And The Winner is ….

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway, it was lovely to see of many of my blogging buddies calling by the cottage to drop a line hoping to win a little something I hand crafted

Firstly excuse the rubbish photo, secondly let me hail the winner of George ~ The Kitten In Mittens & Wellington Boots

Created By Megan it’s you ❤

Megan I’ve sent you an e-mail and will get George posted to you as soon as he wakes up from his nap and has had a bite to eat 🙂

I’m positive George will be very happy in his new home

A Kitten In Mittens …And Wellington Boots

Every kitten should been kitted out in mittens now the weather is turning cooler & as I live in a rural community wellies are are also a must, if you are wondering what on earth I’m wittering on about  ….  remember this

Well  actually it’s not a bunch of body parts any longer

The crochet pixies called around last night and when I awoke this morning whom should greet me sat upon my mantle but ‘George’ a kitten looking for a new home, if you could give this little fellow a new home comment “Yes Please” and I’ll pop your name into the draw for Saturday 19th November


George is quiet, well behaved and needs someone just like you to love ~ so feel free to enter Craft Odysseys GIVEAWAY 
He loves the camera even though he’s shy 🙂

Neurotic Cat Has A New Bed

This is the follow up to my post  crochet emergency  ~ due to K9’s ‘episode’ of eating NC’s bed and not wanting to spend a  small fortune on a replacement I set to and began to crochet NC a new one, although the outer of the bed is blue

Blue isn’t really  NC’s colour so I need a brighter lining

While NC isn’t a tutu wearing kinda girl if you know what I mean ~ I still wanted to incorporate pink in the lining so I raided my yarn stash and this was the result

A sort of psychedelic 50 shades of pink affair 

I’m absurdly proud of this little impromptu flying by the seat of my pants project, while I don’t think now is the right time to throw caution to the wind and spend the rest of my life crocheting cats beds I will be adding this to my CV with an attached photo

And there you have it ~ one cool crochet cats bed

All I have to do now is prise NC off my bed to trail her own …. actually she looks so comfortable I’m sure tomorrow is soon enough for her to try her new bed for size  🙂



Crochet Emergency

K9 has been put on a maintenance diet …please read that as he was getting the backside the size of a small country sooo each day I’m faced with this …

Hahaha human I will take revenge now I’m being denied the crusts from your toast

He has taken to extreme measures to show his displeasure at being given a ‘light’ version of his regular food, to the point where he ate …yes you read that correctly ATE the bottom out of Neurotic Cat’s bed, I’ll not show any photos due to the violent nature of the incident.  Anyhoo off I pootled to get her a new bed OMGOODNESS how much ??? There is only one thing for it I’m just going to have to ..


Enough said I’m skipping into the blue yonder AKA my yarn hording room and I’m going to crochet her a bed

I’m sort of winging it and by the time I’ve done a girly pink lining I’m sure Neurotic Cat will be only too pleased to have her own bed again

Will it live up to NC exacting standards ? who knows I’ll keep you posted 🙂

The Not So Glamorous Side To Crochet

When I say to anyone that I do a little crafting in my not so spare time I tend to get the reply “Oh how lovely” I think the commentators have no idea of the ensuing carnage it involves

This isn’t actually my crafting den (I found this image on the tinternet) my mess includes fabric as well

Then of course I utilise the FULL sofa when I’m working on any project Beloved is now accustomed to perching on one buttock to minimise any impact on my space …before you send me any comments about the abuse to Beloved ~ please be aware we have a second sofa that for some reason Beloved doesn’t use!!

Then there is that ‘Crazy Crochet Lady’ look which I’m edging closer towards each day

Is it just me or are those boots awesome !!

Of course I also have to mention that quite often I’m surrounded by disembodied works in progress

Even I have to admit to being amazed when something like this actually turns out to be something worthwhile ….PS this project is going to be a GIVEAWAY prize in the next week or two so keep tuned 

So next time someone mentions they craft …be afraid …very afraid …they have a whole different persona you know nothing about !!!


I Think This Is What Was Wanted

Last week Beloved came home from ‘The Capital’ with a request from Sarah, a lady he works with, her Dear One has just bought an old Land Rover.

Mr S land rover
This is Mr Sarah’s Land Rover …I think Mr Sarah has a name but I’m not sure I’ve ever been told what it is !!

Now Sarah being the good lady wife she is, has took it upon herself to commission Mr Sarah a gift …which is where Beloved offered my services, a quick trawl through the world wide web ~ who am I kidding I was on there AGES 🙂  Anyhoo many an hour later after calling by Attic24 I found just what I was looking for and set too with only a slight problem

I have discovered crochet henceforth I don’t need to cook ..who wanted tea anyway !

The end result …

Mama & baby
A Mama and her little lamb, with woolly coats as near as I could match to Mr Sarah’s grey Land Rover

I do hope this is what Sarah was thinking of ~ and Mr Sarah see’s the funny side of her oh so thoughtful gift

About Time !!

Way back when the world was young …OK June to be more specific (OMGoodness was it really that long ago !! ) I began a ‘Sweet Nothings’ blanket, in my defence all I can say is ..

When I haven’t been at ‘The Workplace’ I’ve been spending quality time with Gelfling Grandson

Anyhoo this left me ZERO time to myself to craft, blog or engage in anything other than~ bake, go for mammoth walks, have impromptu trips to see the ducks, boat trips, the occasional lunch out ..(where Moo behaved himself impeccably) days out and numerous other child orientated activities …Enough of my delightful reasons for my absence from Blogland back to the matter in hand blanket !! IT’S FINISHED !!

row upon row of shells
Row upon row of crochet goodness 🙂

Of course me being me when I came to put my blanket through a full photo shoot the batteries died in the camera so you will just have to be content with just one more shot

Edge of 'Sweet Nothings' blanket
Ta Da one artistic shot of a finished blanket

For my next trick  ….I’d just cast on a project for myself when I received a commission ~ which I don’t have the yarn for which means a shopping trip ..YPIEE oh dear never mind.