Keep Fit The Gelfling Grandson Way

Gelfling Grandson AKA ‘Moo’ has a passion for being outside something I have encouraged from day 1 ~ when I ask him if he’d like to go for a walk you would think I’d offered him some sort of major treat 🙂  I try to maintain a goal of 10,000 steps per day so when Moo comes to visit I know it will be a goal that is easy peasy to reach. Today was super cold but the pair of us wrapped up warm & set off into the unknown

Today’s walk will take just a tad longer as Moo needs to smash each & every puddle …obviously !!

Of course we had to call by to see how the Lincolnshire Red cattle were fairing in their barn

This chap was as pleased to see us as we were to see him 🙂

Being the adventurous duo we are ~ it was time to go off piste

Bear Grylls / Ray Mears / Ed Stafford please move over there is a new kid on the block ready to take up the exploring mantle

The best thing about our adventure …Grandpa had a nice hot lunch & mug of hot chocolate waiting for us when we eventually arrive back at the cottage AND total steps count 11585


Mile A Minute ??

For today’s venture into the unknown I thought I would draw inspiration from the wonderful  Mrs T  over at Caren’s Creative Canvas & Craft

I do so hope this is true …actually in my case creativity is me trying to figure out what makes me tick 🙂

~ sorry to brandish your good name about Mrs T, feel free to disassociate yourself from this post at any given moment, but please be aware YOU do have to take part blame for this new foray into uncharted waters

Anyhoo what am I up to ? …all you good folks who quilt will understand the title ‘mile a minute’ as its a reference to using scraps of fabric to  …well make new fabric really, I’m assured by the good folks on ‘The Google’ that there is no wrong way of doing this …I’ll be the judge of that thank you !! I have a project in mind but after seeing Mrs T’s amazing fabric creations I though it was high time I took a leaf out of her book and used up some of my off cuts !!

In theory you should be able to go like the clappers ..making new fabric at a mile a minute, this is a lie I tell you !! perhaps I’m being too controlling placing my off cuts together who knows LOL

At this rate in a month of Sundays I’ll have enough designer created ‘new fabric’ to actually begin phase 2 of my project until then I’m having a ball ‘painting’ with fabric

Thank you Kerry

Many many thanks to the super duper Kerry at Love Those Hands At Home stitchery wizard, lover of vintage table linen and all round good egg who advised me to drop in on a lovely lady called Karen  who has taken all my guess work out of trying to figure out what I’ve now found out is the palm leaf stitch

This picture is from Karen’s blog

and here is the image to follow should you want to have a go yourself

Almost looks simple doesn’t it

I have to say everyone here in blogland is a joy to behold ~ throw a random question out there are you pull every trick in the book to help, Kerry you have moved me to tears with your quick response to my dilemma, thank you I’m so grateful xx

Not The Brightest

To all the avid cross stitch enthusiasts out there in blog land I NEED YOUR HELP …just how do I do this …

I found this on Pinterest via isn’t it wonderful 

I’ve perused ‘The Google’ in the hope of a tutorial, now either I’m not the brightest or using the wrong words to describe it ~ but I’m drawing a blank can anyone put me out of my misery ….Thank you in advance x

Too Good To Miss


I’ve been on the search for curtain material for ‘The Designer Bathroom’ for what seems like forever, at one point I even saw / lusted after some fabric  ~but it was ridiculously priced so I’ve been making do with a donated pair of curtains in a slightly sickly shade of blood-red, not ideal as I’m quite sure blood red in the curtain department is a touch passe.  Anyhoo on a visit to an antique centre I happened upon a little room where the owners re-upholstered pre loved/ vintage/antique furniture and they were selling off this as it was surplus to requirements

There is 2.5 meters of good quality fabric in the colours to I was after, the price ? £14
There is 2.5 meters of good quality fabric in the colours to I was after,  I oohed and aahed….trying not to look like I was about to snatch his hands off !!!

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw this

2 meters of English tweed, which I can envision as a tunic/top/dress
2 meters of English tweed, which I can envision as a tunic/top/dress

The lovely chap…possibly at the risk of loosing a limb when his good lady wife finds out  (she had nipped off for a cup of tea)  gave me a price too good to refuse …£20 for the two

Which in my mind would be too rude to refuse !!!  I thrust the money at him and was trying (almost unsuccessfully ) not to gallop out of the centre before his good lady wife finds out what he’s done 🙂

On A Cold And Frosty Morning

Moo AKA Gelfling Grandson & I have spent a magical couple of days together, as you may be aware one of his all time bestest thing (his words not mine :-)) is to be outside and if that includes a long walk all the better, soooo after a leisurely breakfast that’s exactly what we did, where the sun had cast shadows a little frost lingered

All along our walk we caught glimpses of where Jack Frost had skipped about over night leaving his silver treasure for us to find

If that wasn’t enough magic we found something fantastical

A ‘rustic’ scarecrow …Tangled Backwoods style

And on the way home Moo’s eye caught sight of something bright red

A whole host of rose hips ~ rose hip syrup anyone ??

What better way to spend a cold & frosty morning





When A Random Idea Actually Turns Out OK

As you may or may not even care I’ve been having random thoughts towards next years craft fairs and trying out variants on a theme – it seems I have a slight reputation for rabbits …as if !! yet I’m working on keeping my stall ‘fresh’ if you know what I mean, Anyhoo as a lover of vintage I thought I’d give something retro -ish (not a real word but if it catches on you know who was throwing it about lol) So here is what I came up with

Yep just a regular half apron/ pinny

I  do love an apron/pinny they are just sooo COOL, what has this to do with rabbits ? well ….

A simple little cross stitch panel of rabbits with flower button details ~that’s what 🙂

I think this random thought adds just a little rabbit interest that my stall could may well accommodate

While this is a ladies half apron how darn cute would a toddlers look 🙂

There is only one problem …I want to keep it for myself !!