I Think This Is What Was Wanted

Last week Beloved came home from ‘The Capital’ with a request from Sarah, a lady he works with, her Dear One has just bought an old Land Rover.

Mr S land rover
This is Mr Sarah’s Land Rover …I think Mr Sarah has a name but I’m not sure I’ve ever been told what it is !!

Now Sarah being the good lady wife she is, has took it upon herself to commission Mr Sarah a gift …which is where Beloved offered my services, a quick trawl through the world wide web ~ who am I kidding I was on there AGES 🙂  Anyhoo many an hour later after calling by Attic24 I found just what I was looking for and set too with only a slight problem

I have discovered crochet henceforth I don’t need to cook ..who wanted tea anyway !

The end result …

Mama & baby
A Mama and her little lamb, with woolly coats as near as I could match to Mr Sarah’s grey Land Rover

I do hope this is what Sarah was thinking of ~ and Mr Sarah see’s the funny side of her oh so thoughtful gift


For You Madame

Let me begin by going on the record stating how much I love my Beloved, now that all & sundry are aware of that fact let me move oh so swiftly on as my excitement levels are in major overdrive, when I say I get excited it’s a gross understatement I skip, my attention level is zero, I giggle, in other words I put a 3 yr old to shame with my carrying on,

I also ought to mention I’m seduced by glamour, romance and the bygone era, so just what has turned my head so much that Beloved felt compelled to buy me just to shut me up ??

Only a blooming 1938 Morris 8 series 2 no less

As if the car wasn’t enough …

Morris_8_ side view
It has a picnic basket ….A PICNIC BASKET …obviously that wasn’t the deciding factor for me wanting the car ….who am I kidding of course it was 🙂

There will be many a post to follow as I actually learn how to ‘drive’ the little beauty, and become a total vintage car geek …so consider yourself warned !!!

No …. I’m Pretty Sure It’s My Blanket

I’ve been throwing all my efforts into my striped blanket, please feel free to see previous post … all was going really well, I crocheted stripe after lovely stripe when I got to the point where I though it was the right size for ‘My Lady’ I laid my work down went to hunt for my tape measure only to be greeted with this on my return

"What do you mean this is your blanket .... go on make me move I dare you"
“What do you mean this is your  blanket ??? …. go on make me move … I dare you”

Mmmm Neurotic Cat has made herself at home, and she is glaring at me !!! I did what any sane person would do ….left her to it and made myself a cup of tea…..she’ll move sooner or later won’t she ?? She may well be a tiny ball of fur but I’m sure as heck not brave enough to tackle her LOL

I Just Thought I Ought To Let You Know

Just to set the record straight I give my deepest apologies for being MIA (‘The Workplace’ related stuff) now I’m not sure how to say this so I’m just going to throw it out there …I have an alter ego –  she looks like me, sounds like me, heck some folks think it is me  – but there is a subtle difference, oh and if you decide to stop reading about now I understand

She is always bright , sunny, has a powder puff full of sparkly glitter....has no concept of time, doesn't even know I exist and comes up with copious 'good ideas'
She is always bright , sunny, has a powder puff full of sparkly glitter….has no concept of time, DOESN’T KNOW I EVEN EXIST and comes up with copious ‘good ideas’

I call her Dolly Daydream…let me give you an example of her impact on my daily life, it’s was her idea to have everyone round to ours for a large pre-Christmas lunch – even though I’m on a long stretch at ‘The Workplace’ on early shift that day so will have been up since 5 am, she said let’s have a super excited Gelfling Grandson to stay the week before Christmas, then to top it all WHILE I WAS STOOD RIGHT THERE she said instead of buying a gift for a residents Secret Santa she would make something !!!!!!!!!!

