Yarn Update

For anyone who read my post on hand painting yarn  well my yarn had dried and now I’m ready for a ……


Seriously here is my yarn 🙂

Autumn Time hand painted yarn
I’m rather jolly pleased with the final product

Another shot ….. you know just because I can LOL

Autumn Time
It’s a 4 ply yarn, dyed with Jacquard Acid Dyes in Teal, Chocolate, Brown, Aztec Gold & Pumpkin

This is where I need your input ~ I’m undecided whether to name it ‘Autumn Leaf” or ‘Autumn Time’ …. or if you can recommend a suitable moniker I’m all ears. For anyone thinking of trying yarn dyeing for themselves give it a go ~ you have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain ~ you will have a bespoke yarn that lets your creativeness shine and in my humble opinion there is no such thing as a yarn dyeing fail 🙂


Praise Indeed

I have found to Beloveds cost ~ apparently I can be quite ‘sarcastic’ if I’m interrupted when I’m mid round on my quest to master double pointed needles .. I think he’s over sensitive but hey ho ~ anyhoo I digress for someone who is about to follow in my hesitant steps to master sock knitting  ~ this is EXACTLY what it feels like when you have more needles than hands

Be like Sally ~ persevere not only will you end up knitting in the round … you will have a new career as well !!

By pure dogged determination (some may call it stubbornness) I have completed my first pair on socks ~ I even did my makeup  and put on my pearls to celebrate

I squealed and everything

What did Beloved say when he saw my creation ??

“Oh yeah they look like real socks”

Actually knowing Beloved as well as I do ~ I know that was a huge complement !! I do believe I’m on the slippery slope of becoming a serial sock knitter 🙂

Neurotic Cat Has A New Bed

This is the follow up to my post  crochet emergency  ~ due to K9’s ‘episode’ of eating NC’s bed and not wanting to spend a  small fortune on a replacement I set to and began to crochet NC a new one, although the outer of the bed is blue

Blue isn’t really  NC’s colour so I need a brighter lining

While NC isn’t a tutu wearing kinda girl if you know what I mean ~ I still wanted to incorporate pink in the lining so I raided my yarn stash and this was the result

A sort of psychedelic 50 shades of pink affair 

I’m absurdly proud of this little impromptu flying by the seat of my pants project, while I don’t think now is the right time to throw caution to the wind and spend the rest of my life crocheting cats beds I will be adding this to my CV with an attached photo

And there you have it ~ one cool crochet cats bed

All I have to do now is prise NC off my bed to trail her own …. actually she looks so comfortable I’m sure tomorrow is soon enough for her to try her new bed for size  🙂