Woman, Child and an Imminent Arrest

Luckily Moo enjoys being outside, this came to the fore this morning as the log man has made his delivery and at that precise moment Beloved announced he had to go into town!! as the weather is due to deteriorate overnight Moo & I took control and set to work

Moo the mini helper
Needless to say Moo was in charge of the barrow, which left me to carry and stack the logs

Although it was grey and damp each time I walked past my grotesque ~ obviously bought because of the similarities to the late K9 did I chuckle to myself

K9 inspired grotesque
The moss looks like a superpower cape casually draped over one shoulder 🙂

Just before the 2nd log bag was emptied I could tell Moo was beginning to feel weary, I suggested he went indoors and get his toy cars out as I would only be another 15 mins or so, my it was nice to see my little log store stocked up

Topped up log store
The weather man has predicted snow tomorrow ~ bring it on I say I’m ready

When I went back indoors there was a trail of mud from Moo’s wellies (not totally unexpected) so I set about with the hoover, then I happened to glance out of the kitchen window ~ only to see a dog walker staring intently at the cottage, hand on hip ….what on earth could be wrong with her ??? on entering the lounge I found out

Moo the spy
OMGOODNESS Moo is only spying / stalking her !!!!!

I’m hoping she can see the funny side and there isn’t an arrest imminent, obviously if there is I’ve never seen Moo before in my life LOL




I Smell Sheep

I have a morning to spend doing exactly what I want  ….HURRAH … so I thought I’d put my time to good use & have another go at this yarn dyeing malarkey, safety first all you lovely folks ~apron, mask and gloves. Guess what you can all breath a sigh of relief ~ no selfie

dye stock
Once I’d mixed my range of dyes I could remove my mask ~which was just as well as my glasses kept steaming up !!

Dyes were sloshed onto my 4 ply yarn, and a quick wish & prayer sent to the ‘Yarn Goddess’ for some sort of success

hand painted Autumn Time
I’m after a ‘Autumn Leaf’ type of colour way ~ which this ‘may or may not’ represent 

A quick blast in ye olde microwave and voila

cooked to perfection
A bundle of hand painted yarn cooked to perfection ….I hope

I now waiting patiently for my package to cool down so I can rinse it, then hang it to dry. Beloved has just bellowed through from the lounge ~ “What on earth are you doing ?… I can smell sheep … please for the love of all that’s holy tell me you don’t have one in the kitchen”

Me I’m more concerned he knows what a sheep smells like !!!!!!!

I’ll give up an update in a few days on my yarn dyeing experiment

Something new

I’ve been at a lost the last few weeks, sadness over K9 ( see previous post) then Beloved decided to partake of the Lurgy pre Christmas ….and well … seeing as it was free I decided I’d give in and try said Lurgy myself, I’ll not be so eager to share next time let me tell you !! So this left me feeling I ought to leave my comfort zone and try a little something I’ve not had a go at before YARN DYEING !!!!!!

Beloved did happen to mention I had a passing resemblance to a witch brewing up a storm ~ Jealousy must be such a terrible thing LOL

I needed a little inspiration so took to hunting through some of my photos and came up with this one

Anderby Creek
A winter coastal walk ~ the beach is approx. 30 miles from the cottage and we don’t go nearly as often as we should 

Now to turn this vision into a hand panted yarn extravaganza, much throwing of dye and holding of breath was involved to create this

Ta Dah my gorgeous ‘Shoreline’ hand painted yarn ….. a new obsession calls

Rainbow Bridge called

Sadness fill my heart as K9 leaves us behind

A Rottweiler at The Cottage On The Green

K9’s mom writing this post for him, this evening suddenly without warning K9 AKA Oscar had a massive stroke and passed away in my arms, I’m sat here writing this at 2 am tears streaming down my face~ the cottage feels empty and cold, Rainbow Bridge called and K9 went ….Goodnight Oscar

Oscar 2.5 yrs Oscar 4/10/2014 – 7 12/2017

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Moo & Millicent ‘Minor Celebrities’

Last weekend was our local towns 25th ‘Annual Classic Car & Motorcycle Show’ which Moo was quite keen to attend, so early morning saw us parked up in the Town Hall car park along with around at least 100 other classics, this show was slightly different as the cars were parked into ‘eras’ which meant visitors could swoon over whichever section in motoring history floated their boat. By now you are possibly wondering why Moo & Millicent are minor celebrities? WELL the local newspaper photographers were out & about AND ….

Moo and Millicent
Moo, Millicent & even Beloved have made it into the 2 local papers !!

Millicent must have really been strutting her stuff as she impressed enough folks to vote for her in the spectators poll AND …

2nd prize
Thanks to everyone who voted for Millicent she won runner up in the pre war section …I do believe she blushed when her name was called out over the tannoy system

We have noticed when we escort Millicent on her travels or attend shows and vintage events she does get her fair share of attention, for an 80 yr old lady this sure makes her day

Millicent at Syston Park speed trails
We spot random folks photobombing Millicent …we have NO IDEA who these 2 good ladies are who took a shine to her at Syston park !!

But this has given us an idea … we are considering looking into the possibility of hiring Millicent out as a film extra ~ I just know Miss Marple would LOVE to have Millicent drive past her in the background during a shoot

Distinctive Style? You Decide

I hold my hand up I’m not a follower of fashion ~ unless you count that time in the 70’s at the age of 10 when I had a pair of hot pants

hot pants
Mine were very similar to the one on the far right except they were Navy Blue ~ obviously I looked totally amazing

Anyhoo I seem to have worn a work appropriate uniform virtually all my adult life alternated with dog walking attire or home renovating / gardening ensemble on my days off. Now I’m in the position of being office based and required to wear smart / casual work-wear, so I won’t be wearing jeans or full evening dress but something ‘neat, professional yet still informal’ simple ….. NOT, so just where does a lady of a certain age who doesn’t want to be ‘Mutton dressed as Lamb’ begin ?? I’m going to be me,  I’m going to be original, I’m opting for something distinctive, something that is of an era you might say. I’m going vintage, I’ve bought this little number

1950's style suit
Sorry not an easy fabric to photograph. This 1950’s suit can be worn as is, or the skirt teamed with a blouse, the jacket with trousers and a snip at £25

Then yesterday I found a 50+ year old Harris Tweed suit


50 year old Harris Tweed suit
This little beauty cost me …wait for it … £35 There was no way on this good earth I was letting that pass me by

As Beloved as pointed out, on my break I can sit in the lounge with the residents, where new members of staff will probability think I’m on respite care and fetch me cups of tea and ask what I’d like for lunch  BONUS 🙂