WHAT !!.. shut up Dolly Daydream, I can hear you, that’s right you just smile and flounce off – I’m never sure whether to hug her for her kind thoughts or go straight for her wand and snap it in two

Yes I know it's super simple ,and yes I did have to buy a couple of different coloured balls of yarn to complete the blanket...but I've wanted to do a stripy blanket for ages
So that is how I came to be crocheting a lap blanket, I have this week to complete it, Dolly also thought it would be a good idea to commence the ‘Great Pre Christmas Cottage Clean’ so I guess that will be my weeks annual leave sorted then

On the plus side who would have thought stripes could be such fun and for Dolly’s sake so soothing, Dolly also said I need to catch up with everyone’s blog posts 🙂

Hard Work

I’m working really REALLY hard at ‘The Workplace’

Which is just fine, yet it leaves little time for crafting or blogging, I figure I get to retire in 15 yrs or there about, so if you can all just bear with me till then that would be great 🙂

Although I have managed to sneak in a little crochet project for Moo

I used some more of my free red aplogy yarn on this cute pattern by Marleen Hartog
I used some more of my free red apology yarn on this cute pattern by Marleen Hartog, I don’t want to show the full Dinosaur as Moo hasn’t seen it yet and I know he peeks at my blog every now and then …when he’s not actually posting on it of course !!

There is a red Triceratops on my needles which should be done some time this Millennium, until then, I have a couple of WIP very nearly completed and as soon as this awful fog and rain clears up making the light in the cottage better I’ll be able to take some photos, hope to catch up with you all again soon 🙂


A Pay It Forward Give-Away

Quite a while ago I ordered some yarn from an on-line company I use quite regularly, they sent me part of the order saying to expect the rest shortly, a couple of weeks went by, nothing, so I dropped them an e-mail, they said it would be here in the next day or so, again nothing, I waited a couple of more weeks then dropped them another e-mail, oh yes it will be with you soon they said. All in all 2 months or more went past, by now feeling quite fractious I e-mailed a terse correspondence, the yarn arrived a couple of days later along with 7 balls of yarn as way of an apology – the ‘extra’ yarn was 1 ball of purple and 6 balls of in your face bright red … not sure if this ‘gift’  really was an apology or a take that Mrs P !!

Any-ways I got to thinking what on earth I could craft with my ‘bonus’ yarn so I made a start on this

Mmmmm when the yarn was in the package it looked a little more subdued, now I've started to crochet I'm not so sure it was a good idea !!
Mmmmm when the yarn was in the package it looked a little more subdued, now I’ve started to crochet I’m not so sure it’s a good idea !!

I’ve started so I’ll finish, oh my giddy aunt it’s going to be a tad  how shall I put it …vivid

So by you are possibly wondering where on earth I’m going with this ??  my idea is because I got this yarn for free why not craft a give-away, and here it is in all it’s *glory*

Mmmmm not everyone's colour combo granted
Mmmmm not everyone’s colour combo granted, this little gem could be used for a yarn/fabric storage ?? a gift for a child ?? I’m sure your toilet rolls will be quite at home interned in this creation  or you could just hide the darn thing away

This isn’t enough ?? well I also took the advantage to craft a primitive folk art rabbit,

This is Robin Rabbit, I'd like to think his simplicity and little heart button will creep into your affections
This is Robin Rabbit, I’d like to think his simplicity and little heart button will creep into your affections (the red is a better representation on the rabbit than on the bag – so you may be needing your sun glasses !!)

If this is for you leave me a comment and I’ll but the names in said bag and Beloved will draw out the winner on Saturday 17th October

Good luck …I think that’s the phrase I’m looking for 🙂

How Delightful

Oh my, I’m full to the brim with excitement, all due to the delivery of yesterdays package from the super talented Mrs T take a look at this

Isn't this just adorable, Caren has captured Wallis and Lamb to perfection
Isn’t this just adorable, Caren has captured Wallis and Lamb to perfection

I’m over the moon how the ‘Heritage Workhouse Rabbit’ Wallis (and Lamb of course) have been saved for posterity – just for me !!! if that wasn’t enough there is another pencil sketch of the duo

The drawings are so life like !!! I could just scoop the woolie due up off the page
The drawings are so life-like !!! I could just scoop the woolie duo up off the page

Unbeknown to Caren at the time when she offered to gift me the drawings, I actually collect art – so she was under NO pressure whatsoever 🙂

These little beauties were originally destined for my crafting den…but on careful reflection how cool will they look propped up on the mantle in the master bedroom with a back drop of my William Morris Brer Rabbit wallpaper, even the mounting is an exact colour match …which actually makes me wonder if there is a spy camera in operation…goodness I hope not the last thing the internet needs is an image of me shaking my booty whilst ironing !!!

Caren you have excelled yourself, thank you so very much,

PS I do hope Wallis & Lamb are settling in