The Bartering System

Before I set upon my quest to learn how to knit socks I used to gaze in awe at the skills of a certain crafting goddess I met here on WordPress ~ one Tajana Rabar  you name it from crochet to knitting to cooking to embroidery the woman can turn her hand to ANYTHING anyhoo I longed for some lacy knee high socks …as you do

I got in touch with Tajana and we came to an agreement ~ bartering par excellence, she would buy the yarn and whip me up a pair of socks in return for something she longed for

Bartering goodies
Tajana had really set her heart upon a Chanel lipstick in a VERY fetching shade of red and a set of Karbonz sock needles and so the deal was sealed

Many an eager hour was spent by the pair of us each hardly being able to contain ourselves at the thought of being the owner of something dear to our hearts, in due course a parcel arrived from Italy & I claimed my prize

Socks from Tajana
Are these not just the most gorgeous socks in the whole world ???

I still have to master how to take a cool photo of my own legs though !!!

Many thanks to the bartering system both Tajana & I have something to treasure, thank you Tajana for the socks they are the most beautiful, soft, comfortable foot wear known to man ❤



Good things happen !! After a distressing day at ‘The Workplace’ I logged onto my computermabob to discover this LOVELY comment on Keri’s inspiring blog … Craft Odyssey is a beautifully written blog featuring Roma’s knitted and crochet projects, as well as a variety of other topics.  I love her blog because she is so incredibly clever and honestly one of the best writer’s I’ve ever read.

Yes I know it's crass to to be all ME ME ME, but hey I've had a pretty stunning compliment
Yes I know it’s crass to be all ME ME ME, but hey I’ve had a pretty stunning compliment

I felt the need to inform you of this breaking news because

A) keri is obviously a woman with discerning taste, combined with the super power to transform unloved objects into stunning must have pieces of art.

B) Keri has been awarded the Blogger Recognition Award ..prove indeed she knows what she is talking about

C)  To say Keri has made my day is a slight understatement,  this one comment made everything OK in my little world today to which I must say THANK-YOU

D) No money has exchanged hands, No children or animals were hurt during this post …and I honestly don’t think Keri is under the influence of any illegal substances or alcohol ..although she may have ingested vast amounts of E numbers which gave rise to her comment

Thank you Keri for your unbiased compliment, and this tongue in cheek is a pre cursor for a more serious post for your nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award