a little nervous and  I already have dates booked in my diary!!

Otters Calendar _LI See all the dots?? they are the dates I shall be socialising with the locals over the next few weeks 🙂

I see the V.E.T. person on Monday then the ‘Pet Shop Girls’ who run the local ‘Domestic  Family Member Emporium’ plus I’m going to ‘School’ to teach me how to be a ‘good citizen’ I start with my puppy foundation classes in a week or so with the same ‘Dog Training Lady’ my Late Brother From Another Mother and a different father come to think of it, had lessons with. I have an appointment with the queue…

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Rainbow Bridge called

Sadness fill my heart as K9 leaves us behind

A German Shepherd at The Cottage On The Green

K9’s mom writing this post for him, this evening suddenly without warning K9 AKA Oscar had a massive stroke and passed away in my arms, I’m sat here writing this at 2 am tears streaming down my face~ the cottage feels empty and cold, Rainbow Bridge called and K9 went ….Goodnight Oscar

Oscar 2.5 yrs Oscar 4/10/2014 – 7 12/2017

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New Direction And A New Skill

Sorry I’ve been away for ages …forgive me ?? so just what on earth have I been up to ?? Well funny you should ask grab yourself a cuppa and I’ll explain ~ the time was right for me to take a starring role in Gelfling Grandson’s life ..tongue in cheek quote – obviously his daddy has the starring role I’m more of your best female artist

I’ve never had a clue about the plot in my life ~but that has never stopped me 🙂

I now do virtually all the school runs, Moo stays with Beloved & I a couple of nights a week depending on 2nd Born’s work placements from his nursing uni course and I have altered my working life to school hours during term time only ~apart from every other weekend. Now for the really important news  ….I have taught myself to use dpn and have embarked on my first pair of socks !!!!

I have had an irrational fear of dpn since like forever, ~ get me learning something new LOL

I now feel like I’m leading some sort of incredible double life, learning something new AND having a youngster around  ….. which really gives you a whole new lease of life

Go on ask me anything about Star Wars or Sesame Street I dare you …I have them both covered 🙂





OH MY!!!!
Many thanks to ‘one creative family’ for hosting a giveaway, I’m one very excited girl to be announced the winner ..yes little old me !!! to be a recipient of such a hand crafted prize is an honour Thank you ‘one creative family’ for your generosity … why not call over & show this blog some love will be a visit to be savoured

One Creative Family

We are so happy to announce the winner of our 1st Giveaway.  The winner is…..(drum roll)…Roma1912. We are so excited to be sending her the cozies.

Today was filled with sewing.  I am making this wall hanging and just can’t seem to leave it.  What have you been doing?

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Feeling Sad

I don’t usually do ‘serious’ posts but this is an exception, I came home from ‘ The Workplace’ this afternoon, logged on, answered a few e-mails, checked a few blogs,and as I had a moment to spare thought I’d have a quick look in on FB, I knew straight away something wasn’t right by the amount of private messages awaiting me, my account has been hacked, a VERY EXPLICIT video proclaiming to feature my good self … (AS IF !!!!!!! ) has been sent to family, friends, work colleges & goodness knows who else. I’m fortunate enough to have some trustworthy friends who reported it for me,  I’m absolutely gutted, what has someone gained by doing this ?? Did the person who did it feel it’s just a laugh & that no one will be hurt ? Well I am hurt, I’ve deactivated all my accounts & feel isolated & in tears, I may be missing quite a while until I come to terms with such cruelty

Do You Have A Handkerchief ?

Everyone I have come into contact with over the last couple of weeks has had a cold, after denying all offers to succumb, last week I thought what the heck bring it on, I’ll have your germs ….BAD IDEA ..yes I know it was free, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be- Beloved & I spend our evenings trying to outdo each other as we attempt to cough up a lung, even so I’m looking on the positive side

awesome not ill
Of course when your awake at some unearthly hour of the morning you get to thinking, and what you may wonder crosses my mind during these times ?? for me it’s been fabric

rabbit fabric
Have you seen this beauty ?? I’m going to have to buy some even though I have no imminent need for it ..but it’s best to be prepared right ??

Now back to the title of my post, while browsing through one of my old books I came across Prayer / Church Dolls, the same day I saw one on-line, I took this as a sign so Beloved & I had an amble around our local antiques shop where I brought home half a dozen vintage handkerchiefs, and here is my first attempt at making a Hush doll

Church Doll
Isn’t she simply adorable, she will be right at home at the cottage ..  plus I get to re purpose  BONUS

Because every cottage needs its own fairy…

A very special fairy coming to dwell at the cottage thanks to Tajana xx

Tatie's World Part Two

Hello again,my friends!

After having had some quite busy days I had a demanding need to craft something… well,to be honest, I have tried to cross stitch the second cup but my two attempts turned out so very inglorious…



Quite ugly and not neat at all…. so I decided to change the subject and picked up a nice pattern among those on my Pinterest Cross stitch board… and since this is the second cross stitch project meant for Roma and since every cottage needs its own fairy…. here it is, my tiny one…




Small, neat, sweet and ready to be framed! I hope that she will be a nice cottage guardian 🙂




PS: I have forgotten the wings!!!! What fairy has no wings!!!! I’m out of my mind indeed…. so I have just embroidered them….


Do you spot them? Now the tiny fairy is FO for…

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